Alma Genealogy (in Gratiot County, MI)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Alma Cemetery Records

Bailey Cemetery Find a Grave

Riverside Cemetery Find a Grave

Alma Church Records

A Brief history of East Superior Christian Church, Alma, Michigan : celebrating the 50th anniversary celebration, 1911-1961 Family History Library

Church records, 1885-1983 (Zion Lutheran Church (St. Louis, Michigan)) Family History Library

Church records, 1888-1983 (First United Presbyterian Church (Alma, Michigan)) Family History Library

Church records, 1906-1983 (Catholic Church. St. Mary's (Alma, Michigan)) Family History Library

Church records, 1910-1919 (Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Alma Branch (Alma, Michigan)) Family History Library

Membership roll, 1904-1955 (United Methodist Church (Alma, Michigan)) Family History Library

Alma City Directories

Polk's Alma, St. Louis, Ithaca (Gratiot County, Mich.) city directory, including Gratiot County taxpayers : containing an alphabetical directory of business concerns and private citizens, a directory of householders, occupants of office buildings and other business places, including a complete street and avenue guide : also a buyers' guide and a complete classified business directory : for detailed contents see general index Family History Library

Alma Newspapers and Obituaries

Alma Record 1885-1922

Alma Record and Alma Journal. (Alma, Mich.) 1929-1963 Library of Michigan

Alma Record, 1901 Newspaper Excerpts Family History Library

Alma Record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928 Multiple Archives

Alma Record. (Alma, Mich.) 1964-1966 Library of Michigan

Daily Record-Leader. (Alma, Mich.) 1968-1977 Library of Michigan

Morning Sun. (Alma, Mich.) 1977-1990s Library of Michigan

Record. (Alma, Mich.) 1966-1967 Library of Michigan

Reminder Friday Edition. (Alma, Mich.) 1977-1978 Library of Michigan

Reminder News Edition. (Alma, Mich.) 1978-1979 Library of Michigan

Reminder News. (Alma, Mich.) 1979-1981 Library of Michigan