Waynesburg Genealogy (in Greene County, PA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Waynesburg Cemetery Records

Green Mount Cemetery Find a Grave

Green Mount Cemetery Interment

Greene County Memorial Park Find a Grave

Greenmount Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Methodist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Morrisville Cemetery Interment

Mount Pleasant Cemetery Find a Grave

Oakmont Cemetery Find a Grave

Rhodes Family Cemetery Interment

Saint Ann Cemetery Find a Grave

Smith Cemetery I Find a Grave

Thomas Cemetery Interment

Waynesburgh Old Cemetery Find a Grave

Waynesburg Census Records

Federal Census of Green County 1880 US Gen Web Archives

Waynesburg Church Records

Historical Facts and Reminiscences of the Honey Brook Presbyterian Church Ancestry

Historical Sketch of the Honeybrook Presbyterian Church of Waynesburg, Chester County, PA Ancestry

Waynesburg Death Records

Cornerstone Genealogical Society master index to funeral home records Allen County Public Library

Waynesburg Histories and Genealogies

Waynesburg prosperous and beautiful Family History Library

Waynesburg, Prosperous and Beautiful : A Souvenir Pictorial Story of the Biggest and Best Little City in Pennsylvania Ancestry

Waynesburg Minority Records

Early African American life in Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania Family History Library

Waynesburg Newspapers and Obituaries

Democrat-Messenger. (Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa.) 1914-1986 Multiple Archives

Greene County Democrat. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1843-1850 Multiple Archives

Greene County Democrat. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1882-1914 Multiple Archives

Greene County Republican, The (Pennsylvania/United States) [Waynesburg, Pa.] 11 August 1863 to 3 July 1867 Elephind

Greene County Republican. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1840s-1867 Multiple Archives

Greene County Whig. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1838-1853 Multiple Archives

Independent. (Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pa.) 1904-1910s Multiple Archives

Messenger. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1840s-1849 Office of Commonwealth Library Bureau of State

The Greene County Republican (Waynesburg, Pa., from 1863-08-11 to 1867-07-03) Chronicling America

The Waynesburg Republican (Waynesburg, Pa., from 1867-07-24 to 1869-04-14) Chronicling America

The Waynesburg Republican 1866 - 1869 Newspapers.com

True Blue. (Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa.) 1886-1887 Pennsylvania Bureau of State Library

Waynesburg Independent. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1872-1904 Multiple Archives

Waynesburg Messenger - 8/21/1861 - 3/22/1865 Pennsylvania Civil War Newspapers

Waynesburg Messenger. (Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa.) 1849-1901 Multiple Archives

Waynesburg Press, and Chester, Berks, and Lancaster Advertiser. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1833-1834 Chester County Historical Society Library

Waynesburg Republican, The (Pennsylvania/United States) [Waynesburg, Pa.] 24 July 1867 to 14 April 1869 Elephind

Waynesburg Republican. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1870-Current Multiple Archives

Waynesburg Semi-Weekly Messenger. (Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa.) 1901-1913 Multiple Archives

Waynesburg Times. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1904-1914 Wisconsin Historical Society

Waynesburg [Eagle]. (Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pa.) 1853-1856 Uniontown Public Library

Waynesburgh Messenger. (Waynesburg, Greene County, Pa.) 1813-1840s Multiple Archives

Waynesburg School Records

Waynesburg, PA High School 1935 Football Team Photo Old Yearbooks

Waynesburg, PA High School 1937 Baseball Team Photo Old Yearbooks

Waynesburg, PA High School 1939 Basketball Team Photo Old Yearbooks