Lincoln County NC Miscellaneous Records

USA (1,060,369) > North Carolina (55,600) > Lincoln County (497) > Lincoln County Miscellaneous Records (7)

USA (1,060,369) > North Carolina (55,600) > North Carolina Miscellaneous Records (492) > Lincoln County Miscellaneous Records (7)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the North Carolina Miscellaneous Records page.

Lincoln County Miscellaneous Records

Election records, 1878-1894, 1898-1904, 1924-1934 and 1954-1962 Family History Library

Grandfather Clause voter registration, Lincoln County, North Carolina, 1902-1908 Family History Library

Incorporation records, 1887-1941 Family History Library

Lincoln Co., North Carolina permanent roll of registered voters, 1902-1908 Family History Library

Membership directory : 1979-1990 Family History Library

North Carolina, County Records, 1833-1970 (wills, guardianships, estates, voter registration books, coroners inquests, etc.) Family Search

Periodical Source Index (index to 3.1 million articles in historical and genealogical publications) FindMyPast