Berrien County MI Newspapers and Obituaries

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USA (1,142,393) > Michigan (29,158) > Michigan Newspapers and Obituaries (2,981) > Berrien County Newspapers and Obituaries (97)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Berrien County are also on the Michigan Newspapers and Obituaries page.

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Berrien County Newspapers and Obituaries

Michigan Vital Records from the Michigan Christian Herald Ancestry online Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry online Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry online

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Southwest Michigan, Obituary Index, 1875-2012 Ancestry online

Benton Harbor Newspapers and Obituaries

Buchanan Newspapers and Obituaries

Buchanan Argus, 1900-1909 (selections) Buchanan District Library online

Buchanan News, 1917-1918 Buchanan District Library online

Buchanan Weekly Union, 1863-1865 Buchanan District Library online

The Berrien County Record, 1863-1939 Buchanan District Library online

Coloma Newspapers and Obituaries

Coloma Courier (1880-1969) Coloma Public Library online

Tri-City Record - Coloma (1984-2016) Coloma Public Library online

New Buffalo Newspapers and Obituaries

Niles Newspapers and Obituaries

St Joseph Newspapers and Obituaries

Daily Evening Herald 1881-1882 online

Herald Press, the 1946 and 1949 (St. Joseph, Michigan) Ancestry online

Herald-Palladium 04/01/1999 to Current Genealogy Bank online

Herald-Palladium 1975-2020 online

Herald-Press 1901-1975 online

Saint Joseph Weekly Press 1906-1909 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast online

St Joseph Herald 1868-1889 online

St Joseph Herald 1868-72, 1878-80, and 1885-89 (Saint Joseph, Michigan) Ancestry online

St Joseph Traveler Herald 1884-85 (Saint Joseph, Michigan) Ancestry online

St. Joseph Daily Press 1905-1916 online

St. Joseph Herald Press 1868-1872, 1878-1880, 1884-1889, 1943-1946, 1949-1962, 1966-1974 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast online

St. Joseph Saturday Herald 1859-1916 online

The Weekly Press 1906-09 (Saint Joseph, Michigan) Ancestry online

Weekly Press 1906-1909 online

Three Oaks Newspapers and Obituaries

Watervliet Newspapers and Obituaries

Watervliet Record (1890-1983) Coloma Public Library online

Offline Newspapers for Berrien County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Benton Harbor: Benton Harbor Palladium. (Benton Harbor, Mich.) 1868-1881

Benton Harbor: Benton Harbor Times. (Benton Harbor, Mich.) 1875-1881

Benton Harbor: Daily Palladium. (Benton Harbor, Mich.) 1886-1904

Benton Harbor: Evening News. (Benton Harbor, Mich.) 1890s-1904

Benton Harbor: Herald-Palladium. (Benton Harbor, Mich.) 1975-Current

Benton Harbor: News-Palladium. (Benton Harbor, Mich.) 1904-1975

Benton Harbor: Palladium. (Benton Harbor, Mich.) 1883-1886

Benton Harbor: Times and Palladium. (Benton Harbor, Mich.) 1881-1883

Berrien Springs: Berrien County Journal. (Berrien Springs, Mich.) 1874-1931

Berrien Springs: Berrien Springs Era. (Berrien Springs, Mich.) 1876-1931

Berrien Springs: Journal-Era. (Berrien Springs, Mich.) 1931-Current

Buchanan: Berrien County Record. (Buchanan, Mich.) 1867-1884

Buchanan: Berrien County Record. (Buchanan, Mich.) 1909-Current

Buchanan: Buchanan Argus. (Buchanan, Mich.) 1890s-1909

Buchanan: Buchanan Record. (Buchanan, Mich.) 1884-1900s

Buchanan: Weekly Union. (Buchanan, Berrien County, Mich.) 1863-1860s

Coloma: Coloma Courier. (Coloma, Berrien Co., Mich.) 1880s-1890s

Coloma: Coloma Courier. (Coloma, Mich.) 1890s-1969

Niles: Daily Star. (Niles, Mich.) 1971-1986

Niles: Evening Star. (Niles, Mich.) 1886-1887

Niles: Niles Daily Star-Sun. (Niles, Mich.) 1919-1924

Niles: Niles Daily Star. (Niles, Mich.) 1887-1919

Niles: Niles Daily Star. (Niles, Mich.) 1924-1971

Niles: Niles Daily Star. (Niles, Mich.) 1986-1988

Niles: Niles Daily Star. (Niles, Mich.) 1989-Current

Niles: Niles Daily Sun. (Niles, Mich.) 1890-1919

Niles: Niles Democrat. (Niles, Mich.) 1868-1889

Niles: Niles Enquirer. (Niles, Mich.) 1855-1866

Niles: Niles Express. (Niles, Mich.) 1847-1850

Niles: Niles Gazette and Advertiser. (Niles, Michigan Territory) 1835-1836

Niles: Niles Intelligencer. (Niles, Berrien County, Mich.) 1838-1841

Niles: Niles Republican. (Niles, Mich.) 1839-1868

Niles: Niles Republican. (Niles, Mich.) 1868-1915

Niles: Niles Star Leader. (Niles, Mich.) 1988-1989

Niles: Niles Weekly Times. (Niles, Mich.) 1866-1868

St Joseph: Herald-Press. (St. Joseph, Mich.) 1928-1975

St Joseph: St. Joseph Daily Press. (St. Joseph, Mich.) 1905-1916

St Joseph: St. Joseph Evening Herald. (St. Joseph, Mich.) 1901-1916

St Joseph: St. Joseph Herald-Press. (St. Joseph, Mich.) 1916-1928

St Joseph: St. Joseph Herald. (Saint Joseph, Mich.) 1866-1874

St Joseph: St. Joseph Herald. (St. Joseph, Berrien County, Mich.) 1885-1889

St Joseph: St. Joseph Traveler and Herald. (St. Joseph, Mich.) 1874-1885

St Joseph: St. Joseph Traveler. (St. Joseph, Berrien Co., Mich.) 1859-1874

Three Oaks: Acorn. (Three Oaks, Mich.) 1900-1901

Three Oaks: Acorn. (Three Oaks, Mich.) 1902-1929

Three Oaks: Galien River Gazette. (Three Oaks, Mich.) 1929-1985

Three Oaks: Sun. (Three Oaks, Mich.) 1880s-1888

Three Oaks: Three Oaks Press. (Three Oaks, Berrien County, Mich.) 1891-1900

Three Oaks: Three Oaks Sun. (Three Oaks, Mich.) 1881-1880s

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