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USA (1,235,301) > Indiana (41,961) > Shelby County (473) > Shelby County Newspapers and Obituaries (49)

USA (1,235,301) > Indiana (41,961) > Indiana Newspapers and Obituaries (5,277) > Shelby County Newspapers and Obituaries (49)

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Shelbyville Newspapers and Obituaries

Newspaper Items from Shelbyville, Indiana Newspapers, 1866-1870 Family History Library

Shelby Volunteer (Shelbville, Shelby County; 17 February 1859 - 8 September 1864) Hoosier State Chronicles online

Shelbyville Daily Democratᅠ(1885-1915) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Daily Evening Democratᅠ(1880-1887) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Democratᅠ(1880-1923) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Friday Republicanᅠ(1900-1904) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville National Volunteerᅠ(1867-1868) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville News 06/02/2009 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Shelbyville Republican Bannerᅠ(1860-1860) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Republicanᅠ(1890-1923) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Shelby Bannerᅠ(1860-1912) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Shelby Democratᅠ(1880-1923) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Shelby Republicanᅠ(1902-1923) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Shelby Volunteerᅠ(1860-1866) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville Tuesday Republicanᅠ(1900-1903) Newspaper Archive online

Shelbyville, Ind. Newspaper Items, 1860-1863 Family History Library

Shelbyville, Ind., newspaper items WorldCat

Offline Newspapers for Shelby County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Flat Rock: Flat Rock Weekly Journal. (Flat Rock, Ind.) 1924-1930s

Morristown: Morristown Herald. (Morristown, Ind.) 1936-Current

Morristown: Morristown Messenger. (Morristown, Ind.) 1967-1978

Morristown: Morristown Sun. (Morristown, Ind.) 1888-1926

Shelbyville: Daily Evening Democrat. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1880-1885

Shelbyville: Friday Republican. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1890s-1904

Shelbyville: Independent Banner. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1854-1855

Shelbyville: National Volunteer. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1844-1857

Shelbyville: National Volunteer. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1860s-1860s

Shelbyville: Republican Banner. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1855-1860

Shelbyville: Semi-Weekly Republican. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1890s-1897

Shelbyville: Shelby Banner. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1860-1861

Shelbyville: Shelby Democrat. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1878-1880

Shelbyville: Shelby National Volunteer. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1860s-1871

Shelbyville: Shelby Republican. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1860s-1890s

Shelbyville: Shelby Republican. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1904-1930s

Shelbyville: Shelby Times. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1886-1880s

Shelbyville: Shelby Twice-A-Week Republican. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1897-1890s

Shelbyville: Shelby Union Banner. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1863-1864

Shelbyville: Shelby Volunteer. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1857-1866

Shelbyville: Shelby Volunteer. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1882-1885

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Daily Democrat. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1885-1907

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Democrat. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1907-1947

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Democrat. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1947-1956

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Morning News. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1906-1920

Shelbyville: Shelbyville News. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1947-Current

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Republican. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1900s-1947

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Republican. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1930s-1956

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Volunteer. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1875-1878

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Weekly Volunteer. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1870s-1875

Shelbyville: Shelbyville Weekly Volunteer. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1878-1880

Shelbyville: Tuesday Republican. (Shelbyville, Ind.) 1890s-1903

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