1940 U.S. Federal Census of Wren, Benton, Oregon

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USA > Oregon > Benton County > 1940 Census of Wren

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A Surnames

ActonCecil Eborn about 1916
ActonRobert Eborn about 1938
ActonRuby Lborn about 1922
AndersonElizabeth Aborn about 1868
AndersonH E Jborn about 1874

B Surnames

BallardCarrie Bborn about 1882
BallardCharles R Xborn about 1866
BellCarrie Eborn about 1889
BellCurtis Bborn about 1878
BellElmer born about 1927
BellEverett Lborn about 1919
ButzBerger Jackborn about 1897
ButzGertrude born about 1910

C Surnames

CadyRhoda Bborn about 1868
CoxCarol born about 1915
CoxW Glennborn about 1914

D Surnames

DaughertyAlbert Hborn about 1889
DaughertyHanna Lborn about 1891
DaughertyJames Mborn about 1930
DaughertyLawrence Pborn about 1916
DaughertyWilliam Mborn about 1926
DingusCarroll Eborn about 1916
DingusEdith Fborn about 1886
DingusEmmett Lborn about 1883
DingusJohn Eborn about 1908

E Surnames

EricksenAlice Kborn about 1896
EricksenAlice Mborn about 1939
EricksenEdward Hborn about 1914
EricksenEdward L Rborn about 1933
EricksonGrant Aborn about 1905
EricksonHenry Cborn about 1910

F Surnames

FreyCharles Eborn about 1893

G Surnames

GoldmanMargaretha born about 1896
GrahamGeorgin Aborn about 1900
GrahamJohn Rborn about 1894
GregoryDora Mborn about 1892
GregoryHarold Eborn about 1926
GregoryJohn Eborn about 1921
GregoryPatricia Aborn about 1928
GregoryWilliam born about 1888

H Surnames

HarrisDorothy born about 1912
HarrisGeo Hborn about 1864
HarrisGerald Hborn about 1907
HarrisIvy born about 1880
HendersonBert Vborn about 1939
HendersonFrank Oborn about 1912
HendersonHood born about 1906
HendersonIona Iborn about 1914
HendersonLloyd Fborn about 1937
HendersonPatricia Aborn about 1939
HendersonRobert Lborn about 1936
HendersonThelma Fborn about 1919
HolmesAlbert Wborn about 1879
HolmesNellie Lborn about 1881
HoytDonna May Jborn about 1938
HoytDuane Mborn about 1929
HoytFred Lborn about 1898
HoytLeslie Lborn about 1927
HoytLois Lborn about 1931
HoytPlaza Iborn about 1909
HunterBarbara Gborn about 1933
HunterDavid Aborn about 1934
HunterDoris Mborn about 1910
HunterLenore born about 1935
HunterR Maxineborn about 1930
HunterWilliam Cborn about 1864
HunterWilliam Eborn about 1907
HunterWilliam Gborn about 1931

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I Surnames

IrwinEcho Mborn about 1915
IrwinGlen Rborn about 1911

J Surnames

JohnsonAmanda Jborn about 1857
JohnsonAnna Hborn about 1864
JohnsonCharles Eborn about 1889
JohnsonCharles Hborn about 1922
JohnsonJ Leonardborn about 1924
JohnsonJohn Hborn about 1884
JohnsonMildred Aborn about 1895
JohnsonW Cliffordborn about 1930

K Surnames

KempterCarrie Lborn about 1871
KempterGeorge Lborn about 1865
KingEdward Cborn about 1871
KingGlayds Pborn about 1902
KingGlen Mborn about 1899
KingMinnie Mborn about 1872
KiteDave Lborn about 1911

L Surnames

LabareArcha Mborn about 1883
LabareBeulah born about 1921
LabareCatherine born about 1896
LabareEleanora Gborn about 1886
LabareFrank born about 1880
LabareFrank Cborn about 1915
LabareVerdene Lborn about 1920
LawlorJohanna Aborn about 1876
LinckDelwin Mborn about 1935
LinckHelen Mborn about 1911
LinckWeley Jborn about 1931

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M Surnames

McCarthyCharles born about 1891
McDonaldCharles Dborn about 1916
McDonoughJ Fborn about 1866
McKayBlanche Aborn about 1901
McKayLoyd born about 1903
McKennonJuel Hborn about 1905
MorganDavid Dborn about 1930
MorganEthel Jborn about 1900
MorganRoy Kborn about 1921
MorganThelma Mborn about 1926
MorganVictor Sborn about 1885
MullerCarl Fborn about 1916
MullerEdna Lborn about 1918
MullerScott Wborn about 1914
MullerSusan Aborn about 1891
MullerWilliam Cborn about 1887

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O Surnames

OederAlbert Rborn about 1883
OederElbert Aborn about 1912
OederEugene Gborn about 1919
OederGrace born about 1921
OederGrace Aborn about 1883

P Surnames

PriceJohnie Wborn about 1874
PriceMargarette born about 1878

R Surnames

ReadWalter Rborn about 1878
RossJames Tborn about 1870

S Surnames

SchweitsHelen Lborn about 1908
SchweitsHenry born about 1895
SchweitzJack born about 1927
ShroyerGeorge Eborn about 1908
ShroyerGeorge E Jrborn about 1939
ShroyerHelen Mborn about 1909
ShroyerJoyce Mborn about 1932
ShroyerLucy Aborn about 1932
SimonsCharles Hborn about 1888
SnyderAlvin Cborn about 1918
SnyderFlo Aborn about 1939
SnyderMyrtle Iborn about 1922
StoneCora Aborn about 1880
SwansonAxel Wborn about 1886
SwansonKirstine born about 1906

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T Surnames

TaylorAnderson X Cborn about 1896
TaylorAugusta Aborn about 1901
TaylorDonalea born about 1936
TaylorElmer Hborn about 1929
TaylorHerman born about 1887
TaylorJennie born about 1884
TaylorLawrence Eborn about 1929
TaylorRoyal Rborn about 1899
TaylorViolet Fborn about 1902
TaylorWilbur Fborn about 1906
TaylorWilma Mborn about 1926
TevebaughClarence Fborn about 1903
TurnerAdella born about 1876
TurnerDorothy Aborn about 1930
TurnerEdward Cborn about 1907
TurnerLawrence Aborn about 1934
TurnerSamuel Cborn about 1862
TurnerVerna Eborn about 1910

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W Surnames

WinneyHilda Hborn about 1898

Z Surnames

ZellerFloyd Mborn about 1891
ZellerMable Pborn about

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