Lincoln County ME Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,235,301) > Maine (13,748) > Lincoln County (687) > Lincoln County Newspapers and Obituaries (35)

USA (1,235,301) > Maine (13,748) > Maine Newspapers and Obituaries (981) > Lincoln County Newspapers and Obituaries (35)

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Damariscotta Newspapers and Obituaries

Damarisotta and Newcastle ME Village Herald 1877 1877 Fulton History online

Maine Obituaries 1882-1906 Skidompha Library online

Wiscasset Newspapers and Obituaries

Eastern Repository 06/16/1803 to 06/23/1807 Genealogy Bank online

Lincoln Intelligencer 11/01/1821 to 10/24/1822 Genealogy Bank online

Lincoln Telegraph 02/15/1820 to 10/18/1821 Genealogy Bank online

Wiscasset Argus 12/30/1797 to 01/13/1798 Genealogy Bank online

Wiscasset Telegraph 12/10/1796 to 03/09/1799 Genealogy Bank online

Offline Newspapers for Lincoln County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Boothbay: Boothbay Register. (Boothbay, Me.) 1876-Current

Damariscotta: American Sentinel. (Damariscotta, Me.) 1854-1893

Damariscotta: Damariscotta Herald. (Damariscotta, Me.) 1896-1910s

Damariscotta: Herald and Record. (Damariscotta, Me.) 1877-1896

Damariscotta: Lincoln County News. (Damariscotta, Me.) 1919-Current

Damariscotta: Village Herald. (Damariscotta, Me.) 1876-1877

Newcastle: Lincoln Democrat. (New Castle [Newcastle], Me.) 1850-1859

Newcastle: Maine Granger. (Newcastle, Me.) 1993-Current

Pemaquid: Pemaquid Messenger. (Pemaquid, Me.) 1886-1897

Squirrel Island: Squirrel Island Squid. (Squirrel Island, Me.) 1876-1891

Squirrel Island: Srbobran. (New York) 1909-1948

Waldoboro: Lincoln County News. (Waldoboro, Me.) 1874-1909

Waldoboro: Lincoln Patriot. (Waldoboro, Me.) 1834-1842

Wiscasset: Citizen. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1828-1830

Wiscasset: Eastern Repository. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1803-1807

Wiscasset: Liliputian. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1881-1891

Wiscasset: Lincoln County Republican. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1843-1840s

Wiscasset: Lincoln Intelligencer. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1821-1836

Wiscasset: Lincoln Telegraph. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1820-1821

Wiscasset: Republican. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1807-1808

Wiscasset: Seaside Oracle. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1869-1877

Wiscasset: Sheepscot Echo and Medomak Valley News. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1905-1907

Wiscasset: Sheepscot Echo. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1891-1905

Wiscasset: Sheepscot Echo. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1907-1919

Wiscasset: Wiscasset Argus. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1797-1798

Wiscasset: Wiscasset Telegraph. (Wiscasset [Me.]) 1796-1799

Wiscasset: Wiscasset Times. ([Wiscasset, Me.]) 1980-1995

Wiscasset: Yankee and Laborer's Journal. (Wiscasset, Me.) 1831-1830s

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