Monticello Genealogy (in White County, IN)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Monticello Cemetery Records

Bishop Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Monticello Cemetery Family History Library

Old Shafer Cemetery Find a Grave

Wolverton Find a Grave

Monticello Church Records

Church Gleaner, 10-13 May 1936 : centennial number, 1836-1936 (Monticello Presbyterian Church (Monticello, Indiana)) Family History Library

Monticello Death Records

Miller Funeral Home : 1920-1981 Family History Library

Monticello Newspapers and Obituaries

Account books, 1846-1896 (William Guthrie doctor records) Indiana Historical Society Library

Constitutionalist. (Monticello, White County, Ind.) 1866-1877 Multiple Archives

Evening Journal. (Monticello, Ind.) 1896-1929 Indiana State Library

Herald Journal. (Monticello, Ind.) 1984-Current Multiple Archives

Monticello Daily Herald Journal. (Monticello, Ind.) 1952-1984 Multiple Archives

Monticello Democrat. (Monticello, White County, Ind.) 1877-1881 Multiple Archives

Monticello Herald 1918-1923 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Monticello Herald-Journal. (Monticello, Ind.) 1939-1952 Multiple Archives

Monticello Herald. (Monticello, Ind.) 1862-1864 Multiple Archives

Monticello Herald. (Monticello, Ind.) 1870-1939 Multiple Archives

Monticello Journal. (Monticello, Ind.) 1929-1939 Multiple Archives

Monticello Prairie Chieftain 1850-1854, 1952-1953 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Monticello Republican. (Monticello, White County, Ind.) 1855-1856 Multiple Archives

Monticello Spectator. (Monticello, Ind.) 1859-1862 Multiple Archives

Monticello Sun. (Monticello, In) 1989-1991 Multiple Archives

Monticello Weekly Herald. (Monticello, Ind.) 1864-1870 Multiple Archives

Monticello White County Democrat 1859-1862, 1917-1922 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Political Frame. (Monticello, White Co., Ind.) 1856-1857 Multiple Archives

Prairie Chieftain. (Monticello, White County, Ind.) 1850-1854 Multiple Archives

The Prairie Chieftain (Monticello, White County; 17 September 1850 - 23 December 1854) Indiana Digital Historic Newspaper Program (Indiana State Library)

White County Democrat. (Monticello, Ind.) 1859-1866 Multiple Archives

White County Democrat. (Monticello, White County, Ind.) 1882-1955 Multiple Archives

White County National. (Monticello, Ind.) 1896-1905 Wisconsin Historical Society

White County Times. (Monticello, Ind.) 1956-1966 Multiple Archives

Monticello School Records

Twin Lakes High School - Tiogan Yearbook (Monticello, IN) 1972 E Yearbooks