Elmore County AL Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,111,104) > Alabama (25,030) > Elmore County (348) > Elmore County Newspapers and Obituaries (49)

USA (1,111,104) > Alabama (25,030) > Alabama Newspapers and Obituaries (2,337) > Elmore County Newspapers and Obituaries (49)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Alabama Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Elmore County Newspapers and Obituaries

Abstracted newspapers of Elmore County, Alabama 1870-1917 Family History Library

Alabama Newspapers, 1870-2009 MyHeritage

Newspapers.com Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-current Ancestry

Eclectic Newspapers and Obituaries

Eclectic Observer 04/04/2013 to Current Genealogy Bank

Eclectic Observer. (Eclectic, Ala.) 1990-Current US Newspaper Directory

Millbrook Newspapers and Obituaries

Community Press. (Millbrook, Ala.) 1977-Current US Newspaper Directory

Trico News. (Millbrook, Ala.) 1969-1970 US Newspaper Directory

Tallassee Newspapers and Obituaries

Elmore County Living 06/06/2017 to Current Genealogy Bank

Tallassee Times. (Tallassee, Ala.) 1911-1915 US Newspaper Directory

Tallassee Tribune 02/27/2013 to Current Genealogy Bank

Tallassee Tribune. (Tallassee, Ala.) 1919-Current US Newspaper Directory

The Tallassee Tribune 1932-1932 Newspapers.com

Tri-County Weekly. (Tallassee, Ala.) 1900-1908 US Newspaper Directory

Wetumpka Newspapers and Obituaries

Alabama Constitution. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1874-1875 US Newspaper Directory

Central Alabamian. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1877-1880s US Newspaper Directory

Daily State Guard 1849-1849 Newspapers.com

Dorsey's Dispatch. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1840s-1857 US Newspaper Directory

Elmore County News 1932-1932 Newspapers.com

Elmore Express. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1885-1889 US Newspaper Directory

Elmore Republican. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1870-1874 US Newspaper Directory

Elmore Standard. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1865-1868 US Newspaper Directory

Family Visitor. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1830s-1830s US Newspaper Directory

People's Banner. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1875-1877 US Newspaper Directory

Reform Advocate. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1892-1898 US Newspaper Directory

Smith's Weekly Nu-Joax. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1870s-1880s US Newspaper Directory

State guard 05/11/1847 to 10/24/1848 Genealogy Bank

The Alabama Times 1840-1841 Newspapers.com

The Elmore Standard 1867-1868 Newspapers.com

The State Guard 1847-1847 Newspapers.com

The State guard (Wetumpka, Ala.) (from May 11, 1847 to Oct. 24, 1848) MyHeritage

The State guard. (Wetumpka, Ala.) (from May 11, 1847 to Oct. 24, 1848) Chronicling America

The Times-Democrat 1889-1893 Newspapers.com

The Weekly Herald 1895-1927 Newspapers.com

The Wetumpka Argus 1839-1944 Newspapers.com

The Wetumpka Herald 1927-1964 Newspapers.com

The Wetumpka Whig 1844-1847 Newspapers.com

Times-Democrat. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1889-1890s US Newspaper Directory

Weekly Herald. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1898-1927 US Newspaper Directory

Wetumpka Argus and Commercial Advertiser. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1839-1840 US Newspaper Directory

Wetumpka Argus. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1840-1846 US Newspaper Directory

Wetumpka Courier 1840-1840 Newspapers.com

Wetumpka Courier. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1839-1840 US Newspaper Directory

Wetumpka Democrat. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1895-1898 US Newspaper Directory

Wetumpka Herald 10/06/2014 to Current Genealogy Bank

Wetumpka Herald. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1927-Current US Newspaper Directory

Wetumpka Sentinel and Advertiser. (West Wetumpka [Ala.]) 1837-1838 US Newspaper Directory

Wetumpka Spectator 1856-1861 Newspapers.com

Wetumpka Spectator. (Wetumpka, Ala.) 1840s-1860s US Newspaper Directory

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