Clay County MN Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,235,301) > Minnesota (25,712) > Clay County (326) > Clay County Newspapers and Obituaries (50)

USA (1,235,301) > Minnesota (25,712) > Minnesota Newspapers and Obituaries (4,273) > Clay County Newspapers and Obituaries (50)

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Clay County Newspapers and Obituaries

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Barnesville Newspapers and Obituaries

Hawley Newspapers and Obituaries

The Hawley herald, 2016-01-04 to 2018-12-31 Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub online

Moorhead Newspapers and Obituaries

Ulen Newspapers and Obituaries

The Clay County union, 2016-01-04 to 2017-12-25 Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub online

Offline Newspapers for Clay County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Barnesville: Barnesville Headlight and Moorhead Independent Consolidated. (Barnesville, Minn.) 1913-1917

Barnesville: Barnesville Record-Review. (Barnesville, Clay County, Minn.) 1903-Current

Barnesville: Barnesville Record. (Barnesville, Clay County, Minn.) 1897-1903

Barnesville: Pep-O. (Barnesville, Minn.) 1922-1931

Barnesville: Promoter. (Barnesville, Mn) 1983-1985

Barnesville: Review. (Barnesville, Minn.) 1886-1903

Glyndon: Red River Gazette. (Glyndon, Clay Co., Minn.) 1872-1874

Glyndon: Red River Valley News. (Glyndon, Clay County, Minn.) 1878-1923

Glyndon: Red River Valley News. (Glyndon, Clay County, Minn.) 1924-1929

Hawley: Clay County Herald. (Hawley, Clay County, Minn.) 1893-1927

Hawley: Hawley Herald. (Hawley, Clay County, Minn.) 1927-Current

Hawley: Hawley-Hitterdal Standard. (Hawley, Clay County, Minn.) 1931-1935

Hitterdal: Hitterdal Standard. (Hitterdal, Clay County, Minn.) 1920-1931

Moorhead: Advocate. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1970s-Current

Moorhead: Bulletin. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1924-1925

Moorhead: Clay County Advocate. (Moorhead, Clay Co., Minn.) 1878-1880

Moorhead: Clay County Leader. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1917-1919

Moorhead: Clay Sunday Press and the Country Press. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1947-1953

Moorhead: Concordia Alumnus. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1940s-1961

Moorhead: Country Press. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1919-1947

Moorhead: Daily Argonaut. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1881-1882

Moorhead: Evening News. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1883-1887

Moorhead: Fargo News. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1940-1940s

Moorhead: Independent. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1891-1896

Moorhead: M.I.S.T.I.C. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1925-1931

Moorhead: Moorhead Advocate. (Moorhead, Clay Co., Minn.) 1877-1878

Moorhead: Moorhead Citizen. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1902-1918

Moorhead: Moorhead Daily News. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1882-1883

Moorhead: Moorhead Daily News. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1887-1957

Moorhead: Moorhead District Herald. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1923-1943

Moorhead: Moorhead Independent News. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1970-1971

Moorhead: Moorhead Independent. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1896-1913

Moorhead: Moorhead Republican. (Moorhead, Clay Co., Minn.) 1898-1899

Moorhead: Moorhead State Advocate. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1971-1970s

Moorhead: Moorhead State Mistic. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1964-1969

Moorhead: Moorhead Valley Times. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1967-1969

Moorhead: Moorhead Weekly Argonaut. (Moorhead, Clay Co., Minn.) 1881-1882

Moorhead: Red River Scene and Clay Sunday Press. (Moorhead, Minn.) 1953-1967

Moorhead: Red River Star. (Moorhead, Clay Co., Minn.) 1872-1877

Ulen: Ulen Union. (Ulen, Clay Co., Minn.) 1896-2001

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