Wilson Genealogy (in Wilson County, NC)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Wilson Cemetery Records

Maplewood Cemetery records, Wilson, Wilson County, North Carolina Family History Library

Wilson Church Records

Church records, 1860-1907 (Wilson Baptist Church (Wilson, North Carolina)) Family History Library

The Episcopalians of Wilson County : a history of St. Timothy's and St. Mark's churches in Wilson, North Caro lina, 1856-1995 Family History Library

Wilson Death Records

Funeral register of Wootten and Stevens, undertakers of Wilson, North Carolina : November 18, 1896-June 27, 1899 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Wilson Daily Times 10/10/2010 - Current Genealogy Bank

Wilson City Directories

U.S. City Directories (includes Wilson 1908, 1912, 1916, 1920, 1922, 1925, 1928, 1930 ) Ancestry

Wilson (North Carolina) city directories Family History Library

Wilson, NC 1908-1930 City Directories Allen County Public Library

Wilson Immigration Records

Naturalization records, Wilson, North Carolina, 1926-1945 Family History Library

Wilson Newspapers and Obituaries

Advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 1870s-1870s Multiple Archives

Daily Times. (Wilson, N.C.) 1902-1936 Multiple Archives

North Carolinian. (Wilson, N.C.) 1860s-1868 Multiple Archives

Plaindealer [Microform]. (Wilson, N.C.) 1868-1876 Multiple Archives

Plaindealer. (Wilson, N.C.) 1868-1876 Multiple Archives

The Daily Times 1896-1929 Newspapers.com

The Plaindealer 1869-1873 Newspapers.com

The Wilson Advance 1874-1899 Newspapers.com

The Wilson Ledger 1858-1861 Newspapers.com

The Wilson Mirror 1887-1894 Newspapers.com

The Wilson News 1899-1899 Newspapers.com

Wilson Advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 1870s-1899 Multiple Archives

Wilson Daily Times 10/10/2010 - Current Genealogy Bank

Wilson Daily Times. (Wilson, N.C.) 1936-Current Multiple Archives

Wilson Ledger [Microform]. (Wilson, N.C.) 1858-1861 Multiple Archives

Wilson Ledger. (Wilson, N.C.) 1858-1861 Multiple Archives