Checotah Genealogy (in McIntosh County, OK)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Checotah Cemetery Records

Checotah IOOF Home Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Checotah Cemetery (Checotah, McIntosh, Oklahoma) Family History Library

Paradise Cemetery Find a Grave

Twin Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Warrior Cemetery Find a Grave

Checotah Census Records

Federal Census McIntosh County Checotah Township 1910 US Gen Web Archives

Checotah Newspapers and Obituaries

Checotah Democrat 1944-1946, 1952-1953, 1956, 1959, 1961 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Checotah Democrat 1944-1961

Checotah Enquirer 1901-1902, 1904-1911 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Checotah Enquirer 1901-1909

Checotah Enquirer. (Checotah, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1897-1910s Oklahoma Historical Society

Checotah News 1946-1951, 1965-1966, 1968, 1974 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Checotah Times 1906-1925 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Checotah Times. (Checotah (Creek Nation) Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1902-1925 Oklahoma Historical Society

McIntosh County Democrat 1910, 1918-19777 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

McIntosh County Leader 1931 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Mcintosh County Democrat & County News. (Checotah, Okla.) 1982-1983 Oklahoma Historical Society

Mcintosh County Democrat. (Checotah, Okla.) 1907-1982 Multiple Archives

Mcintosh County Democrat. (Checotah, Okla.) 1983-Current Oklahoma Historical Society

The Checotah News 1946-1974

The Checotah Times 1906-1925