Passaic County NJ Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,379,301) > New Jersey (19,801) > Passaic County (1,006) > Passaic County Newspapers and Obituaries (123)

USA (1,379,301) > New Jersey (19,801) > New Jersey Newspapers and Obituaries (1,987) > Passaic County Newspapers and Obituaries (123)

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Passaic County Newspapers and Obituaries

Family chronicles of the Paterson intelligencer. Marriages and deaths, 1825-1856 WorldCat Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry online Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry online

Bloomingdale Newspapers and Obituaries

Clifton Newspapers and Obituaries

Hawthorne Newspapers and Obituaries

Gazette 1999-2020 online

Little Falls Newspapers and Obituaries

Passaic Newspapers and Obituaries

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Daily News 1929-1932 online

Herald-News 1932-2023 online

Item 1872-1882 online

North Jersey Herald and News 1988-1988 online

Passaic County Daily Voice 09/03/2015 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Passaic Daily Herald 1887-1932 online

Passaic Daily News 1877-1929 online

Passaic Daily Times 1884-1884 online

Passaic Sunday Eagle 1931-1933 online

Paterson Newspapers and Obituaries

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Messenger 1938-1992 online

Morning Call 1885-1969 online

Morning News 1977-1980 online

News 1890-1987 online

Paterson Daily Press 07/25/1867 to 10/30/1876 Genealogy Bank online

Paterson Daily Press, 1863-1907 Google News Archive online

Paterson Daily Register 05/06/1861 to 08/02/1862 Genealogy Bank online

Paterson Evening News 1966-1966 online

Paterson NJ Evening News 1895 Fulton History online

Paterson NJ Morning Call 1885 Fulton History online

Paterson NJ Sunday Call 1885-1888 Fulton History online

Paterson NJ The Jewish Post 1934-1941 Fulton History online

Paterson Press, 1907-1915 Google News Archive online

Paterson Weekly Press, 1863-1902 Google News Archive online

Pattern NJ Federation News 1970-1986 Fulton History online

Peterson NJ Daily Guardian 1857-1864 Fulton History online

Peterson NJ Evening News 1890-1896 Fulton History online

Roll call of the grim reaper in Paterson and vicinity, 1898-1918 : 33,000 death notices as recorded in the The Paterson Morning Call newspaper WorldCat

Sunday Chronicle, 1894-1924 Google News Archive online

Totowa Newspapers and Obituaries

Wanaque Newspapers and Obituaries

Wayne Newspapers and Obituaries

West Milford Newspapers and Obituaries

West Paterson Newspapers and Obituaries

Woodland Park Newspapers and Obituaries

Offline Newspapers for Passaic County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Bloomingdale: Pequannock Valley Argus. (Bloomingdale and Butler, N.J.) 1889-1903

Clifton: Clifton Journal. (Clifton, N.J.) 1916-1976

Clifton: Clifton Leader. (Clifton, N.J.) 1926-1949

Clifton: Clifton News. (Clifton, N.J.) 1972-1976

Clifton: Clifton Times. (Clifton, N.J.) 1910s-1940s

Clifton: Forum. (Clifton, Nj) 2000s-Current

Clifton: Morning Leader. (Clifton, N.J.) 1949-1950

Clifton: Post Eagle. (Clifton, N.J.) 1962-Current

Little Falls: Little Falls Herald. (Little Falls, N.J.) 1928-1960

Mountain View: Mountain View Herald. (Mountain View, N.J.) 1923-1930

Passaic: Eastern Catholic Life. (Passaic, N.J.) 1965-Current

Passaic: General Advertiser. (Passaic, N.J.) 1887-1889

Passaic: Herald-News. (Passaic, N.J.) 1932-Current

Passaic: Item. (Passaic, N.J.) 1870-1904

Passaic: North Jersey Herald & News. (Passaic, N.J.) 1987-Current

Passaic: Passaic City Herald. (Passaic City, N.J.) 1872-1899

Passaic: Passaic City Record. (Passaic City, N.J.) 1890-1907

Passaic: Passaic Daily Herald. (Passaic, N.J.) 1899-1929

Passaic: Passaic Daily News. (Passaic, N.J.) 1891-1929

Passaic: Passaic Daily Times. (Passaic, N.J.) 1882-1887

Passaic: Passaic Sunday Eagle. (Passaic, N.J.) 1927-1963

Passaic: Sentinel. (Passaic, N.J.) 1871-1873

Paterson: Alarm Bell. (Paterson, N.J.) 1851-1852

Paterson: Bee and Paterson Advertiser. (Paterson, N.J.) 1815-1816

Paterson: Bergen Express and Paterson Advertiser. (Paterson, N.J.) 1817-1819

Paterson: Censor. (Paterson [N.J.]) 1884-1887

Paterson: Daily Patersonian. (Paterson, N.J.) 1864-1865

Paterson: Evening News. (Paterson, N.J.) 1969-1970

Paterson: Evening News. (Paterson, N.J.) 1969-1980

Paterson: Het Oosten. (Paterson, N.J.) 1904-1940

Paterson: Messenger. (Paterson, N.J.) 1938-1941

Paterson: Morning Call. (Paterson, N.J.) 1885-1886

Paterson: Morning Call. (Paterson, N.J.) 1889-1969

Paterson: Morning News, The Call. (Paterson, N.J.) 1969-1970s

Paterson: Morning News. (Paterson, N.J.) 1970s-1980

Paterson: Morning News. (Paterson, N.J.) 1979-1980

Paterson: National Labor Standard. (Paterson, N.J.) 1896-1898

Paterson: National Labor Standard. (Paterson, N.J.) 1898-1906

Paterson: New Jersey Flying Post. (Paterson, N.J.) 1893-1894

Paterson: News, the Call. (Paterson, N.J.) 1970-1977

Paterson: News. (Paterson, N.J.) 1980-1987

Paterson: Passaic Guardian and Paterson Advertiser. (Paterson, N.J.) 1836-1846

Paterson: Paterson Censor. (Paterson, N.J.) 1887-1920s

Paterson: Paterson Chronicle and Essex & Bergen Advertiser. (Paterson, N.J.) 1821-1825

Paterson: Paterson Courier. (Paterson, N.J.) 1833-1836

Paterson: Paterson Daily Guardian, and Falls City Register. (Paterson, N.J.) 1865-1871

Paterson: Paterson Daily Guardian. (Paterson, N.J.) 1856-1864

Paterson: Paterson Daily Guardian. (Paterson, N.J.) 1871-1900

Paterson: Paterson Daily Press. (Paterson, N.J.) 1863-1907

Paterson: Paterson Daily Register. (Paterson, N.J.) 1858-1865

Paterson: Paterson Evening News. (Paterson, N.J.) 1890-1969

Paterson: Paterson Guardian and Passaic and Bergen Advertiser. (Paterson, N.J.) 1846-1856

Paterson: Paterson Home Journal. (Paterson, N.J.) 1880-1881

Paterson: Paterson Intelligencer. (Paterson, N.J.) 1825-1856

Paterson: Paterson Labor Standard. (Paterson, N.J.) 1876-1898

Paterson: Paterson Morning Call. (Paterson, N.J.) 1886-1889

Paterson: Paterson Press. (Paterson, N.J.) 1907-1915

Paterson: Paterson Press. (Paterson, N.J.) 1933-1937

Paterson: Paterson Republican. (Paterson [N.J.]) 1888-1900

Paterson: Paterson Sunday Eagle. (Paterson, N.J.) 1927-1960s

Paterson: Paterson Weekly Guardian. (Paterson, N.J.) 1856-1865

Paterson: Paterson Weekly Guardian. (Paterson, N.J.) 1871-1901

Paterson: Paterson Weekly Press. (Paterson, N.J.) 1863-1902

Paterson: People's Mirror. (Paterson, N.J.) 1855-1856

Paterson: Prospector. (Paterson, N.J.) 1935-1945

Paterson: Rambler. (Paterson, N.J.) 1888-1893

Paterson: Sunday Chronicle. (Paterson, N.J.) 1894-1928

Paterson: Totowa Union. (Paterson, N.J.) 1923-1940s

Pompton Lakes: Bulletin. (Pompton Lakes, N.J.) 1894-1966

Pompton Lakes: Pompton Lakes Ledger. (Pompton Lakes, N.J.) 1917-1960s

Wayne: Wayne Today. (Wayne, N.J.) 1966-Current

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