Kansas Genealogy

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Overview of Kansas records

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Birth Records (513)
Cemetery Records (7,068)
Census Records (6,061)
Church Records (731)
City Directories (1,798)
Court Records (89)
Death Records (1,106)
Histories and Genealogies (845)
Immigration Records (292)
Land Records (424)
Map Records (1,592)
Marriage Records (888)
Military Records (761)
Minority Records (53)
Miscellaneous Records (172)
Newspapers and Obituaries (12,087)
Probate Records (346)
School Records (3,012)
Tax Records (56)

By County

Allen County (471)
Anderson County (314)
Atchison County (590)
Barber County (264)
Barton County (405)
Bourbon County (485)
Brown County (459)
Butler County (690)
Chase County (308)
Chautauqua County (329)
Cherokee County (512)
Cheyenne County (160)
Clark County (146)
Clay County (336)
Cloud County (358)
Coffey County (347)
Comanche County (141)
Cowley County (589)
Crawford County (594)
Decatur County (197)
Dickinson County (579)
Doniphan County (366)
Douglas County (698)
Edwards County (201)
Elk County (287)
Ellis County (322)
Ellsworth County (232)
Finney County (202)
Ford County (349)
Franklin County (478)
Geary County (318)
Gove County (179)
Graham County (192)
Grant County (112)
Gray County (165)
Greeley County (120)
Greenwood County (588)
Hamilton County (168)
Harper County (283)
Harvey County (406)
Haskell County (110)
Hodgeman County (136)
Jackson County (343)
Jefferson County (402)
Jewell County (352)
Johnson County (602)
Kearny County (125)
Kingman County (246)
Kiowa County (153)
Labette County (482)
Lane County (117)
Leavenworth County (861)
Lincoln County (203)
Linn County (325)
Logan County (154)
Lyon County (892)
Marion County (416)
Marshall County (465)
McPherson County (484)
Meade County (157)
Miami County (290)
Mitchell County (322)
Montgomery County (705)
Morris County (345)
Morton County (123)
Nemaha County (418)
Neosho County (447)
Ness County (169)
Norton County (285)
Osage County (460)
Osborne County (369)
Ottawa County (251)
Pawnee County (190)
Phillips County (295)
Pottawatomie County (606)
Pratt County (265)
Rawlins County (166)
Reno County (671)
Republic County (392)
Rice County (311)
Riley County (658)
Rooks County (264)
Rush County (311)
Russell County (349)
Saline County (504)
Scott County (113)
Sedgwick County (1,224)
Seward County (154)
Shawnee County (1,280)
Sheridan County (137)
Sherman County (183)
Smith County (341)
Stafford County (227)
Stanton County (104)
Stevens County (146)
Sumner County (540)
Thomas County (167)
Trego County (152)
Wabaunsee County (416)
Wallace County (127)
Washington County (486)
Wichita County (130)
Wilson County (305)
Woodson County (243)
Wyandotte County (717)

By City

Abbyville (in Reno County) (34)
Abilene (in Dickinson County) (157)
Ada (in Ottawa County) (30)
Admire (in Lyon County) (61)
Agenda (in Republic County) (26)
Agra (in Phillips County) (41)
Albert (in Barton County) (27)
Alden (in Rice County) (27)
Alexander (in Rush County) (29)
Allen (in Lyon County) (69)
Alma (in Wabaunsee County) (118)
Almena (in Norton County) (40)
Alta Vista (in Wabaunsee County) (57)
Altamont (in Labette County) (42)
Alton (in Osborne County) (45)
Altoona (in Wilson County) (49)
Americus (in Lyon County) (59)
Ames (in Cloud County) (29)
Andale (in Sedgwick County) (40)
Andover (in Butler County) (36)
Anthony (in Harper County) (69)
Arcadia (in Crawford County) (60)
Argentine (in Wyandotte County) (39)
Argonia (in Sumner County) (44)
Arkansas City (in Cowley County) (143)
Arlington (in Reno County) (39)
Arma (in Crawford County) (42)
Arrington (in Atchison County) (34)
Arvonia (in Osage County) (35)
Asherville (in Mitchell County) (26)
Ashland (in Clark County) (48)
Assaria (in Saline County) (39)
Atchison (in Atchison County) (285)
Athol (in Smith County) (41)
Atlanta (in Cowley County) (48)
Attica (in Harper County) (48)
Atwood (in Rawlins County) (51)
Auburn (in Shawnee County) (36)
Augusta (in Butler County) (96)
Aurora (in Cloud County) (39)
Axtell (in Marshall County) (52)
Baileyville (in Nemaha County) (40)
Bala (in Riley County) (46)
Baldwin City (in Douglas County) (78)
Banner (in Rush County) (25)
Barclay (in Osage County) (33)
Barnard (in Lincoln County) (32)
Barnes (in Washington County) (51)
Bartlett (in Labette County) (35)
Basehor (in Leavenworth County) (53)
Baxter Springs (in Cherokee County) (101)
Bazine (in Ness County) (30)
Beagle (in Miami County) (34)
Beattie (in Marshall County) (54)
Beaver (in Barton County) (27)
Belle Plaine (in Sumner County) (56)
Bellefont (in Ford County) (25)
Belleville (in Republic County) (98)
Beloit (in Mitchell County) (100)
Belpre (in Edwards County) (29)
Belvue (in Pottawatomie County) (49)
Benedict (in Wilson County) (37)
Bennington (in Ottawa County) (40)
Bentley (in Sedgwick County) (32)
Benton (in Butler County) (55)
Bern (in Nemaha County) (59)
Berryton (in Shawnee County) (34)
Beverly (in Lincoln County) (34)
Bird City (in Cheyenne County) (40)
Bison (in Rush County) (34)
Bloom (in Ford County) (29)
Bloomington (in Osborne County) (27)
Blue Mound (in Linn County) (43)
Blue Rapids (in Marshall County) (65)
Bluff City (in Harper County) (37)
Bogue (in Graham County) (26)
Bonner Springs (in Wyandotte County) (51)
Brantford (in Washington County) (39)
Brewster (in Sherman County) (34)
Bronson (in Bourbon County) (46)
Brookville (in Saline County) (52)
Brownell (in Ness County) (21)
Buckeye (in Dickinson County) (29)
Buckeye Township (in Ellis County) (28)
Bucklin (in Ford County) (41)
Buffalo (in Wilson County) (45)
Buhler (in Reno County) (43)
Bunker Hill (in Russell County) (49)
Burden (in Cowley County) (41)
Burdett (in Pawnee County) (30)
Burdick (in Morris County) (38)
Burlingame (in Osage County) (83)
Burlington (in Coffey County) (126)
Burns (in Marion County) (43)
Burr Oak (in Jewell County) (46)
Burrton (in Harvey County) (58)
Bushong (in Lyon County) (31)
Bushton (in Rice County) (34)
Byers (in Pratt County) (25)
Cain (in Rice County) (26)
Caldwell (in Sumner County) (74)
Cambridge (in Cowley County) (28)
Caney (in Montgomery County) (75)
Canton (in McPherson County) (64)
Capioma (in Nemaha County) (37)
Carbondale (in Osage County) (70)
Carlton (in Dickinson County) (29)
Cassoday (in Butler County) (37)
Castleton (in Reno County) (32)
Catharine (in Ellis County) (26)
Cawker City (in Mitchell County) (66)
Cedar (in Smith County) (36)
Cedar Point (in Chase County) (48)
Cedar Vale (in Chautauqua County) (69)
Centerville (in Linn County) (40)
Centralia (in Nemaha County) (52)
Centropolis (in Franklin County) (37)
Chanute (in Neosho County) (164)
Chapman (in Dickinson County) (83)
Chase (in Rice County) (42)
Chautauqua (in Chautauqua County) (37)
Cheney (in Sedgwick County) (52)
Cherokee (in Crawford County) (75)
Cherryvale (in Montgomery County) (126)
Chetopa (in Labette County) (57)
Cimarron (in Gray County) (54)
Circleville (in Jackson County) (41)
Claflin (in Barton County) (41)
Clara (in Washington County) (41)
Clay Center (in Clay County) (124)
Clayton (in Decatur County) (25)
Clearwater (in Sedgwick County) (62)
Cleburne (in Riley County) (48)
Clifton (in Washington County) (73)
Climax (in Greenwood County) (36)
Clyde (in Cloud County) (70)
Coats (in Pratt County) (33)
Codell (in Rooks County) (26)
Coffeyville (in Montgomery County) (210)
Colby (in Thomas County) (70)
Coldwater (in Comanche County) (55)
Collyer (in Trego County) (29)
Colony (in Greeley County) (33)
Columbus (in Cherokee County) (125)
Colwich (in Sedgwick County) (36)
Concordia (in Cloud County) (103)
Conway Springs (in Sumner County) (52)
Coolidge (in Hamilton County) (35)
Copeland (in Gray County) (31)
Corning (in Nemaha County) (46)
Cottonwood Falls (in Chase County) (99)
Council Grove (in Morris County) (111)
Courtland (in Republic County) (48)
Coyville (in Wilson County) (39)
Crisfield (in Harper County) (23)
Cuba (in Republic County) (58)
Cullison (in Pratt County) (30)
Culver (in Ottawa County) (27)
Cummings (in Atchison County) (36)
Cunningham (in Kingman County) (37)
Damar (in Rooks County) (25)
De Soto (in Johnson County) (50)
Dearing (in Montgomery County) (30)
Deerfield (in Kearny County) (31)
Delia (in Jackson County) (40)
Delphos (in Ottawa County) (48)
Denison (in Jackson County) (47)
Dennis (in Labette County) (33)
Densmore (in Norton County) (26)
Denton (in Doniphan County) (45)
Derby (in Sedgwick County) (58)
Detroit (in Dickinson County) (29)
Dexter (in Cowley County) (47)
Dighton (in Lane County) (44)
Dodge City (in Ford County) (153)
Doniphan (in Doniphan County) (41)
Dorrance (in Russell County) (53)
Douglass (in Butler County) (49)
Dover (in Shawnee County) (36)
Downs (in Osborne County) (72)
Dresden (in Decatur County) (29)
Dubuque (in Barton County) (24)
Dunlap (in Morris County) (47)
Durham (in Marion County) (39)
Dwight (in Morris County) (56)
Earlton (in Neosho County) (32)
Easton (in Leavenworth County) (74)
Edgerton (in Johnson County) (53)
Edmond (in Norton County) (30)
Edna (in Labette County) (46)
Edson (in Sherman County) (27)
Edwardsville (in Wyandotte County) (30)
Effingham (in Atchison County) (53)
El Dorado (in Butler County) (145)
Elbing (in Butler County) (37)
Elgin (in Chautauqua County) (36)
Elk City (in Montgomery County) (59)
Elk Falls (in Elk County) (44)
Elkhart (in Morton County) (30)
Ellinwood (in Barton County) (43)
Ellis (in Ellis County) (68)
Ellsworth (in Ellsworth County) (61)
Elmdale (in Chase County) (50)
Elsmore (in Allen County) (50)
Elwood (in Doniphan County) (45)
Emmett (in Pottawatomie County) (56)
Empire City (in McPherson County) (34)
Emporia (in Lyon County) (503)
Englewood (in Clark County) (35)
Ensign (in Gray County) (37)
Enterprise (in Dickinson County) (76)
Erie (in Neosho County) (59)
Esbon (in Jewell County) (37)
Eskridge (in Wabaunsee County) (68)
Eudora (in Douglas County) (60)
Eureka (in Greenwood County) (175)
Everest (in Brown County) (57)
Fairview (in Brown County) (59)
Fairway (in Johnson County) (38)
Fall River (in Greenwood County) (76)
Falun (in Saline County) (46)
Farlington (in Crawford County) (40)
Florence (in Marion County) (55)
Fontana (in Miami County) (40)
Ford (in Ford County) (35)
Formoso (in Jewell County) (29)
Fort Dodge (in Ford County) (31)
Fort Leavenworth (in Leavenworth County) (68)
Fort Riley (in Geary County) (46)
Fort Scott (in Bourbon County) (240)
Fowler (in Meade County) (37)
Frankfort (in Marshall County) (74)
Franklin (in Crawford County) (40)
Frederick (in Rice County) (32)
Fredonia (in Wilson County) (75)
Freeport (in Harper County) (27)
Fremont (in Lyon County) (32)
Frontenac (in Crawford County) (53)
Fulton (in Bourbon County) (49)
Galatia (in Barton County) (28)
Galena (in Cherokee County) (90)
Galesburg (in Neosho County) (37)
Galva (in McPherson County) (49)
Garden City (in Finney County) (114)
Garden Plain (in Sedgwick County) (46)
Gardner (in Johnson County) (69)
Garfield (in Pawnee County) (31)
Garland (in Bourbon County) (37)
Garnett (in Anderson County) (110)
Gas (in Allen County) (44)
Gaylord (in Smith County) (41)
Gem (in Thomas County) (23)
Geneseo (in Rice County) (32)
Geneva (in Allen County) (39)
Geuda Springs (in Sumner County) (36)
Girard (in Crawford County) (102)
Glade (in Phillips County) (25)
Glasco (in Cloud County) (36)
Glen Elder (in Mitchell County) (46)
Goddard (in Sedgwick County) (46)
Goessel (in Marion County) (41)
Goff (in Nemaha County) (41)
Goodland (in Sherman County) (75)
Gorham (in Russell County) (29)
Gove City (in Gove County) (41)
Grainfield (in Gove County) (37)
Grant (in Russell County) (37)
Grantville (in Jefferson County) (37)
Grasshopper Falls (in Jefferson County) (42)
Great Bend (in Barton County) (133)
Greeley (in Anderson County) (57)
Green (in Clay County) (47)
Greenleaf (in Washington County) (66)
Greensburg (in Kiowa County) (58)
Grenola (in Elk County) (49)
Gridley (in Coffey County) (56)
Grinnell (in Gove County) (39)
Gypsum (in Saline County) (45)
Haddam (in Washington County) (58)
Hallowell (in Cherokee County) (35)
Halstead (in Harvey County) (57)
Hamilton (in Greenwood County) (61)
Hamlin (in Brown County) (53)
Hanover (in Washington County) (65)
Hanston (in Hodgeman County) (33)
Hardtner (in Barber County) (24)
Harlan (in Smith County) (38)
Harper (in Harper County) (66)
Harris (in Anderson County) (45)
Hartford (in Lyon County) (73)
Hartland (in Kearny County) (21)
Harveyville (in Wabaunsee County) (47)
Havana (in Montgomery County) (43)
Haven (in Reno County) (49)
Havensville (in Pottawatomie County) (55)
Haviland (in Kiowa County) (32)
Hays (in Ellis County) (120)
Hays Township (in Reno County) (30)
Haysville (in Sedgwick County) (36)
Hazelton (in Barber County) (28)
Healy (in Lane County) (26)
Hepler (in Crawford County) (48)
Herington (in Dickinson County) (78)
Herndon (in Rawlins County) (32)
Hesston (in Harvey County) (42)
Hewins (in Chautauqua County) (32)
Hiattville (in Bourbon County) (38)
Hiawatha (in Brown County) (115)
Highland (in Doniphan County) (64)
Hill City (in Graham County) (61)
Hillsboro (in Marion County) (75)
Hoisington (in Barton County) (49)
Holcomb (in Finney County) (24)
Holland (in Dickinson County) (31)
Hollenberg (in Washington County) (41)
Holton (in Jackson County) (86)
Holyrood (in Ellsworth County) (39)
Home (in Marshall County) (44)
Hope (in Dickinson County) (64)
Horace (in Greeley County) (27)
Horton (in Brown County) (104)
Howard (in Elk County) (75)
Hoxie (in Sheridan County) (40)
Hoyt (in Jackson County) (56)
Hudson (in Stafford County) (33)
Hugoton (in Stevens County) (45)
Humboldt (in Allen County) (95)
Hunnewell (in Sumner County) (32)
Hunter (in Mitchell County) (28)
Huntsville (in Reno County) (35)
Huron (in Atchison County) (42)
Hutchinson (in Reno County) (254)
Idana (in Clay County) (34)
Independence (in Montgomery County) (144)
Ingalls (in Gray County) (36)
Inman (in McPherson County) (47)
Iola (in Allen County) (165)
Ionia (in Jewell County) (29)
Irving (in Marshall County) (49)
Isabel (in Barber County) (27)
Iuka (in Pratt County) (34)
Jackson (in Lyon County) (31)
Jamestown (in Cloud County) (44)
Jefferson (in Montgomery County) (31)
Jennings (in Decatur County) (39)
Jetmore (in Hodgeman County) (43)
Jewell (in Jewell County) (43)
Johnson (in Stanton County) (51)
Junction City (in Geary County) (174)
Junction Township (in Osage County) (33)
Kackley (in Republic County) (29)
Kanopolis (in Ellsworth County) (39)
Kanorado (in Sherman County) (33)
Kansas City (in Wyandotte County) (514)
Kanwaka (in Douglas County) (37)
Kelly (in Nemaha County) (39)
Kendall (in Hamilton County) (29)
Kenneth (in Sheridan County) (27)
Kensington (in Smith County) (41)
Kickapoo (in Leavenworth County) (47)
Kincaid (in Anderson County) (49)
Kingman (in Kingman County) (73)
Kinsley (in Edwards County) (83)
Kiowa (in Barber County) (58)
Kipp (in Saline County) (32)
Kirwin (in Phillips County) (53)
Kismet (in Seward County) (32)
La Crosse (in Rush County) (62)
La Cygne (in Linn County) (65)
La Harpe (in Allen County) (57)
LaCrosse (in Rush County) (27)
Labette (in Labette County) (33)
Lafontaine (in Wilson County) (32)
Lake City (in Barber County) (21)
Lakin (in Kearny County) (45)
Lamont (in Greenwood County) (39)
Lancaster (in Atchison County) (38)
Lane (in Franklin County) (65)
Langdon (in Reno County) (45)
Lansing (in Leavenworth County) (62)
Larned (in Pawnee County) (79)
Latham (in Butler County) (48)
Latimer (in Morris County) (38)
Lawrence (in Douglas County) (445)
Le Roy (in Coffey County) (56)
Leavenworth (in Leavenworth County) (517)
Leawood (in Johnson County) (38)
Lebanon (in Smith County) (63)
Lebo (in Coffey County) (45)
Lecompton (in Douglas County) (55)
Lehigh (in Marion County) (36)
Lenexa (in Johnson County) (58)
Lenora (in Norton County) (42)
Leon (in Butler County) (66)
Leona (in Doniphan County) (42)
Leonardville (in Riley County) (72)
Leoti (in Wichita County) (50)
Lewis (in Edwards County) (31)
Liberal (in Seward County) (74)
Liberty (in Montgomery County) (41)
Liebenthal (in Rush County) (27)
Lincoln (in Russell County) (41)
Lincoln in Lincoln County (in Lincoln County) (41)
Lincolnville (in Marion County) (30)
Lindsborg (in McPherson County) (88)
Linn (in Washington County) (52)
Linwood (in Leavenworth County) (69)
Little River (in Rice County) (37)
Logan (in Phillips County) (38)
Lone Elm (in Anderson County) (40)
Long Island (in Phillips County) (41)
Longford (in Clay County) (43)
Longton (in Elk County) (60)
Lorraine (in Ellsworth County) (29)
Lost Springs (in Marion County) (35)
Louisburg (in Miami County) (49)
Louisville (in Pottawatomie County) (68)
Lovewell (in Jewell County) (26)
Lowell (in Cherokee County) (34)
Lucas (in Russell County) (40)
Ludell (in Rawlins County) (26)
Luray (in Russell County) (36)
Lyndon (in Osage County) (74)
Lyons (in Rice County) (70)
Macksville (in Stafford County) (34)
Madison (in Greenwood County) (107)
Mahaska (in Washington County) (37)
Maize (in Sedgwick County) (39)
Manchester (in Dickinson County) (36)
Manhattan (in Riley County) (345)
Mankato (in Jewell County) (72)
Maple Hill (in Wabaunsee County) (45)
Mapleton (in Bourbon County) (49)
Marienthal (in Wichita County) (21)
Marion (in Marion County) (95)
Marmaton (in Bourbon County) (34)
Marquette (in McPherson County) (46)
Marysville (in Marshall County) (96)
Matfield Green (in Chase County) (49)
Mayetta (in Jackson County) (51)
Mayfield (in Sumner County) (28)
McCracken (in Rush County) (44)
McCune (in Crawford County) (56)
McDonald (in Rawlins County) (31)
McLouth (in Jefferson County) (51)
McPherson (in McPherson County) (128)
Meade (in Meade County) (58)
Medicine Lodge (in Barber County) (50)
Melvern (in Osage County) (40)
Menlo (in Thomas County) (26)
Meriden (in Jefferson County) (59)
Merriam (in Johnson County) (45)
Milan (in Sumner County) (37)
Milberger (in Russell County) (29)
Mildred (in Allen County) (40)
Milford (in Geary County) (43)
Millbrook (in Graham County) (26)
Milton (in Sumner County) (25)
Miltonvale (in Cloud County) (54)
Minneapolis (in Ottawa County) (73)
Minneola (in Clark County) (34)
Mission Township (in Neosho County) (36)
Moline (in Elk County) (60)
Monmouth (in Crawford County) (37)
Montana (in Labette County) (29)
Montezuma (in Gray County) (37)
Montrose (in Jewell County) (24)
Monument (in Logan County) (29)
Moran (in Allen County) (55)
Morehead (in Neosho County) (33)
Morganville (in Clay County) (46)
Morland (in Graham County) (36)
Morrill (in Brown County) (61)
Morrowville (in Washington County) (47)
Moscow (in Stevens County) (30)
Mound City (in Linn County) (78)
Mound Valley (in Labette County) (39)
Moundridge (in McPherson County) (52)
Mount Hope (in Sedgwick County) (42)
Mulberry (in Crawford County) (50)
Mullinville (in Kiowa County) (33)
Mulvane (in Sedgwick County) (49)
Munden (in Republic County) (39)
Muscotah (in Atchison County) (37)
Narka (in Republic County) (33)
Nashville (in Kingman County) (27)
Natoma (in Osborne County) (42)
Neodesha (in Wilson County) (93)
Neosho Falls (in Woodson County) (48)
Neosho Rapids (in Lyon County) (43)
Ness City (in Ness County) (43)
Netawaka (in Jackson County) (48)
New Albany (in Wilson County) (38)
New Cambria (in Saline County) (38)
Newbury (in Wabaunsee County) (44)
Newton (in Harvey County) (171)
Nickerson (in Reno County) (60)
Nicodemus (in Graham County) (31)
Niotaze (in Chautauqua County) (33)
Norcatur (in Norton County) (30)
North Newton (in Harvey County) (32)
North Topeka (in Shawnee County) (42)
Norton (in Norton County) (84)
Nortonville (in Jefferson County) (53)
Norwich (in Kingman County) (31)
Oak Hill (in Clay County) (38)
Oak Mills (in Atchison County) (32)
Oakland (in Clay County) (36)
Oakley (in Logan County) (42)
Oberlin (in Decatur County) (54)
Offerle (in Edwards County) (31)
Ogallah (in Trego County) (28)
Ogden (in Riley County) (52)
Oketo (in Marshall County) (45)
Olathe (in Johnson County) (162)
Olivet (in Osage County) (36)
Olmitz (in Barton County) (24)
Olpe (in Lyon County) (57)
Olsburg (in Pottawatomie County) (60)
Onaga (in Pottawatomie County) (77)
Oneida (in Nemaha County) (41)
Osage City (in Osage County) (73)
Osage Mission (in Neosho County) (44)
Osawatomie (in Miami County) (77)
Osborne (in Osborne County) (77)
Oskaloosa (in Jefferson County) (73)
Oswego (in Labette County) (98)
Otis (in Rush County) (39)
Ottawa (in Franklin County) (219)
Otter Creek (in Greenwood County) (34)
Ottumwa (in Coffey County) (33)
Overbrook (in Osage County) (46)
Overland Park (in Johnson County) (71)
Oxford (in Sumner County) (39)
Ozawkie (in Jefferson County) (42)
Palco (in Rooks County) (31)
Palmer (in Washington County) (55)
Paola (in Miami County) (86)
Paradise (in Russell County) (36)
Park (in Gove County) (24)
Parker (in Linn County) (45)
Parkerville (in Morris County) (43)
Parsons (in Labette County) (171)
Partridge (in Reno County) (43)
Pawnee Rock (in Barton County) (39)
Paxico (in Wabaunsee County) (55)
Peabody (in Marion County) (66)
Peck (in Sumner County) (27)
Penalosa (in Kingman County) (25)
Perry (in Jefferson County) (64)
Peru (in Chautauqua County) (57)
Phillipsburg (in Phillips County) (74)
Piedmont (in Greenwood County) (40)
Pierceville (in Finney County) (24)
Piqua (in Woodson County) (33)
Pittsburg (in Crawford County) (207)
Plains (in Meade County) (33)
Plainville (in Rooks County) (56)
Pleasanton (in Linn County) (71)
Plevna (in Reno County) (35)
Pomona (in Franklin County) (48)
Portis (in Osborne County) (45)
Potter (in Atchison County) (39)
Potwin (in Butler County) (53)
Powhattan (in Brown County) (50)
Prairie City (in Douglas County) (40)
Prairie View (in Phillips County) (31)
Prairie Village (in Johnson County) (54)
Pratt (in Pratt County) (79)
Prescott (in Linn County) (43)
Preston (in Pratt County) (34)
Pretty Prairie (in Reno County) (50)
Princeton (in Franklin County) (37)
Protection (in Comanche County) (36)
Quenemo (in Osage County) (53)
Quincy (in Greenwood County) (39)
Quinter (in Gove County) (36)
Radium (in Stafford County) (22)
Ramona (in Marion County) (32)
Randall (in Jewell County) (42)
Randolph (in Riley County) (81)
Ransom (in Ness County) (28)
Rantoul (in Franklin County) (34)
Ravanna (in Finney County) (28)
Raymond (in Rice County) (30)
Reading (in Lyon County) (58)
Reamsville (in Smith County) (24)
Redfield (in Bourbon County) (48)
Reno (in Leavenworth County) (47)
Republic (in Republic County) (33)
Reserve (in Brown County) (40)
Rexford (in Thomas County) (25)
Richfield (in Morton County) (39)
Richland (in Hamilton County) (25)
Richmond (in Franklin County) (51)
Riley (in Riley County) (60)
Riverton (in Cherokee County) (36)
Robinson (in Brown County) (53)
Rock (in Cowley County) (28)
Rock Creek (in Wabaunsee County) (43)
Rolla (in Morton County) (37)
Rosalia (in Butler County) (35)
Rose Hill (in Butler County) (35)
Rosedale (in Wyandotte County) (43)
Rossville (in Shawnee County) (65)
Roxbury (in McPherson County) (33)
Rozel (in Pawnee County) (29)
Rush Center (in Rush County) (36)
Russell (in Russell County) (82)
Russell Springs (in Logan County) (35)
Sabetha (in Nemaha County) (76)
Saint Francis (in Cheyenne County) (60)
Saint George (in Pottawatomie County) (47)
Saint John (in Stafford County) (57)
Saint Joseph (in Cloud County) (28)
Saint Marys (in Pottawatomie County) (106)
Saint Paul (in Neosho County) (53)
Salem (in Sedgwick County) (38)
Salina (in Saline County) (275)
Santa Fe (in Haskell County) (30)
Saratoga (in Pratt County) (24)
Satanta (in Haskell County) (27)
Savonburg (in Allen County) (44)
Sawyer (in Pratt County) (37)
Scammon (in Cherokee County) (50)
Scandia (in Republic County) (52)
Scott City (in Scott County) (55)
Scottsville (in Mitchell County) (35)
Scranton (in Osage County) (53)
Sedan (in Chautauqua County) (91)
Sedgwick (in Harvey County) (50)
Selden (in Sheridan County) (34)
Selkirk (in Wichita County) (22)
Seneca (in Nemaha County) (102)
Severance (in Doniphan County) (52)
Severy (in Greenwood County) (76)
Shannon (in Atchison County) (33)
Sharon (in Barber County) (32)
Sharon Springs (in Wallace County) (39)
Shawnee (in Johnson County) (80)
Shawnee Mission (in Johnson County) (68)
Sidney (in Ness County) (21)
Silver Lake (in Shawnee County) (42)
Silverdale (in Cowley County) (26)
Simpson (in Mitchell County) (28)
Smith Center (in Smith County) (72)
Smolan (in Saline County) (36)
Soldier (in Jackson County) (44)
Solomon (in Dickinson County) (46)
South Haven (in Sumner County) (47)
South Hutchinson (in Reno County) (31)
Spearville (in Ford County) (43)
Spring Hill (in Johnson County) (55)
Springdale (in Leavenworth County) (47)
Springfield (in Seward County) (20)
St George (in Pottawatomie County) (42)
Stafford (in Stafford County) (57)
Stanley (in Johnson County) (46)
Stark (in Neosho County) (43)
Sterling (in Rice County) (65)
Stilwell (in Johnson County) (41)
Stockton (in Rooks County) (67)
Strong City (in Chase County) (77)
Sublette (in Haskell County) (26)
Sullivan (in Grant County) (26)
Summerfield (in Marshall County) (49)
Sun City (in Barber County) (24)
Sylvan Grove (in Lincoln County) (39)
Sylvia (in Reno County) (50)
Syracuse (in Hamilton County) (57)
Tampa (in Marion County) (35)
Tecumseh (in Shawnee County) (44)
Tescott (in Ottawa County) (36)
Thayer (in Neosho County) (56)
Tipton (in Mitchell County) (39)
Tonganoxie (in Leavenworth County) (68)
Topeka (in Shawnee County) (1,008)
Toronto (in Woodson County) (69)
Towanda (in Butler County) (51)
Treece (in Cherokee County) (32)
Tribune (in Greeley County) (44)
Troy (in Doniphan County) (89)
Turon (in Reno County) (45)
Tyro (in Montgomery County) (43)
Udall (in Cowley County) (51)
Ulysses (in Grant County) (51)
Union (in Rush County) (28)
Uniontown (in Bourbon County) (59)
Utica (in Ness County) (30)
Valley Center (in Sedgwick County) (48)
Valley Falls (in Jefferson County) (86)
Vermillion (in Marshall County) (48)
Vesper (in Lincoln County) (26)
Victoria (in Ellis County) (36)
Vincent (in Ellis County) (23)
Vining (in Washington County) (34)
Viola (in Sedgwick County) (43)
Virgil (in Greenwood County) (44)
WaKeeney (in Trego County) (73)
Wabaunsee (in Wabaunsee County) (45)
Wakarusa (in Shawnee County) (49)
Wakefield (in Clay County) (59)
Waldo (in Russell County) (39)
Waldron (in Harper County) (27)
Walker (in Ellis County) (24)
Wallace (in Wallace County) (34)
Walnut (in Atchison County) (47)
Walnut in Crawford County (in Crawford County) (42)
Walton (in Harvey County) (42)
Wamego (in Pottawatomie County) (128)
Warwick (in Republic County) (24)
Washington (in Washington County) (94)
Waterloo (in Kingman County) (23)
Waterville (in Marshall County) (65)
Wathena (in Doniphan County) (65)
Waverly (in Coffey County) (53)
Wayne (in Republic County) (32)
Wayside (in Montgomery County) (29)
Webber (in Jewell County) (29)
Webster (in Rooks County) (27)
Weir (in Cherokee County) (76)
Welda (in Anderson County) (39)
Wellington (in Sumner County) (139)
Wellsford (in Pratt County) (30)
Wellsville (in Franklin County) (46)
Weskan (in Wallace County) (31)
West Mineral (in Cherokee County) (42)
Westmoreland (in Pottawatomie County) (74)
Westphalia (in Anderson County) (50)
Wetmore (in Nemaha County) (49)
Wheaton (in Pottawatomie County) (57)
White City (in Morris County) (58)
White Cloud (in Doniphan County) (71)
Whitewater (in Butler County) (44)
Whiting (in Jackson County) (47)
Wichita (in Sedgwick County) (770)
Williamsburg (in Franklin County) (57)
Williamsport (in Shawnee County) (34)
Williamstown (in Jefferson County) (37)
Wilmore (in Comanche County) (21)
Wilsey (in Morris County) (47)
Wilson (in Ellsworth County) (42)
Winchester (in Jefferson County) (59)
Windhorst (in Ford County) (25)
Windom (in McPherson County) (41)
Winfield (in Cowley County) (216)
Winona (in Logan County) (35)
Woodbine (in Dickinson County) (34)
Woodruff (in Phillips County) (25)
Woodsdale (in Stevens County) (31)
Woodston (in Rooks County) (40)
Wright (in Ford County) (27)
Wyandotte (in Wyandotte County) (47)
Yates Center (in Woodson County) (88)
Zenda (in Kingman County) (29)

Overview of Kansas Genealogy Records

  • History: Kansas became part of the United States in 1803, but remained Indian Territory until 1854 when it became Kansas Territory. It became a state in 1861.
  • Birth records: Birth records were kept by the government starting in 1885 for a few counties. Statewide registration of births started in 1911. Birth records from 1911 to the present can be obtained from the Kansas Office of Vital Statistics.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were kept since the date each county was organized. Statewide registration of marriage began in 1913.  Marriage records can be obtained from the appropriate county clerk.  Marriage records from 1913 to the present can also be obtained from the Kansas Office of Vital Statistics.
  • Death records: Death records were kept by the government starting in 1885 for a few counties. Statewide registration of deaths started in 1911. Death records from 1911 to the present can be obtained from the Kansas Office of Vital Statistics.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records were kept by the district courts before 1951. Since 1951 divorce records have been kept by county probate courts.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Kansas is 1860. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There were territorial censuses in 1855, 1857, and 1859. There were state censuses taken in 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, and 1925.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: The city pages on this site can help you to locate newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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