Dandridge Genealogy (in Jefferson County, TN)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Dandridge Cemetery Records

Fain Cemetery Find a Grave

Hillcrest Memorial Gardens Cemetery Find a Grave

McCampbell Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

Seahorns Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

Shady Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Dandridge Church Records

Bicentennial history of the First Baptist Church, Dandridge, Tennessee, 1786-1986 Family History Library

Church records, 1786-1940 (Dandridge Baptist Church (Dandridge, Tennessee)) Family History Library

Dandridge Newspapers and Obituaries

Banner. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1957-1960 Multiple Archives

Dandridge Banner. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1928-1957 Multiple Archives

Dandridge Herald. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1854-1856 Multiple Archives

Dandridge Watchman. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1877-1878 Multiple Archives

Dandridge Watchman. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1879-1880 Multiple Archives

Dandridge Weekly News. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1890s-1890s Multiple Archives

Dandridge Weekly Republican Banner. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1882-1883 Multiple Archives

Dandridge Weekly Watchman. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1878-1979 Multiple Archives

Dandridge banner (Tennessee) 1929-1960 Family History Library

Dandridge herald (Tennessee) 1854-1856 Family History Library

Dandridge watchman (Tennessee) 1877-1880 Family History Library

Dandridge weekly news (Tennessee) 1892-1894 Family History Library

Republican Banner. (Dandridge, Tenn.) 1883-1887 Multiple Archives

Republican banner (Dandridge, Tennessee) 1882-1887 Family History Library

Dandridge School Records

Account books, 1800's Family History Library

Jefferson County, Tennessee : minutes of the Maury Academy 1818-1860 Family History Library