Brick Wall Ancestor Series articles added

We have added our first 9 brick wall ancestor series articles:

Brick Wall Ancestor Series #1: Solving a Connecticut man’s unknown parents using genealogical records and DNA Descendants had been trying to find out who Ruluf’s parents were for more than 100 years unsuccessfully. Could his parents be found?
Brick Wall Ancestor Series #2: Discovering the family of a woman living in Ohio from an unknown place in New Jersey Online trees listed who Catherine’s family was, but there were no sources to prove it and no document located that named her parents. Could her family be proven from actual documents?
Brick Wall Ancestor Series #3: Finding the birth place and parents of an Italian immigrant to the United States Leonard spelled his name several different ways and put his age and immigration differently on each census. Could he be found in his home country of Italy?
Brick Wall Ancestor Series #4: Finding the birth place and parents of a Danish immigrant to the United States John’s passenger list to America hadn’t been located and he had a common name. Could he be found in his home country of Denmark?
Brick Wall Ancestor Series #5: Locating the family of an Irish woman in Connecticut Catherine was from somewhere in Ireland and lived in Connecticut. Could her family be found?
Brick Wall Ancestor Series #6: Finding the family of a Massachusetts Revolutionary War soldier It was a family tradition that Benjamin Clark served in the Revolutionary War. Did he really serve and could his parents be proven?
Brick Wall Ancestor Series #7: Verifying the family of a Pennsylvania man with a common name There were online trees that showed Jacob’s family, but few original source documents to prove it and many men of the same name in the area. In addition, Jacob lived before there were vital records kept in Pennsylvania or census records that listed all family members by name. Could his family clearly be identified?
Brick Wall Ancestor Series #8: Finding the birth place and family of a Swedish immigrant living in Massachusetts Frank lived in Massachusetts and records showed he was originally from Sweden, but the town of his birth hadn’t been found. Could his birth place and parents be found?
Brick Wall Ancestor Series #9: Finding the burial location of an immigrant from Ireland who died in New York Thomas was a man from Ireland who died in New York. Could his burial location be found?

If you would like us to consider researching your ancestor to include an article about them, you can send a request for your ancestor to be included.

Genealogy Record Listing and New Article Updates

We have added many new records this month, primarily from cemetery records. We also corrected many links that needed updating. We are now up to 747,020 helpful links!

We have also added the following new genealogy learning articles:
How to Find Your Ancestor’s Burial Location
How to Find an Obituary for Your Ancestor
The FamilySearch Catalog: The Amazing Free Resource Resource You May Be Missing

We hope this new information will be helpful to you in your research.

Genealogy Record Listing Updates

We have added some new features to our site this month. We added new record type categories of court records, tax records, minority records, histories and genealogies, and miscellaneous records. We also added a page that explains all of the record type categories. We also have changed the listings in the directory to indicate which records are online records (rather than offline in archives). Happy searching!

New site feature added

The world’s largest genealogical library, the Family History Library, has many records listed in our extensive records directory because it has thousands of useful records for doing genealogy research. We have now added a feature to go directly to the catalog pages on the FamilySearch website for most items so that you can more quickly and easily find the digital images when available and easily order films to your local FamilySearch Center. A lookup service is still available for your convenience. We hope this feature will make our site more helpful.

New video available on “How to Find an Elusive Ancestor”

We have now created a new video based on one our best learning articles called “How to Find an Elusive Ancestor” which gives ideas on how to find out about an ancestor in your genealogy that’s difficult to locate. You can view the video here:

You can also read the original article here:

Happy hunting!