1940 U.S. Federal Census of Carlin, Elko, Nevada

Census index courtesy of RootsPoint.com

USA > Nevada > Elko County > 1940 Census of Carlin

B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames H Surnames M Surnames N Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames Y Surnames

B Surnames

BesantJohn Bborn about 1881
BesantMary Bborn about 1886
BinghamAlbert born about 1911
BranucieAmelia Bborn about 1902
BranucieAndfira Sborn about 1926
BranucieEleanor Fborn about 1933
BranucieIrene Aborn about 1924
BranuciePetra born about 1895

C Surnames

CampbellLydia Bborn about 1866
CogginsBarbara Hborn about 1936
CogginsJohn Mborn about 1908
CogginsJohn M Jrborn about 1933
CogginsMarie born about 1908

G Surnames

GobenElla born about 1926
GobenJohn Sborn about 1887
GriffinAgnes Jborn about 1890
GriffinEdward Mborn about 1890

H Surnames

HinmanEthel Mborn about 1908
HinmanGlen Eborn about 1939

M Surnames

McEachernMarie Cborn about 1897
McEachernRoy Hborn about 1887
MichleAnnie Nborn about 1922
MichleEmilio born about 1895
MichleGu?liclma born about 1901
MichleRena born about 1910

N Surnames

NicholsRobert Hborn about 1929

R Surnames

RobinsonAlda born about 1917
RobinsonGeorge Eborn about 1914
RobinsonGeorge Eborn about 1937

S Surnames

SperlickMarcia Lborn about 1906
SperlickMax Mborn about 1897
StephensDwane Tborn about 1911
StephensIvolene Vborn about 1911
StephensRonald Lborn about 1936

W Surnames

WalkerCatherine Mborn about 1893
WalkerJoseph Cborn about 1885

Y Surnames

YbarraAnna Cborn about 1907
YbarraAntonie born about 1898
YbarraTheresa Fborn about 1925

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