Oberlin Genealogy (in Lorain County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Oberlin Cemetery Records

Westwood Cemetery Find a Grave

Oberlin Church Records

Church records, 1855-1896 (Christ Church (Oberlin, Ohio : Episcopal)) Family History Library

Church records, 1857-1891 (First Congregational Church (Oberlin, Ohio)) Family History Library

Year book of the Second Congregational Church, Oberlin, Ohio, for year ending Oct. 6, 1890 Family History Library

Oberlin City Directories

Annual catalogue of the officers and students of Oberlin College for the college year Genealogy Gophers

Oberlin Histories and Genealogies

City beautiful in a small town : the early history of the Village Improvement Society in Oberlin, Ohio Family History Library

Oberlin : the Colony and the College, 1833-1883 Ancestry

Oberlin Colony : the story of a century Family History Library

Oberlin Military Records

Oberlin News-Tribune: The World War II Years 1941-1945 Oberlin News-Tribune

Oberlin Newspapers and Obituaries

Below the Belt. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1988-Current Oberlin College Library

Campus Observer. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1938-1939 Oberlin College Library

Citizen. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1884-1880s Oberlin College Library

Collective. ([Oberlin, Ohio) 1989-Current Oberlin College Library

Conveyancer. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1888-1889 Oberlin College Library

Exponent. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1890-1892 Multiple Archives

Hot Truth. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1905-1906 Oberlin College Library

Lorain County Exponent. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1885-1889 Multiple Archives

Lorain County News. (Oberlin and Wellington [Ohio]) 1860-1873 Multiple Archives

Nommo. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1969-2005 Multiple Archives

Oberlin College Observer. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1979-Current Oberlin College Library

Oberlin College Review. ([Oberlin, Ohio]) 1874-1875 Oberlin College Library

Oberlin Evangelist. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1838-1862 Multiple Archives

Oberlin Forum. (Oberlin, Oh [Ohio]) 1990-Current Oberlin College Library

Oberlin News-Tribune. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1930-Current Multiple Archives

Oberlin News-Tribune: The World War II Years 1941-1945 Oberlin News-Tribune

Oberlin News. (Oberlin, Lorain County, O. [Ohio]) 1873-1874 Oberlin College Library

Oberlin News. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1891-1930 Multiple Archives

Oberlin News. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1895-1897 Multiple Archives

Oberlin Peace Bulletin. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1935-1937 Oberlin College Library

Oberlin Record. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1889-1891 Oberlin College Library

Oberlin Review. (Oberlin [Ohio]) 1875-Current Multiple Archives

Oberlin Times. (Oberlin, Lorain County, O. [Ohio]) 1872-1873 University of Akron

Oberlin Times. (Oberlin, O. [Ohio]) 1883-1885 Multiple Archives

Oberlin Times. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1936-1950 Oberlin College Library

Oberlin Tribune. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1906-1930 Multiple Archives

Oberlin Weekly News. (Oberlin, Lorain County, O. [Ohio]) 1874-1891 Multiple Archives

Oberlin Weekly Times and Student's Literary Journal. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1853-1840s Multiple Archives

Owl. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1894-1899 Oberlin College Library

Progress. ([Oberlin, Ohio]) 1933-1934 Oberlin College Library

Reform Club. (Oberlin, O. [Ohio]) 1883-1880s Oberlin College Library

Ruby Tuesday. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1975-1978 Oberlin College Library

Ruby. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1978-1985 Oberlin College Library

Student Vanguard. ((Oberlin, Ohio)) 1934-1935 Oberlin College Library

Tribune. (Oberlin, Ohio) 1899-1906 Multiple Archives

Oberlin School Records

Firelands Senior High School - Torch Yearbook (Oberlin, OH) 1967 E Yearbooks

Oberlin College - Hi-O-Hi (Oberlin, OH) 1931 E Yearbooks

Oberlin College - Hi-O-Hi (Oberlin, OH) 1957 E Yearbooks

Oberlin College - Hi-O-Hi (Oberlin, OH) 1959 E Yearbooks

Oberlin College, Quinquennial Catalogue of Officers And Graduates (1900, 1905) MyHeritage

Oberlin, its origin, progress and results : an address prepared for the Alumni of Oberlin College, assembled August 22, 1860 Family History Library

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Firelands Seniro High School 1967) Ancestry

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Oberlin College 1931) Ancestry