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NOTE: Additional records that apply to Maricopa County are also on the Arizona Newspapers and Obituaries page.

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Maricopa County Newspapers and Obituaries

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Cemetery inscriptions and obituary index, Wickenburg, Arizona : includes surrounding towns in Maricopa, Yavapai & La Paz Counties WorldCat

Cemetery inscriptions and obituary index, Wickenburg, Arizona : includes surrounding towns in Maricopa, Yavapai & La Paz Counties 1934-1988 FamilySearch Library

Cemetery inscriptions and obituary index, Wickenburg, Arizona : includes surrounding towns in Maricopa, Yavapai and La Paz counties WorldCat

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Offline Newspapers for Maricopa County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Avondale: Desert Sentinel. (Avondale, Ariz.) 1940-1940s

Avondale: Westside Citizen. (Avondale, Ariz.) 1962-1965

Buckeye: Buckeye Blade. (Buckeye, Ariz.) 1890-1891

Buckeye: Buckeye Independent. (Buckeye, Ariz.) 1992-Current

Buckeye: Buckeye Review. (Buckeye, Maricopa County, Ariz.) 1930-1935

Buckeye: Buckeye Valley News and Buckeye Review. (Buckeye, Maricopa County, Ariz.) 1935-1950

Buckeye: Buckeye Valley News. (Buckeye, Ariz.) 1912-1935

Buckeye: Buckeye Valley News. (Buckeye, Ariz.) 1950-Current

Buckeye: Desert Sun. (Buckeye, Ariz.) 1993-Current

Carefree: Carefree Enterprise. (Carefree, Ariz.) 1963-1986

Cave Creek: All-Around. (Cave Creek, Ariz.) 1989-Current

Cave Creek: Black Mountain News. (Cave Creek, Ariz.) 1961-1984

Cave Creek: Bridle & Bit. (Cave Creek, Ariz.) 1978-Current

Cave Creek: Cave Creek Vacuum Cleaner. (Cave Creek, Ariz.) 1957-1961

Cave Creek: Foothills Chronicle. (Cave Creek, Ariz.) 2002-Current

Cave Creek: Foothills Sentinel. (Cave Creek, Ariz.) 1984-2001

Cave Creek: Pinnacle Peak Rio Verde View. (Cave Creek, Ariz.) 1980-1984

Cave Creek: Sonoran News. (Cave Creek, Ariz.) 1995-Current

Chandler: Chandler Arizonan Tribune. (Chandler, Ariz.) 1986-1997

Chandler: Chandler Arizonan. (Chandler, Ariz.) 1912-1986

Chandler: Chandler Connection. (Chandler, Ariz.) 2001-Current

Chandler: Chandler Independent. (Chandler, Ariz.) 1986-Current

Chandler: Gilbert Independent Business Review (Chandler, Ariz.) 1996-1998

Chandler: Jet Trails. ([Chandler, Ariz.]) 1949-1952

Chandler: Ocotillo News. (Chandler, Ariz.) 1995-2005

Chandler: Sun Lakes Independent. (Chandler, Ariz.) 1992-Current

Chandler: Valley India Times. (Chandler, Ariz.) 2000-Current

Fountain Hills: Arizona Sentinel Let's Go. (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) 1999-Current

Fountain Hills: Arizona Sentinel. (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) 1991-1999

Fountain Hills: Fountain Hills Sentinel. (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) 1990-1991

Fountain Hills: Fountain Hills Times. (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) 1999-Current

Fountain Hills: Times of Fountain Hills and Rio Verde. (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) 1987-1994

Fountain Hills: Times of Fountain Hills. (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) 1974-1987

Fountain Hills: Times of Fountain Hills. (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) 1994-1999

Gila Bend: Gila Bend Herald. (Gila Bend, Ariz.) 1959-1985

Gila Bend: Gila Bend Sun. (Gila Bend, Ariz.) 1979-Current

Gila Bend: Gila Herald. (Gila Bend, Ariz.) 1953-1940s

Gilbert: Arizona Roundup. (Gilbert, Ariz.) 1972-1974

Gilbert: Enterprise. (Gilbert, Ariz.) 1968-1969

Gilbert: Gilbert Enterprise. (Gilbert, Ariz.) 1929-1968

Gilbert: Gilbert Examiner. (Gilbert, Ariz.) 1974-1970s

Gilbert: Gilbert Independent. (Gilbert, Ariz.) 1983-Current

Gilbert: Gilbert News. (Gilbert, Ariz.) 1978-1983

Gilbert: Gilbert Roundup. (Gilbert, Ariz.) 1969-1972

Gilbert: Gilbert Tribune. (Gilbert, Ariz.) 1990-1997

Glendale: Arrow. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1987-1995

Glendale: Arrowhead Ranch Independent. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1995-Current

Glendale: Glendale Herald With State Farm News. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1939-1963

Glendale: Glendale Herald. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1935-1939

Glendale: Glendale Herald. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1963-1964

Glendale: Glendale News-Herald. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1964-1965

Glendale: Glendale News-Herald. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1967-1977

Glendale: Glendale News. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1912-1925

Glendale: Glendale News. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1927-1964

Glendale: Glendale Peoria Sun City Youngtown Home News. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1961-1964

Glendale: Glendale Peoria Youngtown Home News. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1960-1961

Glendale: Glendale Star. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1977-Current

Glendale: Luke Jet Sun. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1955-1958

Glendale: Moon Valley Arrow. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1991-1992

Glendale: News-Herald. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1965-1967

Glendale: North Valley News. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1980s-1989

Glendale: Northside News. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1925-1927

Glendale: Northwest Valley Arrow. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1995-Current

Glendale: Northwest Valley News. (Glendale, Ariz.) 2001-Current

Glendale: Prospector. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1995-2001

Glendale: Saturday Shopper. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1927-1935

Glendale: Thunderbolt. (Glendale, Ariz.) 2001-Current

Glendale: Westsider Chronicle. (Glendale, Ariz.) 1989-1990

Goodyear: West Valley View. (Goodyear, Ariz.) 1986-Current

Goodyear: Westside Enterprise. (Goodyear, Ariz.) 1955-1965

Goodyear: Westside Weekly. (Goodyear, Ariz.) 1953-1955

Goodyear: Westsider. (Goodyear, Ariz.) 1965-1989

Mesa: Ahwatukee Sentinel. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1977-1978

Mesa: Apache Junction News. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1980-1984

Mesa: Arizona Latter Day Journal. ([Mesa, Ariz.) 1990-Current

Mesa: Arizona Latter-Day Sun. (Mesa, Az) 1989-Current

Mesa: Daily Tribune. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1949-1950

Mesa: East Mesa Independent. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1988-Current

Mesa: East Mesa News. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1980s-1981

Mesa: East Valley Tribune. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1999-Current

Mesa: Jet Gazette. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1952-1981

Mesa: Mesa Daily Tribune. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1913-1923

Mesa: Mesa Daily Tribune. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1950-1951

Mesa: Mesa Free Press. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1892-1901

Mesa: Mesa Free Press. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1913-1915

Mesa: Mesa Independent. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1983-1988

Mesa: Mesa Journal-Tribune. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1926-1949

Mesa: Mesa Journal. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1925-1926

Mesa: Mesa Messenger. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1981-1983

Mesa: Mesa Tribune. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1923-1925

Mesa: Mesa Tribune. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1952-1997

Mesa: Mesa Weekly News. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1979-1984

Mesa: Payson Roundup and Rim Country News. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1961-1962

Mesa: Scottsdale Tribune. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1997-Current

Mesa: Southside Union. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1920s-1921

Mesa: Sun Valley Shopper-News. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1959-1960

Mesa: Superstition News. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1956-1957

Mesa: Trails. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1957-1958

Mesa: Tribune. (Mesa, Az) 1997-1999

Mesa: Viewpoints Newspaper. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1990s-1990s

Mesa: Wings. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1981-1993

Mesa: Winter Visitor Independent. (Mesa, Ariz.) 1984-1989

Paradise Valley: Town of Paradise Valley Independent. (Paradise Valley, Ariz.) 1985-Current

Peoria: Northwest Peoria Times. (Peoria, Ariz.) 1972-1977

Peoria: Peoria Enterprise. (Peoria, Ariz.) 1917-1920

Peoria: Peoria Times and Valley Farm News. (Peoria, Ariz.) 1955-1969

Peoria: Peoria Times and Valley Farm News. (Peoria, Ariz.) 1970-1972

Peoria: Peoria Times. (Peoria, Ariz.) 1969-1970

Peoria: Peoria Times. (Peoria, Ariz.) 1977-Current

Peoria: Tallyho. (Peoria, Ariz.) 1975-2001

Phoenix: Abg (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1996-1997

Phoenix: Ahwatukee Foothills News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1993-Current

Phoenix: American Weekly. (Phoenix, Ari.) 1964-1965

Phoenix: American Weekly. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1964-1965

Phoenix: Arcadia News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1993-Current

Phoenix: Arizona Beacon. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1933-1934

Phoenix: Arizona Business Gazette. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1980-1996

Phoenix: Arizona Business Gazette. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1997-Current

Phoenix: Arizona Capitol Times. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1982-Current

Phoenix: Arizona Contact. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1941-1945

Phoenix: Arizona Daily Gazette. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1889-1895

Phoenix: Arizona Daily News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1964-1965

Phoenix: Arizona Democrat. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1901-1913

Phoenix: Arizona Democrat. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1935-1936

Phoenix: Arizona Democrat. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1938-1944

Phoenix: Arizona Democrat. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1984-Current

Phoenix: Arizona Farm Bureau News. ([Phoenix, Ariz.]) 1940s-2000s

Phoenix: Arizona Free Press. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1952-1955

Phoenix: Arizona Gazette. (Phoenix, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1880-1889

Phoenix: Arizona Gazette. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890s-1900s

Phoenix: Arizona Gazette. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1895-1928

Phoenix: Arizona Indian Monthly. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1980-1981

Phoenix: Arizona Informant. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1957-Current

Phoenix: Arizona Journal. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1962-1964

Phoenix: Arizona Labor Journal (Phoenix, Ariz. : 1913). (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1913-1960

Phoenix: Arizona Labor Journal. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1963-Current

Phoenix: Arizona Legislative Review [And] the Messenger. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1955-1959

Phoenix: Arizona Legislative Review [Microform]. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1959-1982

Phoenix: Arizona Mobile Citizen. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1956-1993

Phoenix: Arizona Native Scene. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1990s-Current

Phoenix: Arizona News Digest. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1964-1967

Phoenix: Arizona News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1941-1964

Phoenix: Arizona Plain Talk. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1950-1952

Phoenix: Arizona Populist. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1894-1896

Phoenix: Arizona Record Review. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1940-1941

Phoenix: Arizona Reporter. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1950-1962

Phoenix: Arizona Republic. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1930-Current

Phoenix: Arizona Republican. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930

Phoenix: Arizona Republican. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1900-1901

Phoenix: Arizona State News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1927-1928

Phoenix: Arizona Stock Journal. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1895-1896

Phoenix: Arizona Sun. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1942-1960s

Phoenix: Arizona Trailer Folks : Modern Pioneers Still Building the Southwest. (Phoenix [Ariz.]) 1949-1956

Phoenix: Arizona Tribune. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1958-1970s

Phoenix: Arizona Weekly Gazette. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1900s-1980

Phoenix: Arizona Weekly Republican. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1892-1899

Phoenix: Arizona Weekly Republican. (Phoenix, [Ariz.]) 1890-1891

Phoenix: Arizona Women's Voice. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1985-1990

Phoenix: Beacon. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1934-1935

Phoenix: Business Journal. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1987-Current

Phoenix: Catholic Sun. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1985-Current

Phoenix: Central Phoenix Independent. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1983-1984

Phoenix: Central Phoenix Sun. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1976-1981

Phoenix: Daily Arizonan. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz.) 1887-1889

Phoenix: Daily Enterprise. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1898-1902

Phoenix: Daily Phoenix Herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1887

Phoenix: Daily Valley News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1974-1975

Phoenix: Deer Valley News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1973-1974

Phoenix: Democrat. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1936-1938

Phoenix: Desert Advocate. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1990-Current

Phoenix: Dunbar's Weekly. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1914-1946

Phoenix: Eagle Free Press. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1983-1989

Phoenix: Enterprise. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1984-1986

Phoenix: Enterprise. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1987-Current

Phoenix: Evening American. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1963-1965

Phoenix: Five Points Star Combined With Arizona State News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1928-1929

Phoenix: Glendale American. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1973-1974

Phoenix: Glendale Area Home News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1940s-1955

Phoenix: Grapevine News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1995-1996

Phoenix: Grapevine. (Phoenix, Ariz) 1996-1997

Phoenix: Greater Phoenix Business Journal. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1986-1987

Phoenix: Greater Phoenix Jewish News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1983-1993

Phoenix: Home News West Phoenix Edition. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1955-1956

Phoenix: Independent. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1892-1894

Phoenix: Indian Arizona News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1978-1980

Phoenix: Jewish News of Greater Phoenix. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1993-Current

Phoenix: Labor Journal. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1960-1963

Phoenix: Latter-Day Sentinel. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1979-1989

Phoenix: Maryvale Star. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1971-1986

Phoenix: Maryvale Sun. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1956-1963

Phoenix: Maverick. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1947-1950

Phoenix: Messenger. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1916-1955

Phoenix: Midtown Messenger. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 2001-Current

Phoenix: Monitor Hispano. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1990s-Current

Phoenix: New El Sol. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1998-Current

Phoenix: New Times. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1981-Current

Phoenix: North Central News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1999-Current

Phoenix: North Valley This Week. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1986-Current

Phoenix: Northwest News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1982-1983

Phoenix: Paradise Valley Independent. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1983-2001

Phoenix: Paradise Valley News-Progress. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1975-1980

Phoenix: Paradise Valley News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1973-1974

Phoenix: Paradise Valley Press. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1982-1983

Phoenix: Paradise Valley Progress. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1980-1981

Phoenix: Phoenix American. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1965-1967

Phoenix: Phoenix Business Journal. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1980-1986

Phoenix: Phoenix Central News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1973-1976

Phoenix: Phoenix Daily Herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz.) 1887-1899

Phoenix: Phoenix Enterprise. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1902-1906

Phoenix: Phoenix Enterprise. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1986-1987

Phoenix: Phoenix Evening Gazette. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1928-1946

Phoenix: Phoenix Gazette. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1946-1997

Phoenix: Phoenix Herald. (Phenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory) 1879-1882

Phoenix: Phoenix Herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882

Phoenix: Phoenix Home News and Continuing the Sun Valley Sun. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1950-1954

Phoenix: Phoenix Jewish News. (Phoenix) 1948-1983

Phoenix: Phoenix Labor Press. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1932-1960s

Phoenix: Phoenix Press Weekly. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1970s-1980s

Phoenix: Phoenix Sun. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1949-1963

Phoenix: Phoenix Sun. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1981-1983

Phoenix: Phoenix Today. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1975-1976

Phoenix: Phoenix Tribune. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1918-1930s

Phoenix: Phoenix Weekly Herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1899

Phoenix: Republican-Herald. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1899-1900

Phoenix: Sage. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1955-1971

Phoenix: Salt River Herald. (Phoenix, Salt River Valley, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1878-1879

Phoenix: Salt River Valley Times and Your Southside Shopper. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1945-1948

Phoenix: Salt River Valley Times. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1948-1949

Phoenix: Sand. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1945-1950

Phoenix: Saturday Review. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1894-1895

Phoenix: South Mountain Star. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1967-1973

Phoenix: South Mountain Star. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1973-1977

Phoenix: South Phoenix Round-Up. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1951-1967

Phoenix: Southwestern Stockman, Farmer and Feeder. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1895-1910s

Phoenix: Star. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1960s-1970

Phoenix: Sun Valley Sun. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1945-1950

Phoenix: Sunday's Childe. ([Phoenix, Ariz.]) 1976-1981

Phoenix: Territorial Expositor. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1879-1881

Phoenix: Today. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1974-1975

Phoenix: Tri-Court Record Reporter. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1918-1919

Phoenix: Valley News & Sage. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1971-1972

Phoenix: Valley News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1972-1973

Phoenix: Weekly American News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1969-1973

Phoenix: Weekly American. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1967-1969

Phoenix: Weekly Phoenix Herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory [Ariz.]) 1882-1896

Phoenix: Weekly Republican. (Phoenix [Ariz.]) 1891-1892

Phoenix: Your Shopping News. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1948-1949

Scottsdale: Arizonian. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1953-1969

Scottsdale: North Scottsdale Independent. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1988-1990s

Scottsdale: North Scottsdale Independent. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1999-2008

Scottsdale: North Scottsdale Times. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 2001-Current

Scottsdale: Northeast Phoenix Independent. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 2001-Current

Scottsdale: Paradise Valley Business Review. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1992-1990s

Scottsdale: Scottsdale Daily Progress. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1961-1986

Scottsdale: Scottsdale Independent. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1985-1988

Scottsdale: Scottsdale Independent. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1986-1988

Scottsdale: Scottsdale Progress Tribune. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1993-1997

Scottsdale: Scottsdale Progress. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1948-1961

Scottsdale: Scottsdale Progress. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 1986-1993

Scottsdale: Scottsdale Times. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 2001-Current

Sun City: Daily News-Sun. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1978-Current

Sun City: Peoria Independent. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1999-Current

Sun City: Peoria/glendale Daily News-Sun. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1980s-1992

Sun City: Sun Cities Independent. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1984-Current

Sun City: Sun City Citizen. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1973-1983

Sun City: Sun City Independent. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1983-1984

Sun City: Sun City West Independent. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1985-Current

Sun City: Surprise Independent. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1997-Current

Sun City: Surprise Today. (Sun City, Ariz.) 1996-Current

Sunnyslope: Sunnyslope Journal. (Sunnyslope, Ariz.) 1948-1960s

Sunnyslope: Sunnyslope News. (Sunnyslope, Maricopa County, Ariz.) 1956-1960s

Sunnyslope: Sunnyslope Star. (Sunnyslope, Ariz.) 1940s-1940s

Tempe: Arizona State Press. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1936-1937

Tempe: Collegian. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1930-1936

Tempe: N.T. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1974-1975

Tempe: N.T. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1976-1977

Tempe: New Times Weekly. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1977-1981

Tempe: New Times. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1970-1974

Tempe: New Times. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1974-1975

Tempe: New Times. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1975-1976

Tempe: New World. (New York) 1840-1845

Tempe: Salt River Valley News. (Tempe, Maricopa County, Ariz.) 1886-1887

Tempe: Southside Progress. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1937-1948

Tempe: State Press. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1937-Current

Tempe: Sun Devil News. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1977-1985

Tempe: Tempe Collegian. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1925-1930

Tempe: Tempe Daily News Tribune. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1986-1997

Tempe: Tempe Daily News. (Tempe, Maricopa County, Ariz.) 1893-1986

Tempe: Tempe News. (Tempe, Maricopa County, Ariz.) 1887-1940s

Tempe: Tempe Normal Student. (Tempe, Ariz.) 1906-1925

Tempe: Tempe-Scottsdale Tribune. ([Tempe, Ariz.]) 1934-1930s

Tolleson: Westside Enterprise. (Tolleson, Ariz.) 1941-1953

Wickenburg: Arizona State Miner. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1919-1927

Wickenburg: Hassayampa Miner. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1916-1917

Wickenburg: Hassayampa Sun. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1934-1935

Wickenburg: News-Herald. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1901-1907

Wickenburg: Sun. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1944-1951

Wickenburg: Treasure Trail News. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1952-1956

Wickenburg: Wickenburg Miner. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1915-1910s

Wickenburg: Wickenburg Miner. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1917-1918

Wickenburg: Wickenburg Sun. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1935-1944

Wickenburg: Wickenburg Sun. (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1951-Current

Wittmann: Local Desert Exchange. (Wittmann, Ariz.) 1978-1980s

Youngtown: Desert Call. (Youngtown, Ariz.) 1956-1959

Youngtown: News-Sun. (Youngtown, Ariz.) 1960-1978

Youngtown: Sun City Sun Citizen. (Youngtown, Ariz.) 1962-1973

Youngtown: Youngtown News. (Youngtown, Ariz.) 1956-1959

Youngtown: Youngtown Record. (Youngtown, Ariz.) 1959-1980

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