Seneca County OH Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,128,737) > Ohio (51,191) > Seneca County (525) > Seneca County Newspapers and Obituaries (60)

USA (1,128,737) > Ohio (51,191) > Ohio Newspapers and Obituaries (7,734) > Seneca County Newspapers and Obituaries (60)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Seneca County are also on the Ohio Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Countywide Attica Bloomville Republic Tiffin

Seneca County Newspapers and Obituaries Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry

Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Obituary Index, 1810s-2013 Ancestry

Ottawa, Sandusky, and Seneca counties, Ohio newspaper obituary abstracts, 1836-1870 Family History Library

Attica Newspapers and Obituaries

Attica Hub 1914-2015 Seneca East Public Library

Attica Journal 1883-1910 Seneca East Public Library

Attica Semi Weekly Hub 1896-1896 Seneca East Public Library

Attica Weekly Hub 1900-1910 Seneca East Public Library

Current Wave 1887-1887 Seneca East Public Library

Hub 2015-2018 Seneca East Public Library

Republic Reporter 1944-1983 Seneca East Public Library

Scrapbook of early residents of North Fairfield and Steuben, Ohio (also contains many articles about Willard, Greenwich, Attica, Norwalk) 1890-1930 Family History Library

Tiffin Newspapers and Obituaries

The Tiffin tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) (from May 9, 1856 to April 29, 1859) Chronicling America

The Tiffin tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) (from Nov. 5, 1868 to April 24, 1879) Chronicling America

The Tiffin weekly tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) (from May 13, 1859 to Oct. 29, 1868) Chronicling America

Tiffin Tribune (1848), 1856-1859 Ohio Memory

Tiffin Tribune (1868), 1868-1879 Ohio Memory

Tiffin Tribune 1856-1879

Tiffin Tribune, The (Ohio/United States) [Tiffin, Ohio] 9 May 1856 to 24 April 1879 Elephind

Tiffin Weekly Tribune 05/09/1856 to 04/24/1879 Genealogy Bank

Tiffin Weekly Tribune, 1859-1868 Ohio Memory

Tiffin Weekly Tribune, The (Ohio/United States) [Tiffin, Ohio] 13 May 1859 to 29 October 1868 Elephind

Tiffin Weekly tribune (Tiffin, Ohio) (from May 13, 1859 to Oct. 29, 1868) MyHeritage

Tiffin tribune (Tiffin, Ohio) (from May 9, 1856 to April 29, 1859) MyHeritage

Tiffin tribune (Tiffin, Ohio) (from Nov. 5, 1868 to April 24, 1879) MyHeritage

Offline Newspapers for Seneca County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Attica: Attica Hub. (Attica, Ohio) 1896-Current

Attica: Bloomville Gazette. (Attica, Ohio) 1900-1971

Bloomville: Bloomville Gazette and the Republic Reporter. (Bloomville, Ohio) 1971-1972

Bloomville: Bloomville Gazette. (Bloomville, Ohio) 1972-Current

Republic: Republic Reporter. (Republic, Ohio) 1910-1971

Republic: Republic Reporter. (Republic, Ohio) 1972-1983

Tiffin: Advertiser-Tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1933-Current

Tiffin: Daily Advertiser. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1886-1933

Tiffin: Evening Herald. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1877-1880s

Tiffin: Independent Chronicle and Seneca Advertiser. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1834-1835

Tiffin: North-Western Continent. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1850-1851

Tiffin: Plow and Hammer. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1889-1893

Tiffin: Semi-Weekly Seneca Advertiser. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1890-1894

Tiffin: Seneca Advertiser. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1894-1919

Tiffin: Seneca Advertiser. (Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio) 1842-1890

Tiffin: Seneca Patriot. (Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio) 1832-1833

Tiffin: Seneca Sentinel. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1975-Current

Tiffin: Seneca Whig. (Tiffin [Ohio]) 1848-1850

Tiffin: Star. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1869-1875

Tiffin: Tiffin Daily News. ([Tiffin, Ohio]) 1896-1900

Tiffin: Tiffin Daily Star. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1874-1870s

Tiffin: Tiffin Daily Tribune and Herald. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1887-1921

Tiffin: Tiffin Daily Tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1931-1933

Tiffin: Tiffin Family Newspaper and Whig. (Tiffin City [Ohio]) 1848-1840s

Tiffin: Tiffin Gazette. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1838-1842

Tiffin: Tiffin Tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1848-1859

Tiffin: Tiffin Tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1868-1887

Tiffin: Tiffin Tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1921-1931

Tiffin: Tiffin Weekly Star. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1869-1870s

Tiffin: Tiffin Weekly Times. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1889-1890s

Tiffin: Tiffin Weekly Tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1859-1868

Tiffin: Tiffin Weekly Tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1887-1919

Tiffin: Van Burenite and Seneca County Advertiser. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1840-1841

Tiffin: Western Whig Standard. (Tiffin, O. [Ohio]) 1849-1850

Tiffin: Whig Standard. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1845-1849

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