About Us

LDSGenealogy.com was created to help people to find information about their ancestors. It includes many helpful articles for learning genealogy research and an extensive records directory to help you to locate genealogical records.

How was the records directory created?

A team of researchers has been gathering data for several years. Our goal is to have an extensive directory for all of the best genealogy record sources available, both online and offline, free and paid. Though we still haven't reached our goal, we do update and add to this site regularly. The information found on this site is freely available. However, some of the sites listed do require a subscription to view all of the available records.

For information about updates to the site, please see our blog.

Can I suggest new record sources you should be listing in the directory?

Yes. If you have suggestions, please submit them through our contact us page. Note that we generally only link to records that are specific to a certain locality for a specific time frame that are broadly applicable to many researchers. All submissions will be carefully considered, though we cannot guarantee that all sites submitted will be added. You can also leave a suggestion on our Facebook page.

Is LDSGenealogy.com owned by the LDS/Mormon church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)?

This site is independently owned and operated by LDS genealogists who are providing this site as a service to the genealogy community. The official sites for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints include FamilySearch.org and LDS.org.

Is this site just for LDS Church members?

No, this site is for anyone interested in finding their ancestors.

So why the name LDS Genealogy then?

As members of the LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), we originally designed the site to be helpful for LDS church members doing genealogy research. We have since expanded the site to include a lot of helpful information for everyone. We welcome any and all visitors who might find this site helpful.

Can I link to your site?

Yes, please do! If you have found this site helpful, please link to the site through other websites, blogs, or social media so that others can use it and benefit from it as well.

What if I encounter errors on this site?

We do our best to keep the links on this site maintained so that you don't encounter broken links, but websites change quickly and links do end up broken at times despite our best efforts. If you do encounter a broken link or other errors, we would appreciate it if you would let us know by submitting the errors on our contact us page.

Are there links on this site that go to websites that require a subscription?

Yes, this site links to both free sites and sites that require a paid subscription in order to access their full content. Affiliate links are used within the directory on this site and a small contribution goes to the website if you sign up for a subscription on the following sites: Ancestry.com, Archives.com, Newspapers.com, GenealogyBank.com, Fold3.com, FindMyPast.com, and E-Yearbook.com. The revenue from affiliate links is used to pay for the cost of maintaining and improving the site, keeping the information free to the users.

Is this site copyrighted?

Yes, this site is copyrighted by LDSGenealogy.com, with the exception of some of articles, maps, and graphics which are copyrighted by their respective owners and used with permission or license. Trademarks owned by their respective others are their own intellectual property and some are used on this site for education purposes.The content of this site may not be copied, bulk downloaded, or otherwise used to create content or value as part of any other product or service, either for nonprofit or commercial use, without written permission.

Thank you for visiting. Best wishes in your research!

Jeniann Nielsen, President