Edinburgh Genealogy (in Johnson County, IN)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Edinburgh Cemetery Records

Edinburgh Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Freeman Cemetery Find a Grave

Index for Records of graves removed from the Camp Atterbury area by Judge Russell Stott, Edinburgh Indiana State Library - ISL

Edinburgh Church Records

Church records, March 1835 to February 1868 (Regular Baptist Church at Mt. Lebanon (Edinburgh, Indiana)) Family History Library

Parish registers, 1835-1968 (Catholic Church. Holy Trinity (Edinburg, Indiana)) Family History Library

The First Christian Church, Edinburgh, Indiana : the first 150 years, 1834-1984 Family History Library

Edinburgh City Directories

H. C. Chandler & Co.'s Business Directory - Edinburg 1868 US Gen Web

Edinburgh Histories and Genealogies

A history of Edinburg : commemorating the 150th anniversary of our town, 1822-1972 Family History Library

Edinburgh Newspapers and Obituaries

Edinburg Courier. (Edinburg, Ind.) 1875-1900s Multiple Archives

Edinburg Courier. (Edinburg, Ind.) 1900s-1938 Multiple Archives

Edinburg Daily Courier. (Edinburg, Ind.) 1938-1969 Indiana State Library

Edinburg Watchman. (Edinburg [Edinburgh], Ind.) 1870s-1874 Boston Public Library

Edinburg Weekly Courier. (Edinburg, Ind.) 1900s-1930s Multiple Archives

Edinburgh Evening News [Electronic Resource]. ([Edinburgh]) 2002-Current Washington State University

The Edinburg Daily Courier 1941-1956 Newspapers.com

Tri-County Enterprise. (Edinburgh, Ind.) 1970-1985 Multiple Archives

Tricounty News. (Edinburgh, Ind.) 1990-1990s Multiple Archives

Tricounty Newspaper. (Edinburgh, Ind.) 1986-1990 Multiple Archives

Watchman. (Edinburg [Edinburgh], Ind.) 1868-1870s Multiple Archives

Edinburgh School Records

Edinburg, IN High School Alumni Directory 1877-1919 Old Yearbooks