Kaneohe Genealogy (in Honolulu County, HI)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Kaneohe Cemetery Records

Greenhaven Memorial Park Find a Grave

Greenhaven Memorial Park Billion Graves

Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery Find a Grave

Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery Billion Graves

Hawaiian Memorial Park Billion Graves

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Ann Church Cemetery Billion Graves

Saint Ann's Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Silva Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Waikane Congregational Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Watson Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Kaneohe Church Records

Record of members, 1935-1941; annual genealogical report, Form E, 1935- 1948 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kaneohe Branch (Hawaii)) Family History Library

Kaneohe Newspapers and Obituaries

Central Sun Press. (Kaneohe, Hi.) 1977-Current US Newspaper Directory

Downtowner. ([Kaneohe, Hi]) 1975-1976 US Newspaper Directory

Hawaii Marine. (Kaneohe, Hawaii) 1973-Current US Newspaper Directory

Hawaii News-Press. (Kaneohe, Hawaii) 1970-1971 US Newspaper Directory

Ka 'Ohana 03/01/2008 to Current Genealogy Bank

Leeward Sun Press. (Kaneohe, Hi) 1972-1981 US Newspaper Directory

Leeward Sun Press. (Kaneohe, Hi) 1986-Current US Newspaper Directory

Military Sun Press. ([Kaneohe, Hawaii) 1988-Current US Newspaper Directory

Pearl City Aiea Sun Press. (Kaneohe, Hi) 1981-1986 US Newspaper Directory

Sun Press. (Kaneohe, Hi) 1986-Current US Newspaper Directory

Sun-Flyer. (Kaneohe, Hi) 1984-Current US Newspaper Directory

That Other Paper. (Kaneohe, Hawaii) 1969-1970 US Newspaper Directory

Wahiawa Sun Press. (Kaneohe, Hawaii) 1972-1977 US Newspaper Directory

Windward Oahu News. (Kaneohe, Hi) 1987-Current US Newspaper Directory

Kaneohe School Records

Castle High School Kaulana Yearbook 1960 (Kaneohe) E Yearbooks