1940 U.S. Federal Census of Kiger Island, Benton, Oregon

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USA > Oregon > Benton County > 1940 Census of Kiger Island

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BlackwellEdna Gborn about 1887
BlackwellEdwin Aborn about 1872
BrownBarbara Rborn about 1937
BrownBeverly Aborn about 1939
BrownHerbert Rborn about 1910
BrownLaural Eborn about 1932
BrownLester Mborn about 1915
BrownLoretta born about 1936
BrownLoura born about 1913
BrownLoyd Dborn about 1908
BrownMartha Lborn about 1936
BrownOlga born about 1909
BrownStella Eborn about 1916
BrownWilliam Dborn about 1930
BryantFloyd Dborn about 1932
BylandAzlee born about 1918
BylandBernard Oborn about 1917

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C Surnames

CarpenterSwin Cborn about 1917
ChilcoteMargaret born about 1878
ChilcoteWilliam Nborn about 1873
CurtisArchie Cborn about 1899

D Surnames

DeboreRobert Fborn about 1868

E Surnames

ElginGrant born about 1877
ElginMartha Eborn about 1880

F Surnames

FloydMinnie Eborn about 1886

H Surnames

HarlanAlfred Lborn about 1904
HarlanDonna Jborn about 1930
HarlanDouglas Fborn about 1904
HarlanRobert Olborn about 1932
HowellSarah Gborn about 1876

J Surnames

JohnsonLouise Kborn about 1876
JohnsonWilliam Tborn about 1876

L Surnames

LarnedAnna Rborn about 1889
LarnedElbert Eborn about 1885

M Surnames

McCreadyArthur Lborn about 1930
McCreadyShirley Aborn about 1928
McMahanNorma Eborn about 1909
McMahanRobert Eborn about 1909
McMunnKenneth Lborn about 1908
MooreEmett Fborn about 1898
MooreJune Gborn about 1905
MooreMelvin Eborn about 1932
MooreTheda Lborn about 1934
MorrissetteBonnie Bborn about 1920
MorrissetteGerald Dborn about 1917

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N Surnames

NoredDonald Eborn about 1930
NoredFrancis Cborn about 1914
NoredKenneth Rborn about 1928
NoredLeona Mborn about 1920

O Surnames

OsheaHelen Bborn about 1918
OsheaWilbur born about 1915

P Surnames

PainterJohn Wborn about 1879
PainterMinnie Aborn about 1882
PowellEdith Bborn about 1894
PowellMary Lborn about 1919
PowellWilliam Lborn about 1893

S Surnames

SchesslerAdam born about 1888
SchesslerJune Lborn about 1921
SchesslerLena born about 1895
SeibelFred Wborn about 1901
ShannonAlbert Aborn about 1917
ShannonRobert Eborn about 1932
ShannonRobert Lborn about 1912
ShelperAnna born about 1916
SpencerAnna Dborn about 1937
SpencerAudra Bborn about 1909
SpencerJohn Rborn about 1910
SteinerAndrew born about 1903
SteinerAnita Cborn about 1932
SteinerCleoa Lborn about 1908
SteinerRoger Lborn about 1938

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T Surnames

ThomasDoyle Eborn about 1916
ThomasEdith Mborn about 1922

W Surnames

WinkleEmma Sborn about 1870
WithamGeorge Eborn about 1888
WithamLulu born about 1891
WithamWalter Eborn about 1918
WittAlbert A Jrborn about 1920
WittCharles Nborn about 1922
WittWilliam Lborn about 1916

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