Canton Genealogy (in Madison County, MS)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Canton Cemetery Records

Confederate burials : Soldiers Cemetery, Okolona, Mississippi Family History Library

Confederate dead at Canton, Mississippi. Dallas Public Library

Mount Able Cemetery Find a Grave

Canton Histories and Genealogies

History bits in Canton and Madison County, Mississippi Family History Library

Canton Military Records

Confederate dead at Canton, Mississippi. Dallas Public Library

Canton Newspapers and Obituaries

American Citizen. (Canton, Miss.) 1851-1863 Multiple Archives

American Citizen. (Canton, Miss.) 1864-1890 Multiple Archives

American citizen (Canton, Miss., from 1859-01-15 to 1866-02-17) Chronicling America

American citizen (Canton, Miss., from 1865-10-01 to 1881-11-12) Chronicling America

Banner County Times. (Canton, Miss.) 1937-1940 Mississippi Department of Archives History

Canton Herald. (Canton, Miss.) 1837-1839 Multiple Archives

Canton Picket. (Canton, Miss.) 1883-1894 Multiple Archives

Canton Times. (Canton, Miss.) 1893-1906 Multiple Archives

Canton herald (Canton, Miss., from 1837-07-28 to 1839-01-02) Chronicling America

Independent Democrat (Canton, Miss., from 1842-09-17 to 1844-12-11) Chronicling America

Independent Democrat 1842-1844

Independent Democrat. (Canton, Miss.) 1842-1844 Multiple Archives

Madison County Herald. (Canton, Miss.) 1906-Current Multiple Archives

Madison Whig Advocate. (Canton, Miss.) 1839-1841 Multiple Archives

Madison Whig advocate (Canton, Miss., from 1839-01-19 to 1841-02-13) Chronicling America

Madisonian. (Canton, Miss.) 1850-1855 Multiple Archives

Mississippi Creole. (Canton, Miss.) 1841-1851 Multiple Archives

The American Citizen 1841-1881

The Canton Mail 1875-1876

The Canton Times 1894-1904

The Canton mail (Canton, Miss., from 1875-01-02 to 1876-07-22) Chronicling America

The Canton times (Canton, Miss., from 1894-08-10 to 1904-02-26) Chronicling America

The Madison County Herald 1998-2017

The Madisonian (Canton, Miss., from 1850-02-21 to 1851-01-16) Chronicling America

The Madisonian 1850-1851

The Mississippi Creole (Canton, Miss., from 1841-05-29 to 1851-01-14) Chronicling America

The Weekly Picket 1894-1907

The tri-weekly citizen (Canton, Miss., from 1863-11-12 to 1863-12-29) Chronicling America

Tri-Weekly Citizen. (Canton, Miss.) 1863-1864 Multiple Archives

Canton School Records

Rogers High School - Tiger Yearbook (Canton, MS) 1968 E Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Rogers Junior-Senior High School 1968) Ancestry