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Overview of Idaho records

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Birth Records (211)
Cemetery Records (1,606)
Census Records (1,299)
Church Records (552)
City Directories (471)
Court Records (29)
Death Records (610)
Histories and Genealogies (305)
Immigration Records (84)
Land Records (148)
Map Records (642)
Marriage Records (487)
Military Records (313)
Minority Records (18)
Miscellaneous Records (76)
Newspapers and Obituaries (1,440)
Probate Records (154)
School Records (652)
Tax Records (7)

By County

Ada County (501)
Adams County (111)
Bannock County (353)
Bear Lake County (232)
Benewah County (120)
Bingham County (313)
Blaine County (206)
Boise County (150)
Bonner County (260)
Bonneville County (273)
Boundary County (130)
Butte County (94)
Camas County (81)
Canyon County (374)
Caribou County (160)
Cassia County (321)
Clark County (108)
Clearwater County (126)
Custer County (165)
Elmore County (165)
Franklin County (236)
Fremont County (191)
Gem County (101)
Gooding County (113)
Idaho County (291)
Jefferson County (155)
Jerome County (111)
Kootenai County (363)
Latah County (353)
Lemhi County (169)
Lewis County (136)
Lincoln County (124)
Madison County (166)
Minidoka County (122)
Nez Perce County (286)
Oneida County (138)
Owyhee County (208)
Payette County (132)
Power County (95)
Shoshone County (245)
Teton County (94)
Twin Falls County (285)
Valley County (109)
Washington County (167)

By City

Aberdeen (in Bingham County) (50)
Albion (in Cassia County) (51)
Almo (in Cassia County) (29)
American Falls (in Power County) (47)
Ammon (in Bonneville County) (27)
Arco (in Butte County) (41)
Arimo (in Bannock County) (44)
Ashton (in Fremont County) (44)
Athol (in Kootenai County) (33)
Bancroft (in Caribou County) (39)
Basin (in Cassia County) (30)
Bellevue (in Blaine County) (37)
Bennington (in Bear Lake County) (26)
Blackfoot (in Bingham County) (140)
Bliss (in Gooding County) (38)
Boise (in Ada County) (307)
Bonners Ferry (in Boundary County) (63)
Bovill (in Latah County) (30)
Bruneau (in Owyhee County) (42)
Buhl (in Twin Falls County) (49)
Burke (in Shoshone County) (32)
Burley (in Cassia County) (94)
Caldwell (in Canyon County) (114)
Cambridge (in Washington County) (45)
Canyon (in Canyon County) (29)
Carey (in Blaine County) (41)
Cascade (in Valley County) (39)
Challis (in Custer County) (49)
Chesterfield (in Caribou County) (24)
Clark Fork (in Bonner County) (35)
Clearwater (in Idaho County) (31)
Clifton (in Franklin County) (28)
Coeur d'Alene (in Kootenai County) (135)
Colburn (in Bonner County) (27)
Cottonwood (in Idaho County) (64)
Council (in Adams County) (50)
Craigmont (in Lewis County) (36)
Culdesac (in Nez Perce County) (30)
Custer (in Custer County) (28)
Dayton (in Franklin County) (31)
De Lamar (in Owyhee County) (34)
Deary (in Latah County) (43)
Declo (in Cassia County) (29)
Dietrich (in Lincoln County) (28)
Dingle (in Bear Lake County) (26)
Downey (in Bannock County) (48)
Driggs (in Teton County) (43)
Dubois (in Clark County) (51)
Eagle (in Ada County) (39)
Eden (in Jerome County) (28)
Elba (in Cassia County) (34)
Elk City (in Idaho County) (31)
Elk River (in Clearwater County) (33)
Emmett (in Gem County) (56)
Fairfield (in Camas County) (41)
Fairview (in Franklin County) (27)
Ferdinand (in Idaho County) (31)
Filer (in Twin Falls County) (53)
Firth (in Bingham County) (45)
Fish Haven (in Bear Lake County) (26)
Fort Hall (in Bingham County) (45)
Franklin (in Franklin County) (33)
Freedom (in Caribou County) (24)
Fruitland (in Payette County) (28)
Garden Valley (in Boise County) (34)
Gem (in Shoshone County) (33)
Genesee (in Latah County) (67)
Geneva (in Bear Lake County) (27)
Georgetown (in Bear Lake County) (26)
Gifford (in Nez Perce County) (33)
Glenns Ferry (in Elmore County) (37)
Gooding (in Gooding County) (50)
Grace (in Caribou County) (41)
Grand View (in Owyhee County) (34)
Grangeville (in Idaho County) (74)
Greenleaf (in Canyon County) (33)
Hagerman (in Gooding County) (35)
Hailey (in Blaine County) (59)
Hansen (in Twin Falls County) (38)
Harrison (in Kootenai County) (38)
Hayden Lake (in Kootenai County) (33)
Hazelton (in Jerome County) (32)
Heyburn (in Minidoka County) (39)
Holbrook (in Oneida County) (30)
Homedale (in Owyhee County) (37)
Hope (in Bonner County) (30)
Horseshoe Bend (in Boise County) (33)
Howe (in Butte County) (29)
Idaho City (in Boise County) (66)
Idaho Falls (in Bonneville County) (169)
Inkom (in Bannock County) (39)
Iona (in Bonneville County) (33)
Island Park (in Fremont County) (34)
Jackson (in Cassia County) (29)
Jerome (in Jerome County) (58)
Juliaetta (in Latah County) (39)
Kamiah (in Lewis County) (34)
Kellogg (in Shoshone County) (47)
Kendrick (in Latah County) (56)
Ketchum (in Blaine County) (64)
Kimberly (in Twin Falls County) (39)
Kooskia (in Idaho County) (37)
Kootenai (in Bonner County) (33)
Kuna (in Ada County) (45)
Lapwai (in Nez Perce County) (36)
Lardo (in Valley County) (27)
Lava Hot Springs (in Bannock County) (40)
Leesburg (in Lemhi County) (33)
Lenore (in Nez Perce County) (30)
Leslie (in Custer County) (28)
Lewiston (in Nez Perce County) (142)
Lewisville (in Jefferson County) (26)
Mackay (in Custer County) (41)
Malad (in Oneida County) (59)
Malta (in Cassia County) (34)
Mapleton (in Franklin County) (25)
Marion (in Cassia County) (29)
Marsing (in Owyhee County) (35)
McCall (in Valley County) (37)
McCammon (in Bannock County) (43)
Melba (in Canyon County) (34)
Menan (in Jefferson County) (25)
Meridian (in Ada County) (67)
Middleton (in Canyon County) (38)
Midvale (in Washington County) (40)
Milner (in Cassia County) (29)
Minidoka (in Minidoka County) (33)
Mink Creek (in Franklin County) (29)
Montpelier (in Bear Lake County) (69)
Moore (in Butte County) (31)
Moreland (in Bingham County) (36)
Moscow (in Latah County) (111)
Mountain Home (in Elmore County) (80)
Mullan (in Shoshone County) (47)
Murray (in Shoshone County) (35)
Murtaugh (in Twin Falls County) (36)
Nampa (in Canyon County) (103)
New Meadows (in Adams County) (35)
New Plymouth (in Payette County) (46)
Nezperce (in Lewis County) (39)
Notus (in Canyon County) (28)
Nounan (in Bear Lake County) (27)
Oakley (in Cassia County) (71)
Orofino (in Clearwater County) (55)
Osburn (in Shoshone County) (31)
Oxford (in Franklin County) (27)
Paris (in Bear Lake County) (46)
Parma (in Canyon County) (46)
Paul (in Minidoka County) (34)
Payette (in Payette County) (51)
Peck (in Nez Perce County) (30)
Placerville (in Boise County) (33)
Plummer (in Benewah County) (35)
Pocatello (in Bannock County) (215)
Post Falls (in Kootenai County) (50)
Potlatch (in Latah County) (40)
Preston (in Franklin County) (80)
Priest River (in Bonner County) (42)
Rathdrum (in Kootenai County) (62)
Reubens (in Lewis County) (26)
Rexburg (in Madison County) (84)
Richfield (in Lincoln County) (38)
Rigby (in Jefferson County) (53)
Riggins (in Idaho County) (30)
Ririe (in Jefferson County) (31)
Riverdale (in Franklin County) (26)
Roberts (in Jefferson County) (39)
Robin (in Bannock County) (37)
Rock Creek (in Twin Falls County) (34)
Rockland (in Power County) (30)
Rocky Bar (in Elmore County) (33)
Rogerson (in Twin Falls County) (36)
Rupert (in Minidoka County) (60)
Sagle (in Bonner County) (29)
Salem (in Madison County) (27)
Salmon (in Lemhi County) (63)
Sandpoint (in Bonner County) (85)
Shelley (in Bingham County) (54)
Shoshone (in Lincoln County) (49)
Silver City (in Owyhee County) (72)
Soda Springs (in Caribou County) (49)
Spalding (in Nez Perce County) (30)
Spencer (in Clark County) (32)
Spirit Lake (in Kootenai County) (41)
Springfield (in Bingham County) (38)
St Anthony (in Fremont County) (64)
St Charles (in Bear Lake County) (26)
St Maries (in Benewah County) (43)
Stanley (in Custer County) (29)
Star (in Ada County) (35)
Stites (in Idaho County) (29)
Sugar (in Madison County) (43)
Swan Lake (in Bannock County) (37)
Tetonia (in Teton County) (28)
Thatcher (in Franklin County) (30)
Treasureton (in Franklin County) (25)
Troy (in Latah County) (49)
Twin Falls (in Twin Falls County) (126)
Ucon (in Bonneville County) (27)
Victor (in Teton County) (29)
View (in Cassia County) (30)
Wallace (in Shoshone County) (69)
Wardner (in Shoshone County) (33)
Weiser (in Washington County) (79)
Wendell (in Gooding County) (41)
Weston (in Franklin County) (30)
White Bird (in Idaho County) (27)
Whitney (in Franklin County) (26)
Wilder (in Canyon County) (37)
Wilford (in Fremont County) (28)
Winchester (in Lewis County) (36)

Overview of Idaho Genealogy Records

  • History: Idaho was first settled in 1860. It became Idaho Territory in 1863 and included all of Montana and nearly all of Wyoming until Montana became its own territory in 1864 and Wyoming in 1868. Idaho became a state in 1890.
  • Birth records: A few birth records were kept starting in the 1870s. Statewide registration of births began in 1911 with complete records by the 1920s.  Birth records from 1911 to the present can be obtained from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.
  • Marriage records: Marriages were kept since the date each county was organized.  Marriage records can be obtained from the county recorder in the individual county. Marriage records from 1947 to the present can be obtained from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.
  • Death records: Death records were kept starting in 1907 with complete records by 1911.  Death records from 1911 to the present can be obtained from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records can be obtained from the clerk of the district court of the individual counties. Divorce records from 1947 to the present can be obtained from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Idaho is 1860. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1860 (partial), 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There is a partial 1856 census that was taken as part of the Utah territorial census.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns kept newspapers, churches kept records, and there are records of cemeteries, histories, schools, city directories, and other records that can be located by using the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate the online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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