Blossburg Genealogy (in Tioga County, PA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Blossburg Cemetery Records

Arbon Cemetery US Gen Web

Arbon Cemetery [Odd Fellows] (1970s) US Gen Web

Blossburg Cemetery US Gen Web

Old Blossburg Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Union Cemetery (1970s) US Gen Web

Saint Marys Cemetery Find a Grave

St. Andrews Cemetery (1970s) US Gen Web

St. Mary's Polish Catholic Cemetery (1970s) US Gen Web

Union Cemetery Find a Grave

Blossburg Church Records

Church records, 1870-1926 [St. Luke's Episcopal] Family History Library

Blossburg Death Records

St. Andrew's Cemetery Obituaries US Gen Web

Blossburg City Directories

Tioga County Directory- Blossburg Borough 1908 US Gen Web

Tioga County Directory-Blossburg Borough 1899 US Gen Web

Blossburg Histories and Genealogies

Blossburg History 1883 US Gen Web

Blossburg Townshipm, Arnot History US Gen Web

The Blossburg coal basin : a historical sketch Family History Library

Blossburg Newspapers and Obituaries

Blossburg Advertiser. (Blossburg, Pa.) 1885-1917 Pennsylvania Bureau of State Library

Blossburg Herald. (Blossburg, Pa.) 1912-1936 Kansas State Historical Society

Blossburg Industrial Register. (Blossburg, Pa.) 1879-1881 Multiple Archives

Blossburg Register. (Blossburg, Pa.) 1870-1879 Multiple Archives

Blossburg Register. (Blossburg, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1881-1888 Historical Society of Pennsylvania

St. Andrew's Cemetery Obituaries US Gen Web