New Mexico Genealogy

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Birth Records (94)
Cemetery Records (2,130)
Census Records (1,184)
Church Records (418)
City Directories (281)
Court Records (18)
Death Records (225)
Histories and Genealogies (224)
Immigration Records (78)
Land Records (31)
Map Records (224)
Marriage Records (209)
Military Records (263)
Minority Records (19)
Miscellaneous Records (57)
Newspapers and Obituaries (1,502)
Probate Records (27)
School Records (628)
Tax Records (4)

By County

Bernalillo County (839)
Catron County (126)
Chaves County (225)
Cibola County (90)
Colfax County (277)
Curry County (133)
De Baca County (94)
Dona Ana County (282)
Eddy County (275)
Grant County (204)
Guadalupe County (146)
Harding County (88)
Hidalgo County (90)
Lea County (224)
Lincoln County (294)
Los Alamos County (39)
Luna County (123)
McKinley County (194)
Mora County (169)
Otero County (236)
Quay County (166)
Rio Arriba County (265)
Roosevelt County (146)
San Juan County (244)
San Miguel County (369)
Sandoval County (213)
Santa Fe County (480)
Sierra County (165)
Socorro County (238)
Taos County (244)
Torrance County (170)
Union County (133)
Valencia County (182)

By City

Abiquiu (in Rio Arriba County) (23)
Alamo (in Socorro County) (18)
Alamogordo (in Otero County) (67)
Albuquerque (in Bernalillo County) (710)
Alma (in Catron County) (15)
Amistad (in Union County) (18)
Angel Fire (in Colfax County) (16)
Animas (in Hidalgo County) (16)
Anthony (in Dona Ana County) (29)
Anton Chico (in Guadalupe County) (22)
Apache Creek (in Catron County) (12)
Arroyo Seco (in Taos County) (17)
Artesia (in Eddy County) (55)
Aztec (in San Juan County) (44)
Bayard (in Grant County) (21)
Belen (in Valencia County) (59)
Bent (in Otero County) (13)
Bernalillo (in Sandoval County) (50)
Bloomfield (in San Juan County) (23)
Bluewater (in Cibola County) (9)
Bosque (in Valencia County) (18)
Capitan (in Lincoln County) (39)
Carlsbad (in Eddy County) (122)
Carrizozo (in Lincoln County) (54)
Causey (in Roosevelt County) (16)
Cedar Hill (in San Juan County) (16)
Cerrillos (in Santa Fe County) (30)
Chacon (in Mora County) (13)
Chama (in Rio Arriba County) (20)
Chamisal (in Taos County) (19)
Chilili (in Bernalillo County) (19)
Chimayo (in Rio Arriba County) (15)
Chloride (in Sierra County) (13)
Cimarron (in Colfax County) (50)
Clayton (in Union County) (42)
Cliff (in Grant County) (19)
Cloudcroft (in Otero County) (31)
Clovis (in Curry County) (59)
Cochiti (in Sandoval County) (18)
Columbus (in Luna County) (38)
Cordova (in Rio Arriba County) (14)
Corona (in Lincoln County) (18)
Corrales (in Sandoval County) (23)
Costilla (in Taos County) (17)
Crownpoint (in McKinley County) (15)
Cuba (in Sandoval County) (27)
Cubero (in Cibola County) (9)
Cuervo (in Guadalupe County) (14)
Dawson (in Colfax County) (19)
Deming (in Luna County) (59)
Des Moines (in Union County) (16)
Dexter (in Chaves County) (17)
Dixon (in Rio Arriba County) (16)
Dona Ana (in Dona Ana County) (16)
Dora (in Roosevelt County) (15)
Dulce (in Rio Arriba County) (24)
Eagle Nest (in Colfax County) (17)
East Las Vegas (in San Miguel County) (32)
Eddy (in Eddy County) (15)
Edgewood (in Santa Fe County) (14)
El Rito (in Rio Arriba County) (17)
Elida (in Roosevelt County) (19)
Elizabethtown (in Colfax County) (16)
Encino (in Torrance County) (17)
Espanola (in Rio Arriba County) (28)
Estancia (in Torrance County) (40)
Eunice (in Lea County) (26)
Farmington (in San Juan County) (74)
Floyd (in Roosevelt County) (15)
Folsom (in Union County) (20)
Forrest (in Quay County) (13)
Fort Bayard (in Grant County) (17)
Fort Stanton (in Lincoln County) (16)
Fort Sumner (in De Baca County) (46)
Fort Wingate (in McKinley County) (19)
Gallup (in McKinley County) (82)
Gila (in Grant County) (18)
Glenwood (in Catron County) (14)
Glorieta (in Santa Fe County) (17)
Golden (in Santa Fe County) (14)
Grady (in Curry County) (18)
Grants (in Cibola County) (18)
Hachita (in Grant County) (17)
Hagerman (in Chaves County) (27)
Hanover (in Grant County) (18)
Hatch (in Dona Ana County) (32)
Hayden (in Union County) (14)
Hillsboro (in Sierra County) (28)
Hobbs (in Lea County) (62)
Hondo (in Lincoln County) (17)
Hope (in Eddy County) (22)
House (in Quay County) (16)
Hurley (in Grant County) (21)
Isleta (in Bernalillo County) (18)
Jal (in Lea County) (28)
Jemez Springs (in Sandoval County) (18)
Kenna (in Roosevelt County) (17)
Kingston (in Sierra County) (16)
Kirtland (in San Juan County) (22)
La Luz (in Otero County) (14)
La Plata (in San Juan County) (16)
Laguna (in Cibola County) (11)
Lake Arthur (in Chaves County) (16)
Lake Valley (in Sierra County) (18)
Las Cruces (in Dona Ana County) (145)
Las Palomas (in Sierra County) (15)
Las Vegas (in San Miguel County) (179)
Lemitar (in Socorro County) (20)
Lincoln (in Lincoln County) (28)
Lindrith (in Rio Arriba County) (14)
Llano (in Taos County) (20)
Lordsburg (in Hidalgo County) (37)
Los Alamos (in Los Alamos County) (33)
Los Lunas (in Valencia County) (36)
Loving (in Eddy County) (15)
Lovington (in Lea County) (43)
Luna (in Catron County) (12)
Magdalena (in Socorro County) (34)
Manzano (in Torrance County) (17)
Mayhill (in Otero County) (17)
Melrose (in Curry County) (18)
Mescalero (in Otero County) (15)
Mesilla (in Dona Ana County) (28)
Montoya (in Quay County) (12)
Mora (in Mora County) (24)
Moriarty (in Torrance County) (18)
Mosquero (in Harding County) (19)
Mountainair (in Torrance County) (25)
Nara Visa (in Quay County) (18)
Nogal (in Lincoln County) (17)
Ocate (in Mora County) (16)
Pajarito (in Bernalillo County) (18)
Pecos (in San Miguel County) (27)
Pena Blanca (in Sandoval County) (21)
Penasco (in Taos County) (27)
Peralta (in Valencia County) (19)
Picacho (in Lincoln County) (14)
Picuris (in Taos County) (21)
Pie Town (in Catron County) (15)
Pinon (in Otero County) (13)
Placitas (in Sandoval County) (19)
Portales (in Roosevelt County) (47)
Puerto De Luna (in Guadalupe County) (18)
Quemado (in Catron County) (19)
Questa (in Taos County) (23)
Ramah (in McKinley County) (22)
Ranchos de Taos (in Taos County) (20)
Raton (in Colfax County) (76)
Red River (in Taos County) (22)
Reserve (in Catron County) (24)
Rincon (in Dona Ana County) (17)
Rio Rancho (in Sandoval County) (20)
Roswell (in Chaves County) (130)
Roy (in Harding County) (25)
Ruidoso (in Lincoln County) (31)
Sabinal (in Socorro County) (18)
San Antonio (in Socorro County) (19)
San Ildefonso (in Santa Fe County) (15)
San Jon (in Quay County) (23)
San Juan (in Rio Arriba County) (18)
San Marcial (in Socorro County) (24)
Santa Clara Pueblo (in Rio Arriba County) (15)
Santa Cruz (in Santa Fe County) (28)
Santa Fe (in Santa Fe County) (290)
Santa Rosa (in Guadalupe County) (37)
Sapello (in San Miguel County) (22)
Shiprock (in San Juan County) (17)
Silver City (in Grant County) (70)
Socorro (in Socorro County) (72)
Springer (in Colfax County) (34)
Stanley (in Santa Fe County) (18)
Taiban (in De Baca County) (17)
Taos (in Taos County) (60)
Tatum (in Lea County) (25)
Texico (in Curry County) (19)
Thoreau (in McKinley County) (17)
Tome (in Valencia County) (27)
Truchas (in Rio Arriba County) (17)
Truth or Consequences (in Sierra County) (29)
Tucumcari (in Quay County) (47)
Tularosa (in Otero County) (22)
Vaughn (in Guadalupe County) (20)
Veguita (in Socorro County) (20)
Virden (in Hidalgo County) (13)
Wagon Mound (in Mora County) (22)
Watrous (in Mora County) (19)
Weed (in Otero County) (17)
White Oaks (in Lincoln County) (43)
Willard (in Torrance County) (19)
Zuni (in McKinley County) (16)