Northampton County PA Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,372,997) > Pennsylvania (70,871) > Northampton County (1,268) > Northampton County Newspapers and Obituaries (104)

USA (1,372,997) > Pennsylvania (70,871) > Pennsylvania Newspapers and Obituaries (7,377) > Northampton County Newspapers and Obituaries (104)

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Easton Newspapers and Obituaries

Limit By Year:

Delaware Democrat, and Easton Gazette 08/16/1827 to 03/13/1828 Genealogy Bank online

Easton Daily Free Press, 1866-1869, 1873-1874, 1884, 1901-1919, 1922-1926, 1931 Google News Archive online

Easton News 04/19/2007 to 12/13/2007 Genealogy Bank online

Express-Times 07/14/1998 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Express-Times, The: Web Edition Articles 10/14/2012 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Free Daily Press, 1884-1884 Google News Archive online

Free Press, 1876-1883, 1885-1886, 1888, 1890-1903 Google News Archive online

Lehigh Valley, Pa. Deaths, Volume 5, As Reported in the Easton Whig 1854-1858, and the Easton Argus 1853-1860 Issues Family History Library

Lehigh Valley, Pa. Deaths, Volume 6, As Reported in the Catasauqua Dispatch 1897-1898, and the Easton Argus 1861-1865 Issues Family History Library

Local Historical and Biographical Notes From the Files of Newspapers Published in Easton, PA Ancestry online

Local historical and biographical notes from files of newspapers published in Easton, Penna. 1906 Family History Library

Northampton Democrat 08/22/1834 to 08/12/1835 Genealogy Bank online

Northampton Farmer 07/07/1810 to 03/12/1814 Genealogy Bank online

Obituaries : obituaries from the Easton Express, Easton, Northampton Co., Pa., and the Hunterdon County Democrat, Flemington, Hunterdon Co., N. J. Genealogy Gophers online

Pennsylvania Herald, and Easton Intelligencer 08/10/1808 to 08/01/1810 Genealogy Bank online

The Lafayette (Student newspaper of Lafayette College) 1870-2007 Lafayette College online

Hellertown Newspapers and Obituaries

Lehigh Newspapers and Obituaries

Nazareth Newspapers and Obituaries

Nazareth Item 1891-1975 Power Library online

Nazareth Itemᅠ(1926-1940) Newspaper Archive online

Offline Newspapers for Northampton County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Bangor: Bangor Observer. (Bangor, Pa.) 1879-1906

Bangor: Daily News. (Bangor, Pa.) 1958-Current

Bangor: Slate Belt Times. (Bangor, Pa.) 1935-1937

Bath: Bath News. (Bath, Pa.) 1915-1945

Bath: Bath Review. (Bath, Pa.) 1907-1909

Bath: Home News. (Bath, Pa.) 1942-Current

Easton: Alt Northampton. (Easton, Pa.) 1841-1843

Easton: American Eagle. (Easton [Pa.]) 1799-1805

Easton: American Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1857-1859

Easton: Correspondent Und Demokrat. (Easton, Pa.) 1861-1875

Easton: Daily Evening Express. ([Easton, Pa.]) 1860-1865

Easton: Daily Express. (Easton [Pa.]) 1866-1867

Easton: Daily Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1875-1887

Easton: Delaware Democrat, and Easton Gazette. (Easton, Pa.) 1827-1828

Easton: Democrat & Argus. (Easton, Pa.) 1830-1849

Easton: Easton Argus. ([Easton, Pa.]) 1853-1869

Easton: Easton Centinel. (Easton, Pa.) 1817-1834

Easton: Easton Daily Argus. (Easton, Pa.) 1860s-1917

Easton: Easton Daily Express. (Easton, Pa.) 1865-1866

Easton: Easton Daily Express. ([Easton, Pa.]) 1855-1860

Easton: Easton Daily Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1866-1869

Easton: Easton Daily Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1872-1875

Easton: Easton Daily Plain Dealer. (Easton, Pa.) 1933-1936

Easton: Easton Democrat and Argus. (Easton, Pa.) 1849-1853

Easton: Easton Express, Easton Argus. (Easton, Pa.) 1917-1936

Easton: Easton Express. (Easton, Pa.) 1867-1917

Easton: Easton Express. (Easton, Pa.) 1936-1973

Easton: Easton Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1859-1871

Easton: Easton Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1874-1878

Easton: Easton Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1903-1926

Easton: Easton Herald. (Easton, Pa.) 1932-1970s

Easton: Easton Morning Dispatch. (Easton, Pa.) 1874-1875

Easton: Easton Plain Dealer. (Easton, Pa.) 1936-1938

Easton: Easton Semi-Weekly Argus. (Easton, Pa.) 1892-1917

Easton: Easton Sentinel and Northampton Messenger. (Easton, Pa.) 1841-1843

Easton: Easton Sentinel. (Easton, Pa.) 1834-1841

Easton: Easton Sentinel. (Easton, Pa.) 1843-1917

Easton: Easton Sunday Call. (Easton, Pa.) 1900-1923

Easton: Easton Times. (Easton, Pa.) 1860-1861

Easton: Easton Weekly Argus. (Easton, Pa.) 1869-1891

Easton: Easton Whig and Journal. (Easton, Pa.) 1849-1850

Easton: Easton Whig. (Easton, Pa.) 1850-1858

Easton: Eastonian. (Easton [Pa.]) 1850-1857

Easton: Evening Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1869-1872

Easton: Express-Times. (Easton, Pa.) 1991-Current

Easton: Express. (Easton, Pa.) 1973-1991

Easton: Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1887-1903

Easton: Lafayette. (Easton, Pa) 1884-Current

Easton: Morning Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1938-1943

Easton: Morning Times. (Easton, Pa.) 1858-1859

Easton: Mountaineer. (Easton [Pa.]) 1820-1821

Easton: Northampton Correspondent. (Easton, Northampton County, Pa.) 1876-1903

Easton: Northampton County Journal. (Easton, Pa.) 1859-1868

Easton: Northampton Democrat. (Easton, Pa.) 1834-1839

Easton: Northampton Democrat. (Easton, Pa.) 1882-1917

Easton: Northampton Farmer, and Easton Weekly Advertiser. (Easton, Pa.) 1805-1806

Easton: Northampton Farmer. (Easton, Pa.) 1807-1815

Easton: Northampton Farmer. (Easton, Pa.) 1852-1857

Easton: Northampton Messenger. (Easton, Pa.) 1840-1841

Easton: Northampton Whig, and Farmers' and Mechanics' Journal. (Easton, Pa.) 1828-1830

Easton: Northampton Whig. (Easton, Pa.) 1830-1835

Easton: Pennsylvania Argus. (Easton, Pa.) 1827-1830

Easton: Pennsylvania Herald, and Easton Intelligencer. (Easton, Pa.) 1808-1810

Easton: Semiweekly Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1885-1903

Easton: Spirit of Pennsylvania. Volume (Easton, Pa.) 1815-1823

Easton: Sunday Call. (Easton, Pa.) 1883-1900

Easton: Weekly Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1871-1874

Easton: Weekly Free Press. (Easton, Pa.) 1878-1885

Easton: Whig and Journal. (Easton, Pa.) 1840-1849

Easton: Whig. (Easton, Pa.) 1835-1840

Hellertown: Hellertown Herald. (Hellertown, Pa.) 1946-1949

Hellertown: Hellertown Tribune. (Hellertown, Pa.) 1933-1937

Hellertown: Saucon Valley News. (Hellertown, Pa.) 1982-1984

Nazareth: Key. (Nazareth, Pa.) 1949-1950

Nazareth: Nazareth Item. (Nazareth, Pa.) 1891-1975

Nazareth: Nazareth Key. (Nazareth, Pa.) 1950-Current

Nazareth: Nazareth Us. (Nazareth, Pa.) 1981-1982

Nazareth: Us. (Nazareth, Pa.) 1982-Current

Northampton: Catasauqua Times and Northampton Times. (Northampton, Pa.) 1961-1962

Northampton: Cement News. (Siegfried [I.E. Northampton], Pa.) 1900-1957

Northampton: Suburban Scene. (Northampton, Pa.) 1972-1980s

Northampton: Times. (Northampton, Pa.) 1962-Current

Pen Argyl: Town Topics. (Pen Argyl, Pa.) 1975-Current

Portland: Portland Enterprise. (Portland, Pa.) 1874-1920

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