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Montgomery County Newspapers and Obituaries

Dayton, Ohio, Obituary Index, 1850-2013 Ancestry

Montgomery Co., Ohio, scrapbook WorldCat Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry

Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Obituary Index, 1810s-2013 Ancestry

Schirack's genealogical newspaper clippings from Montgomery, Butler, Preble, & Darke Counties, Ohio. Volume 1, 1926-1928 WorldCat

Schirack's genealogical newspaper clippings from Montgomery, Butler, Preble, & Darke Counties, Ohio. Volume 2, 1930-1932 WorldCat

Schirack's genealogical newspaper clippings from Montgomery, Butler, Preble, & Darke Counties, Ohio. Volume 3, 1934-1939 WorldCat

Schirack's genealogical newspaper clippings from Montgomery, Butler, Preble, & Darke Counties, Ohio. Volume 4, 1940-1948 WorldCat

Schirack's genealogical newspaper clippings from Montgomery, Butler, Preble, & Darke Counties, Ohio. Volume 5, 1961-1969 WorldCat

Dayton Newspapers and Obituaries

Ashlander 07/18/1844 to 07/25/1844 Genealogy Bank

CBS - 7 WHIO: Web Edition Articles 05/04/2013 to Current Genealogy Bank

Coon Dissector 09/06/1844 to 09/20/1844 Genealogy Bank

Coon Dissector, 1844-1844 Ohio Memory

Daily Bulletin, African American newspaper, 1944-1946 Ohio Memory

Daily Empire 1859-1867

Daily Empire, 1865-1867 Ohio Memory

Daily Empire, The (Ohio/United States) [Dayton, Ohio] 25 November 1865 to 9 July 1867 Elephind

Daily Express, African American newspaper, 1950-1952 Ohio Memory

Daily Herald and Empire, 1874-1876 Google News Archive

Daily empire (Dayton, Ohio) (from Nov. 25, 1865 to July 9, 1867) MyHeritage

Daily empire 11/25/1865 to 07/09/1867 Genealogy Bank

Daily express (Dayton, Ohio) (from Nov. 16, 1950 to May 26, 1952) MyHeritage

Dayton (Montgomery Co.) Ohio newspaper clippings WorldCat

Dayton Daily Empire (Ohio/United States) [Dayton [Ohio]] 5 April 1859 to 15 November 1865 Elephind

Dayton Daily Empire, 1859-1865 Ohio Memory

Dayton Daily News 02/01/1990 to Current Genealogy Bank

Dayton Daily News 1898-2020

Dayton Daily News Archive, 1890-2004 WorldCat

Dayton Forum, 1918-1919, 1930, 1936-1946 Ohio Memory

Dayton Herald 1882-1949

Dayton Union News, 1940-1943 Ohio Memory

Dayton Watchman; or Farmers and Mechanics' Journal 08/20/1822 to 02/15/1825 Genealogy Bank

Dayton daily empire (Dayton [Ohio]) (from April 5, 1859 to Nov. 15, 1865) MyHeritage

Dayton daily empire 04/05/1859 to 11/15/1865 Genealogy Bank

Dayton daily empire. (Dayton [Ohio]) (from April 5, 1859 to Nov. 15, 1865) Chronicling America

Dayton union news ([Dayton, Ohio]) (from Dec. 19, 1940 to Nov. 25, 1943) MyHeritage

Dayton union news. ([Dayton, Ohio]) (from Dec. 19, 1940 to Nov. 25, 1943) Chronicling America

Democratic Herald 05/07/1835 to 08/12/1837 Genealogy Bank

Early Obituaries from Dayton newspapers prior to 1923 (selections) Dayton Metro Library

Gedenk-Blatter, 1894-1904 Family History Library

German Language Obituaries from Gedenk Blaetter and Daytoner Volks Zeitung Dayton Metro Library

Gospel Herald, 1859-1861 Ohio Memory

Journal Herald 1940-1986

Log Cabin 03/21/1840 to 10/23/1840 Genealogy Bank

Log Cabin, 1840-1840 Ohio Memory

Marriage records, Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio, 1851-1852 WorldCat

Minority Report 01/01/1969 to 12/18/1970 Genealogy Bank

Obituaries of prominent Daytonians, 1949-1952. WorldCat

Ohio Daily-Express, African American newspaper, 1947-1950 Ohio Memory

Ohio Republican 11/01/1813 to 10/02/1816 Genealogy Bank

Ohio daily-express (Dayton, Ohio) (from Nov. 1, 1947 to Nov. 15, 1950) MyHeritage

Our forefathers : Dayton Sunday Journal [Clippings from the Dayton Sunday Journal, Sept. 17, 1933 to May 7, 1939] WorldCat

Schirack's notes from Dayton, Ohio newspapers : (covers Montgomery, Darke, Preble, Greene, Mercer, Miami, Butler & etc Cos., Ohio) WorldCat

Skywrighter 2016-2020

That Same Old Coon 04/12/1844 to 11/16/1844 Genealogy Bank

That Same Old Coon, 1844-1844 Ohio Memory

The Daily empire. (Dayton, Ohio) (from Nov. 25, 1865 to July 9, 1867) Chronicling America

The Daily express. (Dayton, Ohio) (from Nov. 16, 1950 to May 26, 1952) Chronicling America

The Dayton forum. (Dayton, Ohio) (from June 7, 1918 to Oct. 31, 1946) Chronicling America

The Ohio daily-express. (Dayton, Ohio) (from Nov. 1, 1947 to Nov. 15, 1950) Chronicling America

The Vindicator : [photocopies of obituaries, 1871-1928] Family History Library

The Vindicator : [photocopies of obituaries, 1871-1928] Genealogy Gophers

The Vindicator : [photocopies of obituaries, 1871-1928] WorldCat

The daily bulletin. (Dayton, Ohio) (from Sept. 1, 1944 to Sept. 27, 1946) Chronicling America

Englewood Newspapers and Obituaries

Huber Heights Newspapers and Obituaries

Miamisburg Newspapers and Obituaries

Miamisburg Bulletin, 1871-1895 Google News Archive

Vandalia Newspapers and Obituaries

Offline Newspapers for Montgomery County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Brookville: Brookville Star. (Brookville, Ohio) 1891-Current

Brookville: Brookville Town Talk. (Brookville, Ohio) 1883-1886

Dayton: Christian Conservator. (Dayton, Ohio) 1885-1954

Dayton: Civil Service News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1945-Current

Dayton: Community Booster. (Dayton, Ohio) 1932-1934

Dayton: Daily Bulletin. (Dayton, Ohio) 1942-1946

Dayton: Daily Court Reporter. (Dayton, Ohio) 1917-Current

Dayton: Daily Dayton Gazette. (Dayton, Ohio) 1850-1853

Dayton: Daily Dayton Journal. (Dayton, O. [Ohio]) 1847-1840s

Dayton: Daily Dayton Journal. (Dayton, O. [Ohio]) 1858-1862

Dayton: Daily Dayton Journal. (Dayton, Ohio) 1840-1841

Dayton: Daily Dayton Transcript. (Dayton, Ohio) 1849-1850

Dayton: Daily Daytonian. (Dayton, Ohio) 1846-1847

Dayton: Daily Empire. (Dayton, Ohio) 1865-1867

Dayton: Daily Express. (Dayton, Ohio) 1950-1955

Dayton: Daily Herald and Empire. (Dayton, Ohio) 1874-1876

Dayton: Dayton Business Journal. (Dayton, Ohio) 2000-Current

Dayton: Dayton Cio News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1944-1959

Dayton: Dayton Daily Democrat. (Dayton [Ohio]) 1875-1890

Dayton: Dayton Daily Empire. (Dayton [Ohio]) 1850-1865

Dayton: Dayton Daily Gazette. (Dayton, O. [Ohio]) 1853-1859

Dayton: Dayton Daily Herald. (Dayton, Ohio) 1879-1890

Dayton: Dayton Daily Journal. (Dayton, Ohio) 1840s-1858

Dayton: Dayton Daily Journal. (Dayton, Ohio) 1862-1905

Dayton: Dayton Daily Ledger. (Dayton, O. [Ohio]) 1867-1869

Dayton: Dayton Daily News, the Journal Herald. (Dayton, Ohio) 1986-1987

Dayton: Dayton Daily News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1898-1986

Dayton: Dayton Daily News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1987-Current

Dayton: Dayton Daily Press. (Dayton, Ohio) 1900-1900s

Dayton: Dayton Evening Herald. (Dayton [Ohio]) 1890-1906

Dayton: Dayton Evening Herald. (Dayton, Ohio) 1912-1923

Dayton: Dayton Evening Press. (Dayton, Ohio) 1892-1900

Dayton: Dayton Express. (Dayton, Ohio) 1964-1969

Dayton: Dayton Forum. (Dayton, Ohio) 1913-1949

Dayton: Dayton Herald. (Dayton, Ohio) 1906-1912

Dayton: Dayton Herald. (Dayton, Ohio) 1923-1949

Dayton: Dayton Journal & Advertiser. (Dayton, Ohio) 1827-1857

Dayton: Dayton Journal & Advertiser. (Dayton, Ohio) 1844-1847

Dayton: Dayton Journal. (Dayton, Ohio) 1841-1843

Dayton: Dayton Journal. (Dayton, Ohio) 1905-1949

Dayton: Dayton Press. (Dayton, Ohio) 1900s-1905

Dayton: Dayton Press. (Dayton, Ohio) 1932-1955

Dayton: Dayton Press. (Dayton, Ohio) 1935-1955

Dayton: Dayton Repertory. (Dayton, Ohio) 1808-1809

Dayton: Dayton Republican. (Dayton [Ohio]) 1829-1834

Dayton: Dayton Review. (Dayton, Ohio) 1929-1934

Dayton: Dayton Shopping News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1927-1973

Dayton: Dayton Sun. (Dayton, Ohio) 1872-1870s

Dayton: Dayton Tattler. (Dayton, Ohio) 1890-1891

Dayton: Dayton Times. ([Dayton, Ohio) 1890-1898

Dayton: Dayton Transcript. (Dayton, Ohio) 1841-1849

Dayton: Dayton Tri-Weekly Bulletin. (Dayton, O. [Ohio]) 1848-1850

Dayton: Dayton Tri-Weekly Empire. ([Dayton, Ohio]) 1848-1849

Dayton: Dayton Union News. ([Dayton, Ohio]) 1940-1944

Dayton: Dayton Watchman, Or, Farmers and Mechanics' Journal. (Dayton, Ohio) 1821-1826

Dayton: Dayton Weekly Bulletin. (Dayton [Ohio]) 1848-1850

Dayton: Dayton Weekly Democrat. (Dayton, Ohio) 1873-1876

Dayton: Dayton Weekly Gazette. (Dayton, Ohio) 1850-1860

Dayton: Dayton Weekly Journal. (Dayton [Ohio]) 1862-1904

Dayton: Dayton Weekly Ledger. (Dayton, Ohio) 1867-1869

Dayton: Democratic Herald and Working Men's Press. (Dayton O. [Ohio) 1838-1842

Dayton: Democratic Herald. (Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio) 1834-1838

Dayton: Evening Empire. (Dayton, Ohio) 1849-1850

Dayton: Evening Herald. (Dayton, Ohio) 1869-1874

Dayton: Evening News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1889-1898

Dayton: German-American Bulletin. (Dayton, Ohio) 1933-1941

Dayton: Gridiron [Electronic Resource]. (Dayton, Ohio) 1822-1823

Dayton: Gridiron [Microform]. (Dayton, Ohio) 1822-1823

Dayton: Gridiron. (Dayton, [Ohio]) 1822-1823

Dayton: Jet Stone News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1974-1983

Dayton: Journal Herald. (Dayton, Ohio) 1949-1986

Dayton: Kettering Press. ([Dayton, Ohio]) 1953-1955

Dayton: Labor Review. (Dayton, Ohio) 1916-1929

Dayton: Labor Union. (Dayton, Ohio) 1927-1969

Dayton: Liberator. (Dayton, Ohio) 1890-1894

Dayton: Mad River News. (Mad River Township [I.E. Dayton, Ohio]) 1985-1986

Dayton: Miami Herald and Dayton Republican Gazette. ([Dayton, Ohio]) 1826-1829

Dayton: Miami Republican, and Dayton Advertiser. (Dayton, Ohio) 1823-1826

Dayton: Miami Valley Socialist. (Dayton, Ohio) 1912-1929

Dayton: Missionary Telescope. (Dayton, Ohio) 1858-1860s

Dayton: Missionary Visitor. (Dayton, Ohio) 1865-1890s

Dayton: New Dayton Defender. (Dayton, Ohio) 1980s-Current

Dayton: New Dayton Express. (Dayton, Ohio) 1969-1971

Dayton: News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1926-1931

Dayton: Northwest Connection. (Dayton, Ohio) 1988-1989

Dayton: Ohio Centinel. (Dayton, Ohio) 1810-1813

Dayton: Ohio Daily-Express. (Dayton, Ohio) 1946-1950

Dayton: Ohio National Journal and Montgomery and Dayton Advertiser. (Dayton, Ohio) 1826-1827

Dayton: Ohio Republican. (Dayton, (Ohio)) 1813-1816

Dayton: Ohio Sentinel. (Dayton) 1894-1895

Dayton: Ohio Socialist. (Dayton, Ohio) 1903-1904

Dayton: Ohio Watchman. (Dayton, Ohio) 1816-1821

Dayton: Saturday Evening Record. (Dayton, Ohio) 1879-1881

Dayton: Saturday People. (Dayton, Ohio) 1876-1885

Dayton: Skywrighter. (Wright-Patterson Afb, [Dayton], Ohio) 1960-Current

Dayton: Snap-Shots at Current Events. (Dayton, Ohio) 1894-1896

Dayton: Snap-Shots. (Dayton, Ohio) 1896-1890s

Dayton: Spectator. ([Dayton, Ohio]) 1946-1949

Dayton: Sunday Morning News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1876-1878

Dayton: U. of D. News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1932-1955

Dayton: Van Buren Bulletin. (Van Buren Twp. [I.E. Dayton, Ohio]) 1945-1948

Dayton: Weekly Dayton Journal. (Dayton, Ohio) 1857-1862

Dayton: Weekly Empire and Democrat. (Dayton, Ohio) 1876-1890

Dayton: Weekly Empire. (Dayton, Ohio) 1848-1865

Dayton: Weekly Times-News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1890-1897

Dayton: West Side News. (Dayton, Ohio) 1889-1890

Dayton: Western Empire. (Dayton, O. [Ohio) 1842-1848

Dayton: Western Empire. (Dayton, O. [Ohio]) 1865-1867

Englewood: Argus. (Englewood, Ohio) 1975-1976

Englewood: Common Man. (Englewood, Ohio) 1971-1972

Englewood: Englewood Argus Northmount. (Englewood, Ohio) 1960s-1975

Englewood: Englewood Argus. (Englewood, Ohio) 1976-1981

Englewood: Englewood Independent. (Englewood, Ohio) 1973-Current

Farmersville: Farmersville News. (Farmersville, Ohio) 1905-1916

Farmersville: Farmersville News. (Farmersville, Ohio) 1930-1934

Germantown: American Republican. (Germantown, Ohio) 1855-1857

Germantown: Booster. (Germantown, O. [Ohio]) 1958-1971

Germantown: Dollar Times. (Germantown, Ohio) 1869-1872

Germantown: Germantown Gazette, and Miami Valley Advertiser. (Germantown, Ohio) 1845-1849

Germantown: Germantown Independent. (Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio) 1858-1866

Germantown: Germantown Press Booster. (Germantown, O. [Ohio]) 1971-Current

Germantown: Germantown Press. (Germantown, Ohio) 1876-Current

Germantown: Germantown Times. (Germantown, Ohio) 1872-1873

Germantown: Independent Press. ([Germantown, Ohio]) 1874-1876

Germantown: Twin Valley Locomotive. (Germantown, Ohio) 1854-1855

Germantown: Western Emporium and Germantown Gazette. (Germantown, Ohio) 1850-1851

Germantown: Western Emporium. (Germantown, Ohio) 1851-1854

Huber Heights: Mad River Courier. (Huber Heights, Ohio) 1970-1973

Kettering: Kettering-Oakwood Times. (Kettering, Ohio) 1956-1980

Kettering: Kettering-Oakwood Times. (Kettering, Ohio) 1985-Current

Kettering: Times. (Kettering, Ohio) 1980-1985

Miamisburg: Miamisburg Bulletin. (Miamisburg, O. [Ohio]) 1867-1895

Miamisburg: Miamisburg News. ([Miamisburg, Ohio]) 1880-Current

New Lebanon: Village Courier. ([New Lebanon, Ohio]) 1962-1983

Trotwood: Argus Sentinel. (Trotwood, Ohio) 1981-1984

Trotwood: Dayton Jewish Chronicle. (Trotwood, Ohio) 1962-Current

Trotwood: News Tribune. (Trotwood, Ohio) 1961-1976

Trotwood: Photo News Tribune. (Trotwood, Ohio) 1958-1961

Trotwood: Sentinel. (Trotwood, Ohio) 1972-1976

Trotwood: Trotwood Sentinel. (Trotwood, Ohio) 1976-1981

Trotwood: Trotwood Tribune. (Trotwood, Ohio) 1953-1958

Trotwood: Trotwood and Madison Twp. Sentinel. (Trotwood, Ohio) 1962-1972

Vandalia: Chronicle. (Vandalia, Ohio) 1969-1973

Vandalia: Crossroads Chronicle. (Vandalia, Ohio) 1958-1969

Vandalia: Vandalia-Butler Chronicle. (Vandalia, Ohio) 1983-1985

Vandalia: Vandalia-Butler Crossroads Chronicle. (Vandalia, Ohio) 1955-1958

Vandalia: Vandalia-Butler Opinion. (Vandalia, Ohio) 1950-1951

Vandalia: Vandalia-Butler Tribune. (Vandalia, Ohio) 1981-1983

Vandalia: Vandalia-Butler, Northridge Chronicle. (Vandalia, Ohio) 1973-1981

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