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USA (1,128,737) > Ohio (51,191) > Ohio Newspapers and Obituaries (7,734) > Trumbull County Newspapers and Obituaries (92)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Trumbull County are also on the Ohio Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Countywide Cortland Girard Howland Hubbard Kinsman Newton Falls Niles Warren

Trumbull County Newspapers and Obituaries Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry

Obituary notices published in Trumbull and Mahoning County newspapers, and marriage and obituary notices in newspapers of northeastern Ohio : copied from Henry R. Baldwin records [v.] 39 and [v.] 52 WorldCat

Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Obituary Index, 1810s-2013 Ancestry

Record of administrators, deaths, marriages, etc., collected from Mahoning Valley newspapers, 1839-1863. WorldCat

The Daily Times 1962-1979 McKinley Memorial Library

The Garrettsville Journal index to births, deaths, marriages & divorces : also miscellaneous items containing family history limited to present and former residents of Portage, Geauga, and Trumbull Counties and their relatives WorldCat

The Times 1995-2002 McKinley Memorial Library

Trumbull County, Ohio Newspaper Obituary Abstracts, 1812-1870 Family History Library

Girard Newspapers and Obituaries

Girard Grit, 1890-1895 Google News Archive

Howland Newspapers and Obituaries

Hubbard Newspapers and Obituaries

Niles Newspapers and Obituaries

Niles Daily Times 1923-1962, 1979-1989 McKinley Memorial Library

Niles Evening Register 1923-1924 McKinley Memorial Library

The Niles Daily News 1908-1923, 1939 McKinley Memorial Library

The Niles Daily Times And The Niles Standard 1945-1946 McKinley Memorial Library

The Niles Standard 1932-1945 McKinley Memorial Library

The Niles Time 1989-1995, 2003-2007 McKinley Memorial Library

The Niles Times 2008-2013 McKinley Memorial Library

Warren Newspapers and Obituaries

Sharp Shooter 1856-1856 Sandy Fackler

The Chronicle (Warren, Ohio) : Special Souvenir Number, 1906, Descriptive of and Illustrating Trumbull County, Ohio, the Pride of the Western Reserve Family History Library

Trump of Fame 11/05/1812 to 07/23/1873 Genealogy Bank

Warren Tribune Chronicle Obituary Index, 1900-1949, 1970-2019 Warren-Trumbull County Library

Western Reserve Chronicle (Ohio/United States) [Warren, Ohio] 25 April 1855 to 23 July 1873 Elephind

Western Reserve Chronicle 1855-1873

Western Reserve Chronicle And Weekly Transcript Of The Times (Ohio/United States) [Warren, Ohio] 3 January 1855 to 18 April 1855 Elephind

Western Reserve Chronicle and Weekly Transcript of the Times, 1855-1855 Ohio Memory

Western Reserve Chronicle, 1855-1873 Ohio Memory

Western Reserve Sentinel 1967-1967 Sandy Fackler

Western Reserve chronicle (Warren, Ohio) (from April 25, 1855 to July 23, 1873) MyHeritage

Western Reserve chronicle and Weekly transcript of the times (Warren, Ohio) (from Jan. 3, 1855 to April 18, 1855) MyHeritage

Western Reserve chronicle and weekly transcript of the times. (Warren, Ohio) (from Jan. 3, 1855 to April 18, 1855) Chronicling America

Western Reserve chronicle. (Warren, Ohio) (from April 25, 1855 to July 23, 1873) Chronicling America

Offline Newspapers for Trumbull County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Cortland: Cortland Gazette. (Cortland, Ohio) 1876-1887

Cortland: Cortland Home News. (Cortland, Ohio) 1924-1985

Cortland: Cortland Independent. (Cortland, Ohio) 1985-1988

Cortland: Welder. ([Cortland, Ohio) 1968-1977

Girard: Girard News. (Girard, Ohio) 1927-Current

Girard: Girard Weekly Journal. (Girard, Ohio) 1904-1911

Howland: Howland Independent. (Howland, Ohio) 1985-1988

Hubbard: Hubbard Eagle. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1966-Current

Hubbard: Hubbard Enterprise. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1880-1925

Hubbard: Hubbard News and Reporter. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1967-1974

Hubbard: Hubbard News and Suburban Reporter. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1962-1963

Hubbard: Hubbard News. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1974-Current

Hubbard: Hubbard News. (Hubbard, Trumbull County, Ohio) 1926-1962

Hubbard: News-Reporter. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1963-1967

Kinsman: Kinsman Journal. (Kinsman, Ohio) 1917-Current

Kinsman: Kinsman News. (Kinsman, Ohio) 1897-1908

Newton Falls: Newton Falls Herald. (Newton Falls, Ohio) 1919-Current

Niles: Daily Times. (Niles, Ohio) 1962-1979

Niles: Liberty News. (Niles, Ohio) 1967-Current

Niles: Niles Daily News. (Niles, Ohio) 1890-1923

Niles: Niles Daily Times. (Niles, Ohio) 1924-1962

Niles: Niles Home Record. (Niles, Trumbull Co., Ohio) 1874-1875

Niles: Niles Independent. (Niles, Ohio) 1869-1874

Niles: Niles Standard. (Niles, Ohio) 1932-1940s

Niles: Trumbull County Independent. (Niles, Ohio) 1875-1891

Warren: Democratic News. (Warren, Ohio) 1931-1952

Warren: Liberty Herald. (Warren, Ohio) 1843-1846

Warren: Mahoning Valley Review. (Warren, O. [Ohio]) 1889-1892

Warren: Mecca Oil Commercial. (Warren [Ohio]) 1861-1860s

Warren: Taxpayers' Guardian. (Warren, Ohio) 1887-1889

Warren: Tribune Chronicle. (Warren, Ohio) 1977-Current

Warren: Trumbull County Democrat. (Warren, [Ohio]) 1839-1841

Warren: Trumbull County Whig. (Warren, Ohio) 1848-1851

Warren: Trumbull Democrat. (Warren, [Ohio]) 1841-1862

Warren: Trump of Fame. (Warren, Ohio) 1812-1816

Warren: Warren Constitution. (Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio) 1862-1885

Warren: Warren Daily Chronicle. (Warren, Ohio) 1883-1924

Warren: Warren Daily Tribune. (Warren, Ohio) 1891-1921

Warren: Warren Independent. (Warren, Ohio) 1983-1986

Warren: Warren News-Letter, and Trumbull County Republican. (Warren, Ohio) 1830-1839

Warren: Warren Record. (Warren, Ohio) 1876-1883

Warren: Warren Tribune Chronicle. (Warren, Ohio) 1926-1977

Warren: Warren Tribune, Warren Daily Chronicle. (Warren, Ohio) 1924-1926

Warren: Warren Tribune. (Warren, Ohio) 1876-1893

Warren: Warren Weekly Tribune. (Warren, Ohio) 1893-1919

Warren: Western Reserve Chronicle and Weekly Transcript of the Times. (Warren, Ohio) 1854-1855

Warren: Western Reserve Chronicle. (Warren, Ohio) 1855-1921

Warren: Western Reserve Chronicle. (Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio) 1816-1854

Warren: Western Reserve Democrat. (Warren, Ohio) 1883-1966

Warren: Western Reserve Democrat. (Warren, Ohio) 1967-1983

Warren: Western Reserve Sentinel. (Warren, Ohio) 1966-1967

Warren: Western Reserve Transcript and Whig. (Warren, [Ohio]) 1851-1854

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