Genealogy Record Listing Updates

We have added some new features to our site this month. We added new record type categories of court records, tax records, minority records, histories and genealogies, and miscellaneous records. We also added a page that explains all of the record type categories. We also have changed the listings in the directory to indicate which records are online records (rather than offline in archives). Happy searching!

New site feature added

The world’s largest genealogical library, the Family History Library, has many records listed in our extensive records directory because it has thousands of useful records for doing genealogy research. We have now added a feature to go directly to the catalog pages on the FamilySearch website for most items so that you can more quickly and easily find the digital images when available and easily order films to your local FamilySearch Center. A lookup service is still available for your convenience. We hope this feature will make our site more helpful.

New video available on “How to Find an Elusive Ancestor”

We have now created a new video based on one our best learning articles called “How to Find an Elusive Ancestor” which gives ideas on how to find out about an ancestor in your genealogy that’s difficult to locate. You can view the video here:

You can also read the original article here:

Happy hunting!


Genealogy Record Listing Updates

We appreciate the great suggestions from many of you. We have been working hard to add and organize the records listings you have 
Here are some of the recent U.S. record additions:
The Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County suggested that we add their online records including cemetery inscriptions and these have now been added.
One of our site visitors suggested we add the latest records from Seeking Michigan, including the death records that are now 
available, and these have now been included. 
Another visitor let us know about his great site with digitized land records for North Carolina, NC Land Grants. We added links to these records.
The digital records from the Bucks County Genealogical Society in Pennsylvania were also added with this update. 
We added many record listings of digitized newpapers from 102 local libraries and other organizations including: East Hampton Public Library, Bear Lake County Library, The Salmon Public Library, East Bonner County District Library, Franklin County Library District, The Valley of The Tetons District Library, Beardstown Houston Memorial Library, Marshall Public Library, Midlothian Public Library, Bellwood Public Library, Forest Park Public Library, Geneseo Public Library District, Galva Public Library, Earlville Library District, Henry Public Library, Harvard Diggins Library, Brimfield Public Library, Peoria Heights Public Library, Freeburg Area Library District, Toulon Public Library, Talcott Free Library District, Knox County Public Library, Appanoose County Historical Society, Belle Plaine Community Library, The Benton County Historical Society, Sumner Public Library, Aplington Legion Memorial Library, Coon Rapids Public Library, The Cherokee Public Library, Kirchner-French Memorial Library, Estherville Public Library, West Union Community Library, Elgin Public Library, Jefferson Public Library, Bayard Public Library, Hamilton County, Jones County Genealogical Society, Ross & Elizabeth Baty Public Library Monticello, Kossuth County Genealogical Society, Marion Public Library, Mount Vernon and Lisbon, Mellinger Public Library, Rock Rapids Public Library, Pella Public Library, State Center Public Library, Malvern Public Library, Mapleton Public Library, Monroe County Historical Society, Heartley Public Library, Sanborn Public Library, Sibley Public Library, Remsen Public Library, Rolfe Public Library, Pocahontas Public Library, Lenox Public Library, Bethel College, Peabody Township Library, Osborne Public Library, Plainville Memorial Library, Stevens County Library, Acadia Parish Library, Webster Parish Library, The Bienville Parish Library, The Concordia Parish Library, Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library, Bridgton Public Library, Old Town Public Library, The Thompson Free Library, Montague Public Libraries, Turner Free Library, Grundy County Jewett Norris Library, North Bend Public Library, North  Loup Public Library, Kelley Library, Farmington News, George F. Johnson Memorial Library, The Sidney Memorial Library, The Fayetteville Free Library, Albert Wisner Public Library, The Liberty Public Library, Clyde-Savannah Public Library, Chappaqua Public Library, The Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library, The Lepper Public Library, Huron Public Library, Southwest Public Libraries, Ada Public Library, Mary E. Babcock Library, McKinley Memorial Library, Guymon Public Library, Hennessey Public Library, The Weston Public Library, Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library, The Bristol Phoenix, East Greenwich Free Library, Blanco County North and South Library Districts, Pittsburg-Camp County Public Library, Swisher County Public Library, Electra Public Library, Rice Lake Public Library, Menomonie Public Library, and Irvin L. Young Memorial Library.
Thank you again for your help and support. The U.S. directory is now at 580,000 record listings and growing!
Know of more records that we should add to our U.S. genealogy records directory? We welcome submissions through our contact us page.

New U.S. Genealogy Records Directory is pleased to announce a complete site relaunch, including the addition of an extensive U.S. genealogy records directory with more than 579,000 record sources from 930 websites and archives. The directory includes detailed information from online sources such as FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage, American Ancestors, FindMyPast,, Fold3, Find a Grave, US Gen Web, Genealogy Bank, Newspaper Archive,, Chronicling America, Elephind, Distant Cousin, Billion Graves, and hundreds of smaller and local sites. Records from offline sources are also included such as the Family History Library, the U.S. Newspaper Directory from the Library of Congress, the New York State Library, the Boston Public Library, and several others.

The records directory has been under development for several years and is now newly available all on one site. One of the challenges to doing genealogy research, particularly for the United States, is that the relevant records are scattered across many websites and archives, and it can be time consuming to locate them. The directory has detailed information down to the county and town/city level for the entire United States for both online and archival sources. So you can come to one place, find the location, and easily and quickly find the relevant records for your research. New record sources for the United States will continue to be added, and listings for other countries are under development. Submissions to the directory are welcome. Helpful articles for learning genealogy are also available on theĀ  site. has been providing free helpful information for everyone interested in finding their ancestors since 2008.