Hazard Genealogy (in Perry County, KY)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Hazard Cemetery Records

Balis Napier Cemetery Find a Grave

Cemetery: Hazard Cemetery, Perry Co., KY Family History Library

Combs Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Curt Napier Cemetery Find a Grave

Hazard Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Hickory Gap Cemetery Campbell Creek Find a Grave

Mountain View Memorial Gardens Find a Grave

Town Mountain Cemetery Find a Grave

Hazard Death Records

Engle Funeral Home records Family History Library

Hazard Herald 10/28/2009 - Current Genealogy Bank

Hazard Newspapers and Obituaries

Hazard Herald 10/28/2009 - Current Genealogy Bank

Hazard Herald-Voice. (Hazard, Ky.) 1984-Current Multiple Archives

Hazard Herald. (Hazard, Ky.) 1911-1975 Multiple Archives

Hazard Times. (Hazard, Ky.) 1985-Current Multiple Archives

Herald-Voice. (Hazard, Ky.) 1975-1984 Multiple Archives

Mountain Messenger and the Hindman News. (Hazard, Perry County, Ky.) 1956-1960 Multiple Archives

Mountain Messenger. (Hazard, Perry County, Ky.) 1955-1956 Multiple Archives

Perry County News. (Hazard, Ky.) 1987-Current Multiple Archives

The Hazard Herald newspaper, Perry County, Kentucky : subject index; personal name index 1911-1920 Family History Library

Union Messenger and Perry County News. ([Hazard, Ky.) 1937-1940s Multiple Archives

Union Messenger. (Hazard, Ky.) 1951-1955 Multiple Archives