Albion Genealogy (in Oswego County, NY)

USA (1,071,527) > New York (56,616) > Oswego County (885) > Albion (21)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Albion Cemetery Records

Albion Center Cemetery Find a Grave

Albion Centre Cemetery US Gen Web

Albion Centre Cemetery Interment

Albion Centre Cemetery Interment

Nichols Cemetery US Gen Web

Albion Census Records

Census Town of Albion 1840 US Gen Web

Federal Census of 1940, Albion in Oswego County, New York LDS Genealogy

Albion Church Records

Historical souvenir and directory of the Pullman Memorial Universalist Church Genealogy Gophers

Albion City Directories

Albion, NY 1908-1911 City Directories Allen County Public Library

Albion, New York, City Directory, 1908 (in U.S. City Directories collection) Ancestry

Albion Histories and Genealogies

Landmark's History Book Town of Albion, Oswego County, New York 1895 US Gen Web

Albion Map Records

View map of Albion, N.Y., 1880 Library of Congress

Albion Military Records

Civil War Soldiers from Town of Albion US Gen Web

Albion Newspapers and Obituaries

Albion Advertiser. (Albion, N.Y.) 1929-Current US Newspaper Directory

Albion NY Orleans Republican 1845-1944 Fulton History

Orleans American and Weekly News. (Albion, N.Y.) 1910-1943 US Newspaper Directory

Orleans American. (Albion, N.Y.) 1832-1910 US Newspaper Directory

Orleans Republican American and Weekly News. (Albion, N.Y.) 1944-1970 US Newspaper Directory

Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943 US Newspaper Directory

Orleans Telegraph. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1832 US Newspaper Directory

Weekly News. (Albion, N.Y.) 1888-1910 US Newspaper Directory