West Union Genealogy (in Adams County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

West Union Cemetery Records

Baldwin Cemetery Find a Grave

Black Cemetery Find a Grave

Hale Cemetery Find a Grave

Harmony Cemetery Find a Grave

Kirker Cemetery Find a Grave

Lee-Armstrong Cemetery Find a Grave

Lovejoy Cemetery Find a Grave

McKee Cemetery Find a Grave

McKenzie Cemetery Find a Grave

Oak Grove Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Old Village Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Old West Union/Pumpkin Ridge Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Paul Lewis Cemetery Find a Grave

Ralston Cemetery Find a Grave

Stone Chapel Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Stone Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

Vaughns Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

West Union Church Records

A manual of Methodism for the West Union M.E. Church : with an historic summary of Methodism in the bounds of the old Scioto Circuit Family History Library

Church records, 1838-1851 (Mt. Leigh Presbyterian Church (West Union, Ohio)) Family History Library

West Union Newspapers and Obituaries

Adams County Democrat. (West Union, Ohio) 1844-1860 Multiple Archives

Adams County New-Era. (West Union, Ohio) 1877-1902 Multiple Archives

Adams County News. (West Union, Ohio) 1917-1920s Western Reserve Historical Society

Adams County News. (West Union, Ohio) 1928-1987 Multiple Archives

Adams County Record. (West Union, Ohio) 1902-1921 Multiple Archives

Courier of Liberty. (West-Union, Adams County, Ohio) 1831-1832 Multiple Archives

Democratic Index. (West Union, Ohio) 1893-1899 Western Reserve Historical Society

Democratic Union. (West Union, Ohio) 1860-1865 Multiple Archives

Farmers' Chronicle, and Advocate of Internal Improvements and Domestic Manufactures. (West Union [Ohio]) 1830-1830s University of Pittsburgh

People's Defender. (West Union, Adams County, Ohio) 1866-Current Multiple Archives

Scion of Temperance. (West Union, Ohio) 1853-1858 Western Reserve Historical Society

Village Register and Adams County Anti-Masonic Investigator. (West-Union, Ohio) 1829-1830 Multiple Archives

Village Register and Advocate of Internal Improvements and Domestic Industry. (West-Union, Ohio) 1827-1829 Multiple Archives

Village Register. (West-Union, (Ohio)) 1823-1827 Multiple Archives

West Union Intelligencer. (West Union, Ohio) 1841-1840s Multiple Archives