Faro Genealogy (in Wayne County, NC)

USA (1,379,301) > North Carolina (69,995) > Wayne County (1,154) > Faro (29)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Faro are also found through the Wayne County and North Carolina pages.

Faro Birth Records

North Carolina Birth Index, 1800-2000 Ancestry online

North Carolina, Birth Records, 1913-present North Carolina Vital Records Office

Faro Cemetery Records

Bradshaw Cemetery Find a Grave online

Edmundson Cemetery Find a Grave online

Langston-Edmondson Family Cemetery Find a Grave online

Minshew Cemetery Find a Grave online

Outland Family Cemetery Find a Grave online

Overman Family Cemetery Find a Grave online

Sauls Family Cemetery Find a Grave online

Faro Census Records

U.S. Federal Census 1790-1950 Ancestry online

U.S. Federal Census 1790-1950 MyHeritage online

United States Federal Census, 1790-1950 Family Search online

Faro Death Records

1909-1975 North Carolina Death Certificates Ancestry online

North Carolina Death Indexes, 1908-2004 Ancestry online

North Carolina, Death Records, 1930-present North Carolina Vital Records Office

North Carolina, Deaths, 1906-1930 MyHeritage online

North Carolina, Deaths, 1931-1994 MyHeritage online

Faro Land Records

1693-1960 North Carolina Land Grant Files Ancestry online

Abstracts of the early deeds of Wayne County, North Carolina, 1780-1793 FamilySearch Library

Cross index to land divisions, 1786-1938 FamilySearch Library

Record of deeds, 1780-1958; indexes, 1780-1963; real estate conveyances, 1779-1869; indexes, 1780-1920, 1779-1963 FamilySearch Library

Faro Marriage Records

1741-2011 North Carolina, Marriage Records Ancestry online

Marriage licenses, 1876-1964; and marriage register, 1867-1962; marriage bonds, 1814-1868 FamilySearch Library

North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Ancestry online

North Carolina Marriage Index, 1741-2004 Ancestry online

Faro Probate Records

1665-1998 North Carolina Wills and Probate Records Ancestry online

Abstract of North Carolina Wills [from about 1760 to 1800] Ancestry online

Abstracts of Wayne County wills, Wayne County, N.C., 1780-1868 : vol. 1, compiled from original and microfilmed copies of wills FamilySearch Library

Faro Tax Records

Tax records (Wayne County, North Carolina), 1780-1920 FamilySearch Library

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