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Overview of Oregon records

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Birth Records (197)
Cemetery Records (3,237)
Census Records (1,922)
Church Records (273)
City Directories (859)
Court Records (268)
Death Records (443)
Histories and Genealogies (353)
Immigration Records (206)
Land Records (202)
Map Records (822)
Marriage Records (415)
Military Records (368)
Minority Records (39)
Miscellaneous Records (184)
Newspapers and Obituaries (1,890)
Probate Records (168)
School Records (1,219)
Tax Records (70)

By County

Baker County (362)
Benton County (348)
Clackamas County (714)
Clatsop County (500)
Columbia County (290)
Coos County (441)
Crook County (124)
Curry County (195)
Deschutes County (188)
Douglas County (520)
Gilliam County (128)
Grant County (190)
Harney County (171)
Hood River County (165)
Jackson County (593)
Jefferson County (113)
Josephine County (257)
Klamath County (283)
Lake County (136)
Lane County (835)
Lincoln County (242)
Linn County (617)
Malheur County (206)
Marion County (845)
Morrow County (199)
Multnomah County (925)
Polk County (377)
Sherman County (120)
Tillamook County (216)
Umatilla County (435)
Union County (279)
Wallowa County (195)
Wasco County (343)
Washington County (458)
Wheeler County (118)
Yamhill County (380)

By City

Adams (in Umatilla County) (35)
Adrian (in Malheur County) (17)
Albany (in Linn County) (140)
Albina (in Multnomah County) (32)
Aloha (in Washington County) (31)
Alsea (in Benton County) (32)
Amity (in Yamhill County) (51)
Antelope (in Wasco County) (30)
Arago (in Coos County) (23)
Arlington (in Gilliam County) (32)
Ashland (in Jackson County) (121)
Astoria (in Clatsop County) (217)
Athena (in Umatilla County) (59)
Aumsville (in Marion County) (36)
Aurora (in Marion County) (53)
Baker City (in Baker County) (129)
Bandon (in Coos County) (49)
Banks (in Washington County) (39)
Barlow (in Clackamas County) (37)
Bay City (in Tillamook County) (31)
Beavercreek (in Clackamas County) (46)
Beaverton (in Washington County) (67)
Bellfountain (in Benton County) (29)
Bend (in Deschutes County) (83)
Blachly (in Lane County) (29)
Boardman (in Morrow County) (26)
Bonanza (in Klamath County) (23)
Brookings (in Curry County) (33)
Brooks (in Marion County) (30)
Brownsville (in Linn County) (57)
Burns (in Harney County) (52)
Butte Falls (in Jackson County) (37)
Camas Valley (in Douglas County) (41)
Canby (in Clackamas County) (75)
Cannon Beach (in Clatsop County) (35)
Canyon City (in Grant County) (38)
Canyonville (in Douglas County) (39)
Carlton (in Yamhill County) (41)
Cascade Locks (in Hood River County) (25)
Cave Junction (in Josephine County) (24)
Central Point (in Jackson County) (58)
Chiloquin (in Klamath County) (36)
Clackamas (in Clackamas County) (46)
Clatskanie (in Columbia County) (47)
Cloverdale (in Tillamook County) (36)
Coburg (in Lane County) (29)
Colton (in Clackamas County) (43)
Condon (in Gilliam County) (37)
Coos Bay (in Coos County) (68)
Coquille (in Coos County) (63)
Corbett (in Multnomah County) (35)
Cornelius (in Washington County) (36)
Corvallis (in Benton County) (161)
Cottage Grove (in Lane County) (90)
Cove (in Union County) (28)
Crane (in Harney County) (30)
Creswell (in Lane County) (42)
Crow (in Lane County) (34)
Culver (in Jefferson County) (21)
Dallas (in Polk County) (81)
Dalles (in Wasco County) (36)
Damascus (in Clackamas County) (37)
Days Creek (in Douglas County) (36)
Dayton (in Yamhill County) (54)
Dayville (in Grant County) (27)
Deer Island (in Columbia County) (29)
Delake (in Lincoln County) (20)
Dora (in Coos County) (22)
Drain (in Douglas County) (54)
Drewsey (in Harney County) (25)
Dufur (in Wasco County) (42)
Dundee (in Yamhill County) (35)
Eagle Creek (in Clackamas County) (46)
Eagle Point (in Jackson County) (56)
Echo (in Umatilla County) (45)
Eddyville (in Lincoln County) (20)
Elgin (in Union County) (44)
Elkton (in Douglas County) (38)
Elmira (in Lane County) (33)
Empire (in Coos County) (23)
Enterprise (in Wallowa County) (63)
Estacada (in Clackamas County) (75)
Eugene (in Lane County) (308)
Falls City (in Polk County) (36)
Fields (in Harney County) (25)
Florence (in Lane County) (54)
Forest Grove (in Washington County) (86)
Fossil (in Wheeler County) (22)
Friend (in Wasco County) (26)
Gardiner (in Douglas County) (33)
Garibaldi (in Tillamook County) (29)
Gaston (in Washington County) (38)
Gates (in Linn County) (34)
Gervais (in Marion County) (52)
Gladstone (in Clackamas County) (37)
Glendale (in Douglas County) (38)
Glide (in Douglas County) (31)
Gold Beach (in Curry County) (34)
Gold Hill (in Jackson County) (53)
Grand Ronde (in Polk County) (30)
Grants Pass (in Josephine County) (101)
Grass Valley (in Sherman County) (28)
Gresham (in Multnomah County) (65)
Haines (in Baker County) (32)
Halfway (in Baker County) (28)
Halsey (in Linn County) (51)
Hammond (in Clatsop County) (53)
Happy Valley (in Clackamas County) (38)
Harper (in Malheur County) (18)
Harrisburg (in Linn County) (60)
Helix (in Umatilla County) (37)
Heppner (in Morrow County) (58)
Hereford (in Baker County) (24)
Hermiston (in Umatilla County) (39)
Hillsboro (in Washington County) (84)
Hood River (in Hood River County) (60)
Hubbard (in Marion County) (40)
Huber (in Washington County) (28)
Huntington (in Baker County) (40)
Imbler (in Union County) (25)
Independence (in Polk County) (60)
Ione (in Morrow County) (41)
Irrigon (in Morrow County) (25)
Island City (in Union County) (24)
Jacksonville (in Jackson County) (82)
Jefferson (in Marion County) (49)
John Day (in Grant County) (33)
Jordan Valley (in Malheur County) (21)
Joseph (in Wallowa County) (37)
Junction City (in Lane County) (60)
Keizer (in Marion County) (35)
Kerby (in Josephine County) (22)
Klamath Falls (in Klamath County) (116)
La Grande (in Union County) (94)
La Pine (in Deschutes County) (26)
Lafayette (in Yamhill County) (38)
Lake Oswego (in Clackamas County) (58)
Lakeview (in Lake County) (40)
Langlois (in Curry County) (25)
Leaburg (in Lane County) (28)
Lebanon (in Linn County) (89)
Lexington (in Morrow County) (27)
Lincoln City (in Lincoln County) (31)
Lorane (in Lane County) (28)
Lostine (in Wallowa County) (17)
Lowell (in Lane County) (32)
Lyons (in Linn County) (38)
Madras (in Jefferson County) (32)
Malin (in Klamath County) (22)
Mapleton (in Lane County) (32)
Marcola (in Lane County) (34)
Marshfield (in Coos County) (38)
Maupin (in Wasco County) (43)
McMinnville (in Yamhill County) (75)
Medford (in Jackson County) (157)
Medical Springs (in Union County) (24)
Merrill (in Klamath County) (26)
Mill City (in Linn County) (40)
Milton-Freewater (in Umatilla County) (55)
Milwaukie (in Clackamas County) (64)
Mitchell (in Wheeler County) (39)
Molalla (in Clackamas County) (64)
Monmouth (in Polk County) (63)
Monroe (in Benton County) (38)
Monument (in Grant County) (26)
Moro (in Sherman County) (33)
Mosier (in Wasco County) (32)
Mount Angel (in Marion County) (58)
Mount Vernon (in Grant County) (28)
Myrtle Creek (in Douglas County) (44)
Myrtle Point (in Coos County) (63)
Nehalem (in Tillamook County) (39)
New Pine Creek (in Lake County) (20)
Newberg (in Yamhill County) (75)
Newport (in Lincoln County) (42)
North Bend (in Coos County) (41)
North Plains (in Washington County) (44)
North Powder (in Union County) (27)
North Yamhill (in Yamhill County) (33)
Nyssa (in Malheur County) (37)
Oakland (in Douglas County) (52)
Oakridge (in Lane County) (37)
Odell (in Hood River County) (21)
Ontario (in Malheur County) (44)
Ophir (in Curry County) (22)
Oregon City (in Clackamas County) (135)
Oswego (in Clackamas County) (37)
Paisley (in Lake County) (19)
Parkrose (in Multnomah County) (29)
Pedee (in Polk County) (32)
Pendleton (in Umatilla County) (116)
Peoria (in Linn County) (34)
Philomath (in Benton County) (36)
Pilot Rock (in Umatilla County) (30)
Pleasant Hill (in Lane County) (32)
Port Orford (in Curry County) (33)
Portland (in Multnomah County) (689)
Powers (in Coos County) (27)
Prairie City (in Grant County) (28)
Prineville (in Crook County) (38)
Prospect (in Jackson County) (35)
Rainier (in Columbia County) (50)
Redland (in Clackamas County) (37)
Redmond (in Deschutes County) (31)
Reedsport (in Douglas County) (41)
Richland (in Baker County) (30)
Rickreall (in Polk County) (29)
Riddle (in Douglas County) (34)
Rogue River (in Jackson County) (42)
Roseburg (in Douglas County) (117)
Saint Helens (in Columbia County) (50)
Saint Johns (in Multnomah County) (30)
Saint Paul (in Marion County) (34)
Salem (in Marion County) (289)
Sandy (in Clackamas County) (58)
Scappoose (in Columbia County) (42)
Scio (in Linn County) (63)
Scotts Mills (in Marion County) (32)
Scottsburg (in Douglas County) (31)
Seaside (in Clatsop County) (72)
Selma (in Josephine County) (22)
Shedd (in Linn County) (40)
Sheridan (in Yamhill County) (51)
Sherwood (in Washington County) (46)
Siletz (in Lincoln County) (30)
Silver Lake (in Lake County) (23)
Silverton (in Marion County) (90)
Sisters (in Deschutes County) (24)
Spray (in Wheeler County) (24)
Springfield (in Lane County) (63)
St Helens (in Columbia County) (36)
Stafford (in Clackamas County) (38)
Stanfield (in Umatilla County) (36)
Stayton (in Marion County) (46)
Sublimity (in Marion County) (35)
Summer Lake (in Lake County) (19)
Summerville (in Union County) (26)
Sumpter (in Baker County) (34)
Sutherlin (in Douglas County) (39)
Sweet Home (in Linn County) (49)
Talent (in Jackson County) (39)
Terrebonne (in Deschutes County) (23)
The Dalles (in Wasco County) (114)
Tigard (in Washington County) (53)
Tillamook (in Tillamook County) (56)
Toledo (in Lincoln County) (31)
Troutdale (in Multnomah County) (32)
Tualatin (in Washington County) (32)
Turner (in Marion County) (48)
Tygh Valley (in Wasco County) (29)
Ukiah (in Umatilla County) (28)
Umatilla (in Umatilla County) (42)
Union (in Union County) (41)
Unity (in Baker County) (24)
Vale (in Malheur County) (26)
Vernonia (in Columbia County) (44)
Waldport (in Lincoln County) (29)
Wallowa (in Wallowa County) (30)
Walton (in Lane County) (30)
Wamic (in Wasco County) (26)
Warm Springs (in Jefferson County) (19)
Warren (in Columbia County) (28)
Warrenton (in Clatsop County) (69)
Wasco (in Sherman County) (25)
West Linn (in Clackamas County) (40)
Weston (in Umatilla County) (52)
Westport (in Clatsop County) (36)
Wheeler (in Wheeler County) (18)
Whiteson (in Yamhill County) (33)
Willamina (in Polk County) (34)
Williams (in Josephine County) (32)
Wilsonville (in Clackamas County) (43)
Winlock (in Wheeler County) (17)
Winston (in Douglas County) (36)
Woodburn (in Marion County) (50)
Yachats (in Lincoln County) (21)
Yamhill (in Yamhill County) (44)
Yoncalla (in Douglas County) (42)

Overview of Oregon Genealogy Records

  • History: Oregon was first settled in 1811, became Oregon Territory in 1845, and became a state in 1859.
  • Birth records: Statewide registration of births in Oregon began in 1903. Some counties and cities kept records earlier than 1903. Birth records from 1903 to the present can be obtained from the Oregon Health Authority.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were kept in Oregon soon after the each county was organized and are held by county clerks. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1906. Marriage records from 1911 to the present can be obtained from the Oregon Health Authority.
  • Death records: Statewide registration of deaths in Oregon began in 1903. Some counties and cities kept records earlier than 1903. Death records from 1903 to the present can be obtained from the Oregon Health Authority.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records are kept by the circuit court in each county. Divorce records from 1925 to the present can be obtained from the Oregon Health Authority.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Oregon is 1850. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There were several partial territorial or state censuses taken between 1845 and 1895.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns kept newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located by using the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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