Greenfield Genealogy (in Hancock County, IN)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Greenfield Cemetery Records

Braddock-Baptist Cemetery Find a Grave

Curry Cemetery at Currys Chapel Find a Grave

Hinchman Cemetery Find a Grave

Lowe Cemetery Find a Grave

Mount Lebanon Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Cemetery Find a Grave

Shiloh Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Greenfield Church Records

Church records, 1855-1937 (Presbyterian Church (Greenfield, Indiana)) Family History Library

Parish register, 1877-1942 (Catholic Church. St. Michael (Greenfield, Indiana)) Family History Library

Greenfield City Directories

Camaraderie : the annual of the Senior Class of Greenfield High School Genealogy Gophers

Greenfield Histories and Genealogies

Biographical sketches, Hancock County, Indiana Family History Library

Greenfield Military Records

Twentieth annual reunion of the Fifth Indiana Cavalry Association held at Greenfield, Indiana, September 16 and 17, 1902 Genealogy Gophers

Greenfield Newspapers and Obituaries

Ad News. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1996-1999 Indiana State Library

Daily Reporter. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1975-Current Multiple Archives

Evening Republican. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1894-1904 Indiana State Library

Evening Star. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1904-1909 Indiana State Library

Greenfield Commercial. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1868-1872 Indiana State Library

Greenfield Daily Reporter. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1908-1909 Indiana State Library

Greenfield Daily Reporter. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1909-1910 Indiana State Library

Greenfield Daily Reporter. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1910-1975 Indiana State Library

Greenfield Globe. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1901-1908 Indiana State Library

Greenfield Herald. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1892-1909 Multiple Archives

Greenfield Republican 1971-1971

Greenfield Republican. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1880-1973 Indiana State Library

Hancock Advertiser. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1972-1978 Indiana State Library

Hancock County Image. (Greenfield, In) 2000-2001 Indiana State Library

Hancock Daily News. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1972-1970s Indiana State Library

Hancock Democrat. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1852-1840s Indiana State Library

Hancock Democrat. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1860-1956 Multiple Archives

Hancock Jeffersonian. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1878-1892 Kansas State Historical Society

Hancock Journal Democrat. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1968-1972 Multiple Archives

Hancock Journal and the Hancock Democrat. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1956-1968 Indiana State Library

Hancock Journal. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1972-1977 Multiple Archives

The Daily Reporter 1905-2017

The Hancock Democrat 1860-1957

Warren Township Image. (Greenfield, In) 2000-2001 Indiana State Library

Weekly Democratic Herald. (Greenfield, Ind.) 1862-1860s Indiana State Library

Greenfield School Records

Greenfield High School, Camaraderie, 1913 MyHeritage