Pulaski Genealogy (in Giles County, TN)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Pulaski Cemetery Records

Bee Spring Cemetery Find a Grave

Chestnut Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Choates Creek Cemetery Find a Grave

Giles Memory Garden Find a Grave

Mount Mariah Cemetery records, Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee Family History Library

Mount Moriah Cemetery Find a Grave

New Zion Cemetery Find a Grave

Old First Street Cemetery, Pulaski, Tennessee. Nashville Public Library

Old Graveyard Memorial Park Find a Grave

Old Shores Cemetery Find a Grave

Record of caskets : Bennett-May and Company, 1924-1994 Tennessee State Library & Archives

Scotts Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Pulaski Death Records

Pulaski Funeral Home (1957-1967) and Carr-Erwinn Funeral Home (1967-1995) Family History Library

Pulaski Funeral Home, April 1957-March 1967 ; Carr-Erwin Funeral Home, April 1967-December 1995 Tennessee State Library & Archives

Record of caskets : Bennett--May and Company Family History Library

Pulaski Histories and Genealogies

Our town : a look at Pulaski, Tennessee's business community from its beginning until the end of the nineteenth century, compiled from the pages of the Pulaski Citizen Family History Library

Pulaski history, 1809-1950 : the beginning, the building, the development, the institutions, and the people of the town of Pulaski, Tennessee ; reprints of articles taken from the Pulaski Citizen Family History Library

Pulaski Newspapers and Obituaries

A page from the past-- : 150 years of the Pulaski Citizen Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Crane's Tennessee Democrat. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1852-1853 Multiple Archives

Daily citizen (Pulaski, Tennessee) 1867 Family History Library

Giles County Democrat 1887-1891 Family History Library

Giles County Democrat. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1886-1892 Multiple Archives

Giles Democrat. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1893-1895 Tennessee State Library and Archives

Giles Free Press. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1961-Current Multiple Archives

Giles Press. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1870s-1871 Multiple Archives

Independent Citizen. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1840s-1862 Multiple Archives

Independent citizen (Tennessee) 1858-1861 Family History Library

Newsline. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1980s-1989 Tennessee State Library and Archives

Pulaski Citizen, The (Tennessee/United States) [Pulaski, Tenn.] 5 January 1866 to 23 December 1886 Elephind

Pulaski Citizen. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1866-Current Multiple Archives

Pulaski Giles County Record. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1923-1937 Tennessee State Library and Archives

Pulaski Record. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1937-1960s Tennessee State Library and Archives

Pulaski chanticleer (Tennessee) 1868 Family History Library

Pulaski citizen (Tennessee) 1866-1960 Family History Library

Pulaski gazette 1851-1852 Family History Library

Pulaski herald 1881 Family History Library

Tennessee Beacon and Farmers Advocate. (Pulaski, T[Enn].) 1831-1835 Multiple Archives

Tennessee Democrat (Pulaski, Tennessee) 1852 Family History Library

Tennessee beacon and farmer's advocate (Pulaski, Tennessee) 1832- 1835 Family History Library

The Pulaski Citizen 1866-1876 Newspapers.com

The Pulaski Citizen 1866-1889 Newspapers.com

The Pulaski citizen (Pulaski, Tenn., from 1866-01-05 to 1889-12-26) Chronicling America

Western Star. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1849-1851 Multiple Archives

Western star 1849-1851 Family History Library

Whig Courier. (Pulaski, Tenn.) 1838-1843 Multiple Archives

Whig courier 1838-1843 Family History Library