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Logan County Newspapers and Obituaries

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Belle Center Newspapers and Obituaries

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Offline Newspapers for Logan County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Belle Center: Belle Center Herald. (Belle Center, Ohio) 1892-1902

Belle Center: Bellecentre Press. (Bellecentre, Ohio) 1873-1875

Belle Center: Herald-Voice and Huntsville News. (Belle Center, Logan County, Ohio) 1922-1928

Belle Center: Herald-Voice. (Belle Center, Logan County, Ohio) 1902-1921

Belle Center: Herald-Voice. (Belle Center, Logan County, Ohio) 1928-1987

Bellefontaine: Bellefontaine (Ohio) Gazette and Logan County Advertiser. (Bellefontaine [Ohio]) 1830s-1830s

Bellefontaine: Bellefontaine Examiner. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1883-1894

Bellefontaine: Bellefontaine Examiner. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1949-Current

Bellefontaine: Bellefontaine Gazette. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1830s-1830s

Bellefontaine: Bellefontaine Press. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1858-1876

Bellefontaine: Bellefontaine Republican, and Logan Register. (Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio) 1830-1831

Bellefontaine: Bellefontaine Republican. (Bellefontaine, Logan County, Ohio) 1855-1905

Bellefontaine: Daily Examiner. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1891-1949

Bellefontaine: Gazette. (Bellefontaine [Ohio]) 1831-1830s

Bellefontaine: Logan County Gazette. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1840s-1863

Bellefontaine: Logan County Gazette. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1865-1871

Bellefontaine: Logan County Index. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1876-1905

Bellefontaine: Weekly Examiner. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1871-1883

Bellefontaine: Weekly Examiner. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1894-1946

Bellefontaine: Weekly Index-Republican. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1906-1921

Bellefontaine: Western Aurora and Farmers' and Mechanics' Advocate. (Bellefontaine, Ohio) 1835-1836

De Graff: De Graff Buckeye. (De Graff, Logan County, Ohio) 1879-1905

De Graff: De Graff Journal. (De Graff, Ohio) 1893-1951

De Graff: Degraff Banner. (Degraff, Ohio) 1871-1879

East Liberty: East Liberty Echo. (East Liberty, Ohio) 1908-1916

Huntsville: Huntsville Gazette. (Huntsville, Logan County, Ohio) 1889-1892

Lakeview: Advertiser. (Lakeview, Ohio) 1958-Current

Rushsylvania: Rushsylvania Press. (Rushsylvania, Ohio) 1873-1870s

West Liberty: Mac-A-Cheek Press. (West Liberty, Logan County, Ohio) 1858-1860s

West Liberty: Weekly West-Liberty Banner. (West-Liberty, Ohio) 1850-1852

West Liberty: West Liberty Banner. (West Liberty, Ohio) 1840s-1856

West Liberty: West-Liberty Banner and Logan County Advertiser. (West Liberty, O. [Ohio]) 1853-1840s

West Mansfield: West Mansfield Enterprise. (West Mansfield, Logan County, Ohio) 1893-1945

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