Jewell Genealogy (in Jewell County, KS)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Jewell Cemetery Records

John Berg Grave Interment

Jewell Histories and Genealogies

Index of Story of the old home town Jewell City, Kansas Family History Library

Jewell Newspapers and Obituaries

Jewell County Democrat 1885-1887

Jewell County Democrat. (Jewell City, Kan.) 1886-1887 Kansas State Historical Society

Jewell County Diamond. (Jewell City, Kan.) 1873-1878 Multiple Archives

Jewell County News 1891-1895

Jewell County News. (Jewell City, Kan.) 1891-1895 Kansas State Historical Society

Jewell County Record 1897-1897

Jewell County Republican 1879-1923

Jewell County Republican. (Jewell City, Kan.) 1879-Current Kansas State Historical Society

Jewell Democrat. (Jewell City, Kan.) 1885-1886 Kansas State Historical Society

Our Booster 1913-1919

The Jewell County Diamond 1874-1878

The Jewell Rural High School Spotlight 1924-1932