Okmulgee Genealogy (in Okmulgee County, OK)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Okmulgee Cemetery Records

Cemetery records, 1909-1983 Family History Library

Okmulgee Church Records

Church records, 1904-1955 (First Methodist Church (Okmulgee, Oklahoma)) Family History Library

Parish registers, 1906-1928 (Catholic Church. St. Anthony (Okmulgee, Oklahoma)) Family History Library

Parish registers, 1925-1933 (Catholic Church. Uganda Martyrs (Okmulgee, Oklahoma)) Family History Library

Record of members, 1936-1955 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Okmulgee Branch (Oklahoma)) Family History Library

Okmulgee Death Records

Funeral records, 1917-1930 Family History Library

Okmulgee City Directories

1986 Okmulgee, Oklahoma city directory Family History Library

Okmulgee Newspapers and Obituaries

Capital News. (Okmulgee, I.T. [Okla.]) 1900s-1907 Oklahoma Historical Society

Daily Democrat. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1910-1913 Oklahoma Historical Society

Mid-Continent Oil News. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1913-1910s Oklahoma Historical Society

Muscogee Nation News. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1974-Current Multiple Archives

Okmulgee County News. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1949-1984 Multiple Archives

Okmulgee County Record Combined With Beggs Independent. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1944-1945 Oklahoma Historical Society

Okmulgee Daily Democrat. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1913-1932 Multiple Archives

Okmulgee Daily Herald. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1908-1912 Oklahoma Historical Society

Okmulgee Daily Times. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1918-Current Multiple Archives

Okmulgee Light. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1914-1910s Oklahoma Historical Society

Okmulgee Republican. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1910-1913 Oklahoma Historical Society

Semi-Weekly Okmulgee Chieftain. (Okmulgee, Creek Nation, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1901-1905 Oklahoma Historical Society

Sunday Times Democrat. (Okmulgee, Okla.) 1926-1948 Oklahoma Historical Society

Okmulgee School Records

Okmulgee High School - Torchlight Yearbook (Okmulgee, OK) 1954 E Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Okmulgee High School 1925) Ancestry