Free Genealogy Consultations

You may schedule a free genealogy consultation to help you with locating records for your ancestor or extending a particular family line. The 20 minute consultation will be given through Zoom.

Research will not be done for you, but instead you will receive some individual guidance on what steps you can take next with your particular situation.

About Jeniann Nielsen

I have been actively involved in family history research for 16 years. I have owned and operated the website during that time, as well as spent many hours researching my own family tree. I have helped more than 350 people with their family trees thus far, both as a paid professional genealogist and as a volunteer for the Family History Library and in other capacities. I can help with research in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, and Mexico and other Latin American countries.

I provide free consultations as a service to the genealogy community. I do accept donations to this website if you would like to do so. It also benefits my site if you use the following links if you purchase something from:,,,,, (It does not increase the costs to you, but simply gives my site a referral fee if you use these links when you purchase.)

Note that I am the owner of this website ( which is privately owned and have no affiliation with

To schedule a 20 minute consultation, select and date and time from the box below and fill in the details of your research goals. Please take the time to be as detailed as possible so that I can better help you.

For questions, you can reach me through the Contact Us page.