1940 U.S. Federal Census of Hoskins, Benton, Oregon

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USA > Oregon > Benton County > 1940 Census of Hoskins

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A Surnames

AlexanderGerald Cborn about 1930
AlexanderGrayson born about 1932
AlexanderJannet Mborn about 1935
AlexanderMable Eborn about 1903
AlexanderTheodore Rborn about 1904

B Surnames

BerryBetty Lborn about 1918
BerryJack Vborn about 1917

C Surnames

CaseBenton Jborn about 1898
CaseIne Rborn about 1910
CaseLewis Sborn about 1933
CasePhillip Jborn about 1937
CraffHarley Wborn about 1919

D Surnames

DickasonCharles Oborn about 1884
DickasonCharlie Wborn about 1921
DickasonGeorge Wborn about 1912
DickasonHarold Dborn about 1938
DickasonHettie Kborn about 1890
DickasonJames Bborn about 1932
DickasonMelvin Lborn about 1925
DickasonOrval Hborn about 1936
DickasonVanita born about 1919

F Surnames

FrautzEdson born about 1863
FrautzNettie Bborn about 1875

K Surnames

KelleyDarlene Mborn about 1939
KelleyEdith Iborn about 1918
KelleyJames Cborn about 1917
KopplienArthur Rborn about 1892
KopplienIda born about 1866
KopplienLines Mborn about 1926
KopplienLottie Lborn about 1906
KopplienRobert born about 1860
KopplienWayne Aborn about 1928

M Surnames

MoodyChester Aborn about 1903
MoodyLloyd Dborn about 1931
MoodyLouise Eborn about 1929
MoodyNina Eborn about 1911
MoodyPatricia Aborn about 1928
MoserCharles Eborn about 1904

P Surnames

ParkyRichard Lborn about 1921
PlaceBessie Eborn about 1900
PlaceMarceal Lborn about 1922
PlaceThomas Sborn about 1890
PowellManuel M Lborn about 1887
PowellOtis Aborn about 1888

R Surnames

ReenesFerne Aborn about 1909
ReenesHarold Aborn about 1907
ReenesMerlyn Fborn about 1931
ReenesNeil Aborn about 1932
RoseBurrus Eborn about 1885
RoseMinnie Cborn about 1885
RoseRuth Eborn about 1921

S Surnames

SnodeBessie Mborn about 1890
SnodeTom Pborn about 1880
SouleEdward Rborn about 1898
SouleReta Mborn about 1900
StufflebeanDolores Rborn about 1933
StufflebeanDonna Mborn about 1932
StufflebeanDoris Eborn about 1913
StufflebeanFreddie Hborn about 1930
StufflebeanLewis Hborn about 1906
StufflebeanMarion Lborn about 1935
SwinneyGladys Aborn about 1923
SwinneyJoseph Eborn about 1893
SwinneyLola Mborn about 1930
SwinneyReuben born about 1928
SwinneyViola Mborn about 1898

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T Surnames

TealArleta Jborn about 1927
TealEugene Aborn about 1937
TealNorman Oborn about 1933

W Surnames

WellmanAnne Mborn about 1936
WellmanFlorence Yborn about 1935
WellmanIrene Lborn about 1913
WellmanJacob Wborn about 1908
WellmanLeila Iborn about 1930
WellmanPausy Lborn about 1933
WellmanRalph Oborn about 1939
WoodFern Lborn about 1912
WoodJoyce Fborn about 1933
WoodLewis Cborn about 1909
WoodLewis Eborn about 1931

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