1940 U.S. Federal Census of Okolona, Chickasaw, Mississippi

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USA > Mississippi > Chickasaw County > 1940 Census of Okolona

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A Surnames

AbbottMary Bborn about 1937
AlsobrookJoe born about 1925

B Surnames

BaconFannie born about 1880
BaileyEdward born about 1914
BechickBessie born about 1918
BolerT Lborn about 1910
BrettAtherton born about 1937
BrettDe La Bar born about 1936
BrettJesse Mborn about 1866
BrettJessia born about 1903
BrettWilda born about 1909
BrettWilda born about 1938
BuchananLaurence born about 1920
BuchananWillie Mayborn about 1922

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C Surnames

CallahanJoe born about 1870
CarothersMary born about 1906
CaseyN Aborn about 1902
ClarkJerry born about 1939
ClarkMary born about 1919
ClelbersonJack born about 1919
ClelbersonJames born about 1919
ColbertBlanche born about 1894
ColeGeorge born about 1883
ContrellWesley born about 1894
CrissWilliam Rborn about 1917
CromptonAnnie born about 1936

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D Surnames

DardenCarrie Mborn about 1929
DardenFreddie born about 1927
DardenLois Annborn about 1932
DardenRobert born about 1930
DardenWillie born about 1935
DavisElizabeth born about 1908
DawesDan Leeborn about 1912
DickinsonJ Hborn about 1919

F Surnames

FitzgeraldWill born about 1907

H Surnames

HairstonG Pborn about 1891
HollowayErnestine born about 1931

J Surnames

JohnsonCapel born about 1906
JohnsonEmma born about 1867
JohnsonJuanita born about 1917

K Surnames

KiddLois born about 1910
KiddSharpe born about 1897

L Surnames

LancasterT Lborn about 1884

M Surnames

MaloneBarbara born about 1924
MarshallBernice born about 1916
MarshallOphelia born about 1900
McClanahanClarence born about 1921
McIntoshMalinda born about 1889
MillerDelia born about 1919
MilliganMamie born about 1889

N Surnames

NeelyWash born about 1898

R Surnames

RampleyS Oborn about 1912
RasberryL Lborn about 1897
RepultClyde born about 1906
RobertsPryor born about 1877
RookerFannye Louborn about 1905

S Surnames

ScottE Dborn about 1891
SkeltonWalter born about 1895
SmithDorothy born about 1932
StovallSuha born about 1871
SullivanEunice Kborn about 1912
SwilleyF Bborn about 1883

U Surnames

UeTurman born about 1914

W Surnames

WalkerMarjorie born about 1895
WalkerTommye born about 1917
WardEssie Mayborn about 1927
WardLeroy born about 1936
WardThelma born about 1922
WardVellon born about 1938
WilsonEdna born about 1892
WilsonKing born about 1891
WorthyDolly born about 1932
WorthyJoyce born about 1934

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