Denton Genealogy (in Caroline County, MD)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Denton Cemetery Records

Denton Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Saint Lukes Cemetery Find a Grave

Piney M.E. Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Elizabeths Cemetery Find a Grave

Spring Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Denton Church Records

Christ Church, St. Mary's Whitechapel (Protestant Episcopal), Denton, 1916-1951 Maryland State Archives

Church records, 1803-1888 [Maryland] (Catholic Church. Saint Joseph (Cordova, Maryland)) Family History Library

Church records, 1888-1977 (Catholic Church. St. Benedict (Ridgely, Maryland)) Family History Library

Pre-1868 parish registers of the Diocese of Wilmington Family History Library

Denton Death Records

Times Record (Denton, MD) (8/9/2006-Current) Genealogy Bank

Times Record 8/9/2006 - Current Genealogy Bank

Denton Newspapers and Obituaries

American Union 1860-1926 Maryland State Archives

American Union. (Denton, Md.) 1860-1926 Multiple Archives

Caroline County Journal 1976 Maryland State Archives

Caroline County Times-Record 1983 Maryland State Archives

Caroline Democrat 1880-1885 Maryland State Archives

Caroline Democrat. (Denton, Md.) 1880-1885 Maryland State Archives

Caroline Independent 1927 Maryland State Archives

Caroline Intelligencer 1831 Maryland State Archives

County Record 1952-1983 Maryland State Archives

County Record. (Denton, Md.) 1952-1983 Enoch Pratt Free Library

Denton Journal 1847-1965 Maryland State Archives

Denton Journal 1870-1873, 1875-1965 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Denton Journal 1870-1965

Denton Journal 1870-73, 1875-1939, 1942-56, and 1958-65 (Denton, Maryland) Ancestry

Denton Journal. (Denton, Md.) 1847-1965 Multiple Archives

Denton Pearl 1845-1846 Maryland State Archives

Denton Pearl. (Denton, Md.) 1845-1846 Enoch Pratt Free Library

I read it in the Denton Journal : local news and events, obits and marriages Family History Library

Independent 1926-1927 Maryland State Archives

Independent. (Denton, Md.) 1926-1927 Multiple Archives

Journal 1976-1980 Maryland State Archives

Journal. (Denton, Md.) 1976-1980 Maryland State Archives

Pearl 1840-1845 Maryland State Archives

Pearl. (Denton, Md.) 1840-1845 Enoch Pratt Free Library

Times Record (Denton, MD) (8/9/2006-Current) Genealogy Bank

Times Record 8/9/2006 - Current Genealogy Bank

Times-Record 2000-2017