Cheraw Genealogy (in Chesterfield County, SC)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Cheraw Cemetery Records

A Guide to markers of Old St. David's Cemetery, Cheraw, South Carolina Family History Library

A guide to markers of old St. David's Cemetery, Cheraw, South Carolina : [a Bicentennial project of the Old Cheraws Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Cheraw, South Carolina]. University of South Carolina

Cheraw, Chesterfield County, South Carolina, St. David Church Cemetery Family History Library

Foundry Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Members received into the church by year, 1825-1961, and First Methodist Cemetery tombstone listing. First United Methodist Church (Cheraw, S.C.) University of South Carolina

Piney Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Cheraw Church Records

Church records, 1768-1827 (St. David's Parish (Craven County, South Carolina : Protestant Episcopal)) Family History Library

Church records, 1822-1934 (Baptist Church (Cheraw, South Carolina)) Family History Library

Old St. David's, Cheraw, South Carolina, 1770-1947 Family History Library

St. David's Parish, South Carolina : minutes of the vestry, 1768-1832; parish register, 1819-1924 Family History Library

Cheraw Death Records

Cheraw Chronicle 8/23/2006 - Current Genealogy Bank

Cheraw Newspapers and Obituaries

Carolina Sun. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1880-1883 Multiple Archives

Cheraw Advertiser 1839-1843

Cheraw Chronicle 8/23/2006 - Current Genealogy Bank

Cheraw Chronicle. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1896-Current Multiple Archives

Cheraw Gazette 1844-1859

Cheraw Gazette and Pee Dee Farmer. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1838-1839 Multiple Archives

Cheraw Gazette. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1835-1838 Multiple Archives

Cheraw Intelligencer and Southern Register. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1823-1826 Multiple Archives

Cheraw Reporter. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1885-1896 Multiple Archives

Cheraw Republican. (Cheraw S.C.) 1830-1833 Multiple Archives

Farmers' Gazette, and Cheraw Advertiser. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1839-1847 Multiple Archives

Pee Dee Gazette, and Cheraw Advertiser. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1820-1826 Multiple Archives

Pee Dee Herald. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1856-1859 Multiple Archives

South-Carolina Spectator. (Cheraw, S.C.) 1826-1833 Multiple Archives

Sun and Monitor. (Cheraw and Bennettsville, S.C.) 1883-1885 University of South Carolina