Wauseon Genealogy (in Fulton County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Wauseon Cemetery Records

Bayes Cemetery Find a Grave

Mikesell Cemetery Find a Grave

North Pettisville Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Caspar Catholic Cemetery Find a Grave

Wauseon Union Cemetery Find a Grave

Wauseon Union Cemetery Interment

Zion Cemetery Find a Grave

Wauseon Church Records

Catholic Church records (Wauseon, Ohio), 1960-2001 (Catholic Church. St. Caspar (Wauseon, Ohio)) Family History Library

Lutheran Church record books (Wauseon, Ohio), 1914-2008 Family History Library

Wauseon Histories and Genealogies

Fulton County Pioneer and Historical Society minutes, 1883-1910 Family History Library

Wauseon Land Records

Some records from Fulton County, Wauseon, Ohio as found in the court house, and copied 1971, by Mrs. Vashti Seaman. Columbus Metropolitan Library

Wauseon Newspapers and Obituaries

Democratic Expositor. (Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio) 1875-1929 Multiple Archives

Expositor. (Wauseon, Ohio) 1977-1980 Multiple Archives

Fulton County Expositor. (Wauseon, Ohio) 1929-1977 Multiple Archives

Fulton County Expositor. (Wauseon, Ohio) 1980-Current Multiple Archives

Fulton County Tribune. (Wauseon, Ohio) 1883-1925 Multiple Archives

Fulton County Union. (Wauseon, Ohio) 1861-1862 Ohio Historical Society

Fulton County tribune (Wauseon, Ohio, from 1913-11-14 to 1922-04-13) Chronicling America

Lyons Journal. (Wauseon, Ohio ;) 1914-1922 Ohio Historical Society

Northwestern Republican. (Wauseon [Ohio]) 1858-1894 Multiple Archives

Northwestern Republican. (Wauseon, Ohio) 1858-1894 Multiple Archives

Republican. (Wauseon, Fulton County, Ohio) 1894-1927 Ohio Historical Society

Republican. (Wauseon, Ohio) 1973-1981 Multiple Archives

Wauseon Republican. (Wauseon, Ohio) 1928-1973 Ohio Historical Society

Wauseon Probate Records

Abstracts from wills, vol. 1, 2, 3, Fulton County, Ohio, court house at Wauseon, Ohio. Columbus Metropolitan Library

Wauseon School Records

Wauseon High School - Chief Yearbook (Wauseon, OH) 1983 E Yearbooks