Austin Genealogy (in Lander County, NV)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Austin Cemetery Records

Austin Cemetery Billion Graves

Austin Indian Cemetery Find a Grave

Calvary Cemetery Find a Grave

IOOF Cemetery Find a Grave

Masonic Cemetery Find a Grave

Austin City Directories

Austin, NV 1863, 1866 City Directories Allen County Public Library

U.S. City Directories (includes Austin 1866 ) Ancestry

Austin Newspapers and Obituaries

Austin Sun. (Austin, Nev.) 1933-1934 University of Nevada

CLAN Digital Collection (includes Reese River Reveille 1863-1887, 1907-8) Cooperative Libraries Automated Network

Daily Morning Democrat. (Austin, Nev.) 1882-1883 Multiple Archives

Daily Reese River Reveille. (Austin, N.T. [I.E Nev.]) 1864-1869 Multiple Archives

Nevada Progressive. (Austin and Battle Mountain, Nev.) 1924-1926 Multiple Archives

People's Advocate. (Austin, Nev.) 1890-1893 Multiple Archives

Reese River Reveille 8/5/1864 - 8/11/1864 Genealogy Bank

Reese River Reveille and Nevada Progressive Combined. (Austin, Nev.) 1926-1934 Multiple Archives

Reese River Reveille and the Austin Sun. (Austin, Nev.) 1934-1950 Multiple Archives

Reese River Reveille. (Austin, Nev.) 1869-1926 Multiple Archives

Reese River Reveille. (Austin, Nev.) 1950-Current Multiple Archives

Reese River Reveille. Volume (Austin, N.T. [I.E Nev.]) 1863-1864 Multiple Archives

Austin School Records

Austin, NV High School Class of 1937 and Eighth Graders Old Yearbooks