Hillsboro Genealogy (in Montgomery County, IL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Hillsboro Cemetery Records

Bluff Cemetery Find a Grave

Bost Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Burials in Clear Springs Cemetery, Hillsboro Township, Hillsboro, Illinois 62049 Family History Library

Clear Springs Cemetery Find a Grave

Cress Hill Cemetery Interment

Cress Hill Cemetery (Hillsboro, Illinois) Family History Library

Cress Hill Cemetery, Hillsboro, Illinois, Hillsboro Township, Sect. 2, NW of NW , Montgomery County, Illinois Family History Library

Edwards Chapel Cemetery : Hillsboro, Illinois, Grisham Township, sect. 12 W of NW , Montgomery County Family History Library

Glen Oaks Cemetery Find a Grave

Oak Grove Cemetery, Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois Family History Library

Waveland Cemetery Find a Grave

Hillsboro Church Records

Church records, 1828-1982 (Hillsboro United Presbyterian Church (Hillsboro, Illinois)) Family History Library

Sesquicentennial anniversary of the Presbyterian Church of Hillsboro, Illinois : A history of the church for the past one hundred and fifty years and a report of the sesquicentennial celebration, Sunday, March 12, 1978 Family History Library

The semi-centennial of the Hillsboro Presbyterian Church, March 10th, 1878 Family History Library

Hillsboro City Directories

Hillsboro (Illinois) city directories Family History Library

Hillsboro, IL 1911-1930 City Directories Allen County Public Library

U.S. City Directories (includes Hillsboro 1911, 1926, 1930 ) Ancestry

Hillsboro Newspapers and Obituaries

Hillsboro Democrat. (Hillsboro, Ill.) 1860s-1874 Multiple Archives

Hillsboro Journal. (Hillsboro, Ill.) 1870s-1870s Boston Public Library

Hillsboro News Letter. (Hillsboro, Ill.) 1870-1870s Multiple Archives

Hillsboro and Montgomery County News. (Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Ill.) 1965-1983 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Montgomery County Herald. (Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Ill.) 1854-1860s Multiple Archives

Montgomery County News. (Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Ill.) 1983-2004 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Montgomery News. (Hillsboro, Ill.) 1870s-1964 Multiple Archives