Amite Genealogy (in Tangipahoa Parish, LA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Amite Cemetery Records

Amite Memorial Gardens Find a Grave

Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Gathering home : the cemeteries of the city of Amite, La. Family History Library

Gathering home : the cemeteries of the city of Amite, La. Houston Public Library

Lee Cemetery Find a Grave

Mulberry Street Cemetery Find a Grave

Sharkey Cemetery Find a Grave

Spring Cemetery Find a Grave

Amite Death Records

Amite-Tangi Digest 8/19/2008 - Current Genealogy Bank

Amite Histories and Genealogies

Amite now and then Family History Library

Amite Newspapers and Obituaries

Amite City Advocate. (Amite City, La.) 1905-1907 Louisiana State University

Amite City Democrat. (Amite City, La.) 1874-1876 Multiple Archives

Amite City Independent. (Amite City, La.) 1876-1903 Multiple Archives

Amite City Sun. (Amite, La.) 1912-1910s Louisiana State University

Amite News-Digest. (Amite, La.) 1929-1930s Louisiana State University

Amite Progress. (Amite, La.) 1930-1948 Louisiana State University

Amite Times. (Amite, La.) 1910s-1920s Louisiana State University

Amite-Tangi Digest 8/19/2008 - Current Genealogy Bank

Florida Parishes Times 1890-1922

Florida Parishes Times. (Amite City, La.) 1920s-1920s Louisiana State University

Florida Parishes. (Amite City, La.) 1890-1917 Multiple Archives

Independent. (Amite City, La.) 1874-1876 Louisiana State University

News-Digest. (Amite, La.) 1935-1993 Multiple Archives

Pressed between the pages : local news items from the newspapers of Amite City & Roseland, La., 1865-1940 Louisiana State University

Tangi Talk. (Amite, La.) 1948-1993 Louisiana State University

Tangipahoa Democrat. (Amite City, La.) 1872-1874 Multiple Archives

Tangipahoa Parish News. (Amite City, La.) 1925-1929 Louisiana State University